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  1. If MD gets caught with copyright infringement we will get shut down or worse. IP ban, no second chances. His crime is punishable by real life fines. He is a real criminal. He needs to go bye bye.
  2. Want MOAR Jesterness! 8)
  3. From my experience in other realms, I can say with confidence that this is not a problem unique to MD. It is a problem of perception and I have yet to see it solved. Once a player reaches a level where they have the responsibility of keeping the game running, two things happen. First, the game gets a little less fun for them, because they now have a job to do. It's not their fault, it's just the nature of the beast. What used to be "Oh! I can't wait to sign in and see what will happen next." becomes "Oh man, I have to sign in and read the pile of ranting PMs and work on that list of tasks." Next, people see the player's new role and begin demanding things (often impossible things) from them. People notice when each RPC player is active or not, when before, they barely noticed when a player was online. Then they complain about the job that is being done in a PM and ask for more personal attention. But theses same people will complain when an RPC goes idle or stays offline for a day to catch up on the very tasks they have demanded of them. This in turn makes the game less fun for the RPCs and it feeds into itself. That's why I personally think this system of rotating RPC characters every few months is a fantastic thing. Let people rest a bit in between times of great responsibility. It won't cure the problem of people complaining... because that's what humans do. We are such whiners. But it's certainly the best attempt at alleviating the problem that I've seen in many years of online (and table top - yes, I'm that old) roleplay. Short version of above postzilla: The RPCs that are cut out for it and have the stomach for it, are doing the best they can. The others will be replaced in the next round or promotion-demotion. Be nice to them.
  4. I feel as if I am part of the problem here, perhaps because I've only recently found MD and am only experiencing the history via reading stories. There is really no way to convey the full value of history upon those who have not experienced it. But hopefully those of us who are a bit new to the realm will help to make the current events part of the rich history to come. I appreciate Mur's vision and hope that together we can help him realize it. I apologize for not grasping more of Mur's vision and promise to keep trying to figure things out. I know that there is much to grasp in MD and I often feel as if I'm just at the edge of understanding. But I'm not quite there. I have only a rudimentary grasp of three of the principles and feel comfortable that I understand heat (on many levels). After that, I am floundering around trying not to seem too stupid. hehe I wish I could understand more, but I also know that this is my greed. I will never be satisfied with what I know. I always seek to know more and have a more complete understanding. It is my vice that often leaves me feeling frustrated. But with each new piece of understanding, I am satisfied, however briefly. I hope there remains an almost limitless supply of things for me to investigate and seek to understand. I'm selfish like that.
  5. [quote name='Jester' post='29237' date='Apr 22 2009, 04:31 PM']Oh, and for the people who voted "Not if Jester is running it", I'll let my secret alter ego, Jesterman, do it. He's a masked superhero who fights to uphold the ideals of truth and justice, and also wears a cape.[/quote] Hot! :lol:
  6. [quote name='King Manu' post='29256' date='Apr 22 2009, 08:44 PM']you say the traveler might be more ballanced because it turned to that sphere .. you are missing that both entities as missing, what if you are right, put that theory together with the shade that is missing and recalculate[/quote] Matter and anti-matter? hmmm... No, not quite, because they didn't cancel one another and we are all still here. So, they... combined? One absorbed the other? No. I don't think so, because a cube was left behind. I'll have to stew on that for a bit. But thanks for the clues
  7. Dark

