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  1. I watched Wolf's Rain and Ghost in the Shell recently. I can only recommend both of them.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but it was the story and all the beautiful art that intrigued me in this game. However, I agree that a newbie (with other games in mind) will always choose the highest number like biermann said. I honestly don't remember how bad the waiting was, but it might have had its magic. Patience is a virtue and all that. I agree however that making it faster is probably a good idea. You still shouldn't be able to breeze through the story in 10 minutes. As for the fighting part.. it seems to be a good idea to tutor the players on it, but please don't make the story mode optional. I
  3. [quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1325408346' post='99265'] pimp 1sc [/quote] No, thank you.
  4. [s]Elemental:[/s] [s]ID: 614943[/s] [s]Heat: 105887[/s] [s]Age: 703[/s] Pimped Grasan ID: 605916 Heat: 170371 Age: 733 Imperial Aramor ID: 695035[color=#999999] [/color] Heat: 0 Age: 369 If you are interested, make your offer.
  5. Let's try this. [spoiler][code]<?php //adapted to md world $instr['title'] = "Poison"; //the description will be the only thing to describe the needed steps to the ones that try to help you prepare the recipe //be sure you include all steps in it but tell it so that they wont be identical words with the steps defined below $instr['description'] = " First of all, you need to cut the Nightshade, the Mushrooms and the Pimped Grasan Tongues into tiny pieces, then drop the first two in the cauldron. We will need the tongues later. Heat for about 10 minutes while slowly stirring. Aft
  6. Hmm do you get Timeless Dust for casting spells?

    1. Udgard


      No, just for using the enchanted stones.

    2. Shantu


      Interesting. Today 9 dusts appeared in my inventory, out of nowhere. I used the locate spell twice (my own, no stones), but did nothing else other than talking and walking.
      I even went as far as checking tradelogs in MDA, but I found only 1 entry in the last 100, saying I received 2 dusts from previous owner "none".

    3. Shantu


      Mystery solved: I received them from Sasha.

  7. I would probably answer these questions too - I am curious.
  8. Move on and mourn silently.. there is nothing else you can do..

  9. Shantu


    Whatever this means, I am interested: Sept 21. 2010 110001101110100101000010111000101
  10. Happy birthday Z! May no one hurt the Tree this day.
  11. Chocolate. :3

    1. lepus


      where?? i want chocolate!!!

    2. Shantu


      Hah, it's mine! mwahaha :3

    3. lepus


      *pouts* share!! don't be a big meanie!!

  12. I dream of mountains, of trees, of the beauty of Nature...

  13. MD does not work. O.o

  14. Shantu

    Cats In Md

    #20 is Demo Account!
  15. I'm currently a student in high school.. and I have no idea what I want to be. A chef maybe..
  16. is eating chocolate with orange in it.. :3

  17. Farewell, fellow Sentinel. We await your return.
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