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  1. That's a lot of resin, how'd you get all of those
  2. Why I didn't see this? I hope there's a way to identify the active quests here in forum.
  3. There is, indeed a Night Keeper at the Fictionists' House whom you can ask. Thanks Ungod and Aeoshattr. I thought the 2 letters are the initials of the artists who drew the scenes.
  4. Thanks for the info Ungod. That's amazing! Also, May I know what are the 2 letters in every scene?
  5. Is there a library or archives on where I can see the list of artist in MD? I'm doing a research.
  6. How long before the mechanisms appear again? I checked back and they're gone after the reset.
  7. Do we have this feature in our shop? Because I can't seem to find the list of my items that I bought in MD Shop with their respective date/time of purchase.
  8. LA #1 2sc LA #2 4sc
  9. 2sc for the first loreroot archer
  10. hi to you too. I like the game also.
  11. age 532 untokened. your offer?
  12. I'm also looking for the topic because I have questions
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