    The Traveler

    My understanding from discussion with Khalazdad, is that the shades experience time the way they do because they [i]exist[/i] within their time all at once. Sort of like a smeared thumb print (my analogy, not his). In other words, shades to not "remember" but rather, they [i]exist[/i] in all their time at once. Also, they are not infinite but rather have a finite time in which they exist. Thus my analogy of a smeared thumb print. He likes to say they "swim in a pool of time." As to the nature of the Traveler... I'm still uncertain. The other thread is beginning to give me inklings of something, but I'm far from any sort of understanding of it. Right now we are reading about only half of it in the AL. And what we are told is that it is communicating with itself through "memory" We are also told that someone with an understanding of time can intercept the memories. This would be Khalazdad's role, but he's got other things on his mind right now. So perhaps his daughter will emerge from inner Necro with knowledge of time... Perhaps.
  8. Questions, questions... that's what I have. Here are a couple of them. If you have answers, please post. If you have ideas, please post. If you have chocolate, I'll be over in ten minutes. When the Sentinel vanished it left behind a cube. Does that mean it is like us? Does that mean it came from a cube as we did? I was under the impression that the cube(s) were a sort of container (whether self made or made by an outside force is for another argument) - a container that we continue to "outgrow" and explore. Let's say for argument that the Sentinel's core being or soul is inside the cube... Is that what constitutes death in MD? Can it happen to one of us? Will the Sentinel learn to use it's mind and outgrow his cube and then be back in the same "cube" with the rest of us? You see, I've come to think of this realm as a cube as well. One that we have only just begun to explore, but a cube none-the-less. That sphere... That's odd indeed. From what I have experienced, MD is all about flat geometry... cubes, pyramids, lines, balance... Yet there is the overriding principle of Cyclicity which implies a circle or sphere as a means of maintaining the balance in a fluid manner. And if you look at Mur's graphics you can put a sphere inside and outside of each of those shapes as well... So, does the sphere just mean the Traveler is completely alien to MD or does it mean that the Traveler is a more balanced (inclusive) part of MD? Or something else entirely. I know that many in MD search for concrete solutions to puzzles and that is why the fixation on the pyramids geometry. So, I say , more power to you for trying to figure out how to reconstruct the used cube and find the missing pieces, if they exist. But for me, the questions will remain. My questions aren't of shape and form, but are of existence and purpose. Why was that cube used? How was it used? What might happen if the cube left by the Sentinel is used? What does MD have to gain or lose by the answers? Now that I'm sure you all think I'm insane I'll go for a while. I assure you I have only scratched the surface of the questions I have. But I'll stop torturing you now. If you want to keep me quiet for a longer period of time, I suggest distracting me with chocolate... and/or Chippendale dancers. >_>
  9. Is there something we (meaning the general population of MD) can do to help things along? It seems like something well supported and anxiously awaited. It would be a shame to let it falter if there was something we could do to help.
  10. Most wars are won through espionage, propaganda and political maneuvering as this one was.
  11. You already know my advice. Do your best not to even think about this place for at least a week. You will be amazed at how things just fall back into place and the fun returns to the game. Some times it takes two weeks, because the first week is withdrawal. lol See you soon. *hugs*
  12. *watches the Watcher*

  13. I'm with you. OOC: The AL states that he may not be in the house. But our characters have no way of knowing that. Plus, Dark Trial is incurably curious about that house and it's possible links to the very ancient "liquid fear" that was banished from Loreroot so long ago.
  14. [quote name='awiiya' post='26162' date='Mar 1 2009, 01:02 PM']I agree with Metal Bunny. Unless you're good at resurrection, Renavoid is already long gone, eaten by as much the liquid dust as by himself... A phrase comes to mind. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Awi[/quote] You have no desire to make attempts to help retrieve him? I most certainly do. I will admit that it is as much (or maybe more) do to my own curiosity about the house as it is to rescue Renavoid. But if my curiosity can be quenched and someone can be aided as well, I am all for it. I admit that I am surprised at how many people are just willing to give up and not investigate at all.
  15. Dark


    Hmmm... My name... I started my online "life" as InTheDark in a political themed chat and forum. When I expanded into another game, that name was already taken, so I kept the "Dark" -which is what everyone called me anyway- and created "Darkesia" in that game (NationStates). When I came here, it was just as a TRIAL to see if I would like the game and if I could recruit others from that old game to play here. So, I called my account Dark Trial. My intent was to create an account later called Darkesia. But it seems this name and character has stuck. And I don't mind at all. Perhaps I will make an alt with that name later. Who knows *smiles*
  16. The AL indicates he may already be out...
  17. Actually, Grido, a person who loves the task at hand does indeed pour their personal energies, knowledge and will into their work. A baker doesn't just cook/bake bread, they create something "magic" each time they experience the act. I have always held that a "spell" is just a prayer. No more. No less.
  18. Right or wrong, a couple of us are focusing on trying to repair the windmill (and find a way inside), at least until it's either shown to be futile or too risky.
  19. Dark

    Click Me!

    Agreed. Now. About those men...
  20. Dark

    Click Me!

    I want a tick box that allows me to select from varying types of men and to decide if they should be covered in chocolate or not. I await the new development with eager anticipation. *looks completely serious* Edit: Jaz's idea is pretty nice, though...
  21. Dark

    Of course I want a cookie! What a silly question.

  22. Ummm.... I've just seen this character, or one masquerading as him at the Fountain of Dark Vibrations. Is it thread necromancy, if the subject is also risen from the dead?
  23. I understand your point. And I think in this case the answer is: Because. I admit that a Pink Coach Purse that increased my stats as much as a sword or armor would be a the top of my wish list though. lol
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