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  1. I don't like GGG, even if I go there sometimes. It is nice, it gives free wins to your creatures and it helps in the beginning of MP5 but.. it drains all the people from the other areas of the realm. You wonder why don't you see anyone awake? They are all there. And, as it had been told before, you will learn nothing there (I wonder how many of the all-time GGGers could give working solutions to Burns' race quest). It is also in a place far away from normal areas.

    So, I voted yes. However, it is unlikely that it will just disappear. So, how about relocating it? To a place.. closer to civilisation?

    If you are afraid of the big bad veterans who come and beat you, set up a few trees. You might gather a few losses, but you won't have to heal your creatures all the time.. and you can farm the people Burns mentioned to get victories (including me). :P

  2. Depends on what "kind" of immortality.. if you still age normally, well, then it wouldn't be so nice. Being a 300 years old pile of living bones is not nice.. especially that you know that it won't get any better, or you just lose your mind. If this was the case, I would just want to die at about the age of 70.

    If you would stop getting older at the age of 30 or something like that, I would wish to be able to talk with animals (because I love them) and to travel in time, so I can see the past. As a third ability, I would like to be able to "possess" others. I would know the victim's thoughts and see what he sees, but I wouldn't be able to influence his behaviour and he wouldn't know about my presence.

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