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  1. yes he actually DOES sleep like this by himself ... but is a pain snapping a pic of it without disturbing him .. so there you go guys and girls ^^ my crazy kitty haha
  2. From the album: Ectremere Random pics

    © © MagicDuel.com

  3. genocidal

    Ectremere Random pics

    Some i just found around some i took
  4. From the album: Ectremere Random pics

    © © MagicDuel.com

  5. From the album: Ectremere Random pics

    © © MagicDuel.com

  6. aww .. i like you too .. you EVIl EVIL 4 year old haha

  7. says the one trying to give me a heart attack constantly .. strangle my leg of oxygen .. and rot out my teeth haha

  8. *jumps in fear* why do you alway do that *graps his chest as he feels his heart about to explode* evil 4 years

  9. *pounces the random forum page*

  10. Wonders if anything intresting is going on here recently

  11. Havent seen you for a bit how have you been?

  12. *blinks* im sure its not .. but might i ask when i said i would? Scrolled through your comments and found none of mine ... hum .. perhaps you read my mental ones MWHAHA

  13. its also possible the "no" is not the word no but just the first sylble like nothing for instance ... now if that is even the word itself idk but lets keep that in mind.
  14. Sen no D no Be is what was said by the ghostly aperation of mya. From this it has come to be known that Sen stood for sentinal. Any more then this has not currently been found out yet.
  15. *waves* been ages since i was on the forums but somehow or other found my way here so figured id say hi

    *smiles* ello ^^

  16. Happy bday ^^ and charoshey jesny (chuckles as he wonders if anyone will figure out what that means)
  17. genocidal

    Page 1

    *wonders which is himself .. the one lieing down on the grass or the one throwing a stick* hum i remember that day though it did look a little differently in my mind *laughs*. Great drawing none the less.
  18. Wow have just realized how long its been since i last updated anything here .. hum well maybe ill put up another gallery .. any suggestions?

    1. aaront222


      Your cat dancing... or you dancing.... or you and your cat dancing... things dancing in general ^^

    2. genocidal


      dancing cat lol .. well its possible but i have issue enough just getting a picture of mine .. he is so camera shy

    3. aaront222



  19. oO whistle .. hum *pulls out a baseball bat keeping it hidden behind himself* ... come out come out whatever you are .... i promise not to hurt you *mumbles* much ...

  20. lmao .. ok i honestly COMPLETELY forgot about that .. sorry freeze *sticks another flag on freeze and grins evily*

  21. *suddenly feels his ears burning and looks around* why do i feel i was just talked about ...

  22. ^^ happy to have you here and glad your loving it. Also welcome to the forums may they serve you well *smiles*
  23. I simply have too much time on my hands some days so I scure around on the internet picking up all i find thats intertaining in my eyes.

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