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  1. I watched Wolf's Rain and Ghost in the Shell recently. I can only recommend both of them.
  2. Hmm do you get Timeless Dust for casting spells?

    1. Udgard


      No, just for using the enchanted stones.

    2. Shantu


      Interesting. Today 9 dusts appeared in my inventory, out of nowhere. I used the locate spell twice (my own, no stones), but did nothing else other than talking and walking.
      I even went as far as checking tradelogs in MDA, but I found only 1 entry in the last 100, saying I received 2 dusts from previous owner "none".

    3. Shantu


      Mystery solved: I received them from Sasha.

  3. Move on and mourn silently.. there is nothing else you can do..

  4. Shantu


    Whatever this means, I am interested: Sept 21. 2010 110001101110100101000010111000101
  5. Happy birthday Z! May no one hurt the Tree this day.
  6. Chocolate. :3

    1. lepus


      where?? i want chocolate!!!

    2. Shantu


      Hah, it's mine! mwahaha :3

    3. lepus


      *pouts* share!! don't be a big meanie!!

  7. I dream of mountains, of trees, of the beauty of Nature...

  8. MD does not work. O.o

  9. Shantu

    Cats In Md

    #20 is Demo Account!
  10. I'm currently a student in high school.. and I have no idea what I want to be. A chef maybe..
  11. is eating chocolate with orange in it.. :3

  12. Farewell, fellow Sentinel. We await your return.
  13. A bit too late I see, but still: happy birthday!
  14. Ah yes, there was, but I assure you that the second chance was lost long ago... self experience.
  15. I like the idea, though I am no trader myself. Fortune's well sounds good also. That big square somewhere deeper inside the Tribunal, before the temple might also fit the theme, but it might be a bit too far away from civilisation.
  16. I gave Sephirah Caelum a pimped grasan with 65 age. She was the first one who hasn't got anything yet amd spoke at the Howling Gates.
  17. I don't like GGG, even if I go there sometimes. It is nice, it gives free wins to your creatures and it helps in the beginning of MP5 but.. it drains all the people from the other areas of the realm. You wonder why don't you see anyone awake? They are all there. And, as it had been told before, you will learn nothing there (I wonder how many of the all-time GGGers could give working solutions to Burns' race quest). It is also in a place far away from normal areas. So, I voted yes. However, it is unlikely that it will just disappear. So, how about relocating it? To a place.. closer to civili
  18. Hmm.. I don't know you much, but don't worry, it will be fine! But, if it happens that the tumors cannot be removed, know that wherever you go, it can only be better than this place (not MD, real life). Good luck!
  19. Here's a picture I took today. I found it beautiful. I hope you like it. [IMG]http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx293/Shantu58/Nature/BILD1099.jpg[/IMG]
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