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  1. Maybe it's just me, but it was the story and all the beautiful art that intrigued me in this game. However, I agree that a newbie (with other games in mind) will always choose the highest number like biermann said. I honestly don't remember how bad the waiting was, but it might have had its magic. Patience is a virtue and all that. I agree however that making it faster is probably a good idea. You still shouldn't be able to breeze through the story in 10 minutes.

    As for the fighting part.. it seems to be a good idea to tutor the players on it, but please don't make the story mode optional. It just seems to go against everything the game is built on.

  2. Let's try this.


    //adapted to md world
    $instr['title'] = "Poison";

    //the description will be the only thing to describe the needed steps to the ones that try to help you prepare the recipe
    //be sure you include all steps in it but tell it so that they wont be identical words with the steps defined below
    $instr['description'] = "
    First of all, you need to cut the Nightshade, the Mushrooms and the Pimped Grasan Tongues into tiny pieces, then drop the first two in the cauldron.
    We will need the tongues later. Heat for about 10 minutes while slowly stirring. Afterwards add the Toxicodendrite Powder and continue stirring.
    Do this for about 5 minutes. When the mixture looks like a black goo, add the Weaken Stone and pour all the water into the cauldron.
    Before you get carried away thinking you are making the infamous stone soup, add the Pimped Grasan Tongues for flavour and boil the water off.
    This will take about 2 hours. Now comes the tricky part: force the Tormented Soul into the mixture.
    When you are ready, sprinkle it with Timeless Dust and spice it according to your taste. Let it cool for an hour.
    When the poison is made, pour it into an empty bottle.

    //what words you want to use to start the preparing the recipe
    $instr['startline'] = array(
    "Let us begin the ".$instr['title']. => $instr['title'],
    "We need more ".$instr['title']."" => $instr['title'],
    "I want to make some ".$instr['title']."" => $instr['title'],

    //what words you want to use to stop the process
    $instr['endline'] = array(
    "Next time we will succeed." => 'end_failed',
    "There is no point doing this." => 'end_failed',
    "Thank you for your assistance, the ".$instr['title'] is ready."" => 'end_success',
    "Enough! I have no time for this." => 'end_frustration',
    "HAHAHA" => 'end_crazy',

    //what are the texts for different steps or events
    $instr['step_replies'] = array(
    "start" => 'starts making the poison.',
    "stop" => 'gives up the creation of poison.',

    "current" => 'currently prepares '.$instr['title'],
    "device" => 'is using the '.$item['name'],

    "end_success" => 'smiles contently and says: "Our work is done."',
    "end_frustration" => 'is upset and starts cursing',
    "end_failed" => 'stops, the recipe failed',
    "end_crazy" => 'falls on the ground and starts twitching, all the while laughing like a madman.',

    "ingredients" => 'To prepare this mixture you need: %s ',
    "ingredients_status" => 'We are currently preparing %s. We still need: %s. (Already provided: %s)',
    "steps_status" => 'We are currently done with these steps: %s. We still need perform these steps: %s. ',

    "1" => 'chops the Nightshade, the Mushrooms and the Pimped Grasan Tongues',
    "2" => 'puts the Nightshade and the Mushrooms into the cauldron.',
    "3" => 'fries and stirs them for a while',
    "4" => 'adds the Toxicodendrite Powder and continues stirring',
    "5" => 'adds the Weaken Stone and the chopped grasan tongues
    "6" => 'pours water into the cauldron',
    "7" => 'waits for the water to boil off',
    "8" => 'binds the Tormented Soul to the mixture',
    "9" => 'sprinkles the mixture with Timeless Dust',
    "10" => 'adds various spices',
    "11" => 'waits for the poison to cool',
    "12" => 'pours the contents of the cauldron into an empty bottle',

    "random" => 'has no idea what you mean.',
    "random numbers" => 'picks a random number: '.rand(1,99),
    "description" => $item['name'].': '.$item['description'],

    "provide_nightshade" => "%s provides some Nightshade",
    "provide_mushrooms" => "%s gives some Mushrooms",
    "provide_tormentedsoul" => "%s offers the Tormented Soul",
    "provide_toxicodendritepowder" => "%s provides the Toxicodendrite Powder",
    "provide_pimpedgrasantongues" => "%s brings two tasty Pimped Grasan Tongues",
    "provide_timelessdust" => "%s offers some Timeless Dust",
    "provide_water" => "%s brings the Water",
    "provide_emptybottle" => "%s provides the Empty Bottle",

    "provide_undefined_item" => "%s tries to offer something but its not perfectly clear what (%s)",
    "provide_otherway_item" => "%s tries to offer something the wrong way (%s)",
    "provide_existing_item" => "%s tries to offer something (%s) that is already provided",
    "provide_insufficient_item" => "%s tries to offer %s but doesn't have enough. Only has %s.",


    $instr['step_actions'] = array(
    "1" => 'start='.$instr['title'],
    "2" => '',
    "3" => 'wait=600',
    "4" => 'wait=300',
    "5" => '',
    "6" => '',
    "7" => 'wait=7200',
    "8" => '',
    "9" => '',
    "10" => '',
    "11" => 'wait=3600',
    "12" => '',

    //what lines should be used by participants to offer their resources for the preparation
    //each line also has the target resources it will work on
    //for example you could pour water, but install mechanisms
    $instr['provide_ingredients'] = array(
    "/I will provide the (.*)/is" => 'Deadly Nightshade,Mushrooms,Tormented Soul,Toxicodendrite Powder,Pimped Grasan Tongues',Timeless Dust,Weaken Stone,Water',
    "/Here are some (.*)/is" => 'Mushrooms,Pimped Grasan Tongues',
    "/Here is some (.*)/is" => 'Deadly Nightshade,Toxicodendrite Powder,Timeless Dust,Water',
    "/Here is a (.*)/is" => 'Tormented Soul,Weaken Stone',

    //what ingredients does this recipe require
    //feel free to use existing resources or items but you can also invent new
    //as long as they fit perfectly with md and the device
    $instr['ingredients'] = "
    Deadly Nightshade=5;
    Tormented Soul=1;
    Toxicodendrite Powder=3;
    Pimped Grasan Tongues=2;
    Timeless Dust=1;
    Weaken Stone=1;
    Empty Bottle=1


  3. I don't like GGG, even if I go there sometimes. It is nice, it gives free wins to your creatures and it helps in the beginning of MP5 but.. it drains all the people from the other areas of the realm. You wonder why don't you see anyone awake? They are all there. And, as it had been told before, you will learn nothing there (I wonder how many of the all-time GGGers could give working solutions to Burns' race quest). It is also in a place far away from normal areas.

    So, I voted yes. However, it is unlikely that it will just disappear. So, how about relocating it? To a place.. closer to civilisation?

    If you are afraid of the big bad veterans who come and beat you, set up a few trees. You might gather a few losses, but you won't have to heal your creatures all the time.. and you can farm the people Burns mentioned to get victories (including me). :P

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