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  1. Well i am honored me words are deemed poetic, if i may be of service i will gladly aid however i can. As for the Wizard, hmmm that poses quite a quandry... If not the Creator, perhaps he represents our opposition in these lands, he looks down upon us as we enter these new lands sizing us up as it were, and awaits for the battles to begin... **sighs** well that is my second guess, so it is null and void, good luck to everyone else in solving this riddle.
  2. Hmmm, is not the contest a gift in itself? Pay me no heed, me mind wanders at times and i find meself rambling like this often, must be all the time i spent trapped in the Void
  3. Ahhhh, 'tis quite obvious although with a subtle mystery about it... The Grand Wizard before you awaits the Dawn(which represents the beginning of our adventures here), as the Sun rises our new world will be illuminated revealing the Creators labors in making lands for us all to explore and experience. ((On a side note, i do believe the Wizard to be none other than the Creator himself in disguise, looking down over us as our journey's begin))
  4. **slips in silently and leaves an odd shaped item, it seems to be a breadlike creation partially covered in something sweet and has several flaming sticks atop it** "Hope 16 is enough there me wide-eyed friend, may yer special day hold many surprises and enjoyments**
  5. **chuckles** Hmm, i will keep that in mind but i never thought of me existance as an RP, i be merely an extension or one facet of the being who finds himself here... (( All my works of the legendary Immortal Gygax are first editions, not because i am a collector (which i am), but because i have enjoyed exploring realms of fascination and intrigue for 3.5 decades... Hence i be known to many as the Elder **chuckles** and several less desirable descriptions to others :lol: ))
  6. Hmmm, and just what is this "RP" ye speaks of my overly-anxious looking friend? **chuckles** Seems we all follow our own paths yet they lead us to the same destination, and the resplendid adventures that await just beyond that oddly glowing mist over there **points towards a shrouded portal growing ever clearer**
  7. A poet? Hmmm no far from it mighty Creator, i merely write what i see in hopes i can relate to others the majesty or perils at hand... As fer "usin' me", well me words here belong to ye as soon as i share them, 'tis not using in any sense, if they inspire anyone or bring them to pause i am pleased for i hold me gift of "story" most dear... When not adventuring or deep in the heat of battle i will always offer whatever i can if so requested. Oh did i mention i talk WAY too much once i get started? **chuckles** Again thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  8. I thank ye both fer the warm welcome. The Void is as vast and bleak as the Infernal Abyss, luckily i spotted a flickering light not long ago, following it brought me here, 'tis good ta walk amongst the living once more
  9. Well i must say i am honored ye thought me words a close descriptive mighty Creator, i am humbled to be in such company and look forward to the adventures that await us all.
  10. Greetings from the Void, i look forward to meeting many new people as i explore this realm
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