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    Shantu reacted to Fang Archbane in a fragment of my broken mind   
    I just let my fate be decided by my raw instinct.

    I find that when i think too much (or at least, my broken version of thinking) I tend to pick "wrong".

    Wheras when i let my fate be decided by my gut, ive yet to "fail" to this day.

    So im probably not the most qualified to help you answer your question.

    But what my gut tells me is that maybe you should try to stop thinking.

    Maybe option C is the best one for now.

    Just let the wind guide you Murmur.

    Lets see where it leads.
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    Shantu reacted to dst in Fairy Princess - my decided role   
    So I have decided I want to become a Fairy Princess. MD has dwarves, elves, idiotic people. Why not have a Fairy Princess.
    I also want to change my name to Piss Piss. And I will run around MD and sprinkle fairy dust on everybody. The fairy dust will itch so everybody will scratch like crazy.

    I will also have a familiar called Pumpkin. He'll be a twocorn (a mutated unicorn) and he'll have all the colors of the rainbow.

    He'll have golden horseshoes and a fluffy tail. And I will tie ribbons to his twocorns.

    Please help me become the Fairy Piss Piss.

    Helpful comments will be appreciated.

    Yours truly soon to be,
    Piss Piss
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    Shantu got a reaction from Change in What animes have you been watching lately?   
    I watched Wolf's Rain and Ghost in the Shell recently. I can only recommend both of them.
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    Shantu reacted to Death Bell in Whirlwind Beasts   
    i am not sure if sum1 pointed this out but u say lvl 1 it heals but it doesnt have any power stat... ???? only attack and defence..
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