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    The Traveler

    My understanding from discussion with Khalazdad, is that the shades experience time the way they do because they [i]exist[/i] within their time all at once. Sort of like a smeared thumb print (my analogy, not his). In other words, shades to not "remember" but rather, they [i]exist[/i] in all their time at once. Also, they are not infinite but rather have a finite time in which they exist. Thus my analogy of a smeared thumb print. He likes to say they "swim in a pool of time." As to the nature of the Traveler... I'm still uncertain. The other thread is beginning to give me inklings of
  2. Is there something we (meaning the general population of MD) can do to help things along? It seems like something well supported and anxiously awaited. It would be a shame to let it falter if there was something we could do to help.
  3. You already know my advice. Do your best not to even think about this place for at least a week. You will be amazed at how things just fall back into place and the fun returns to the game. Some times it takes two weeks, because the first week is withdrawal. lol See you soon. *hugs*
  4. *watches the Watcher*

  5. I'm with you. OOC: The AL states that he may not be in the house. But our characters have no way of knowing that. Plus, Dark Trial is incurably curious about that house and it's possible links to the very ancient "liquid fear" that was banished from Loreroot so long ago.
  6. [quote name='awiiya' post='26162' date='Mar 1 2009, 01:02 PM']I agree with Metal Bunny. Unless you're good at resurrection, Renavoid is already long gone, eaten by as much the liquid dust as by himself... A phrase comes to mind. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Awi[/quote] You have no desire to make attempts to help retrieve him? I most certainly do. I will admit that it is as much (or maybe more) do to my own curiosity about the house as it is to rescue Renavoid. But if my curiosity can be quenched and someone can be aided as well, I am all for it. I admit that I am surpr
  7. Dark


    Hmmm... My name... I started my online "life" as InTheDark in a political themed chat and forum. When I expanded into another game, that name was already taken, so I kept the "Dark" -which is what everyone called me anyway- and created "Darkesia" in that game (NationStates). When I came here, it was just as a TRIAL to see if I would like the game and if I could recruit others from that old game to play here. So, I called my account Dark Trial. My intent was to create an account later called Darkesia. But it seems this name and character has stuck. And I don't mind at all. Perhaps
  8. The AL indicates he may already be out...
  9. Actually, Grido, a person who loves the task at hand does indeed pour their personal energies, knowledge and will into their work. A baker doesn't just cook/bake bread, they create something "magic" each time they experience the act. I have always held that a "spell" is just a prayer. No more. No less.
  10. Right or wrong, a couple of us are focusing on trying to repair the windmill (and find a way inside), at least until it's either shown to be futile or too risky.
  11. Dark

    Click Me!

    Agreed. Now. About those men...
  12. Dark

    Click Me!

    I want a tick box that allows me to select from varying types of men and to decide if they should be covered in chocolate or not. I await the new development with eager anticipation. *looks completely serious* Edit: Jaz's idea is pretty nice, though...
  13. Dark

    Of course I want a cookie! What a silly question.

  14. Ummm.... I've just seen this character, or one masquerading as him at the Fountain of Dark Vibrations. Is it thread necromancy, if the subject is also risen from the dead?
  15. I understand your point. And I think in this case the answer is: Because. I admit that a Pink Coach Purse that increased my stats as much as a sword or armor would be a the top of my wish list though. lol
  16. [quote name='lightsage' post='25836' date='Feb 22 2009, 03:42 PM']Or just don't do it and wait for night to come unannounced [/quote] But where is the fun in that? Party pooper
  17. *coughs* I suggest assigning specific people to watch certain areas, making note of when and how the letters change. Then, when it is time, gather the information together, shake it up and see what pattern falls out. Being the little analysis geek I am, I could not help but make that suggestion.
  18. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)
  19. I understand that punishing the many for the actions of a few, is often the reality of situations like this. However, this punishment will result in fewer players. That is a result no one wants. There must be a better way to stop bug abuse. Shrinking the legitimate player base is an unwise course of action, in my humble opinion.
  20. I know most of the more experienced players probably have more sophisticated reasons for disliking the cooldown. But here's the n00b perspective: I'm weak. I need to fight to get stronger. Fighting uses AP. When I get killed/drained and out of AP, I can't move or re-charge. The only way to protect myself is to log off for a regen cycle so I can get AP for an escape. So you say "Ten minutes is one regeneration cycle. Why not just wait for two cycles and 20 minutes?" I say because, frankly, that's enough time for me to boot up Civ IV and get two cities going. Then I'm not coming ba
  21. Dark

    You are still my favorite.

  22. I am slowly developing my character's healing skills through RP. I am doing so by linking her abilities to the principles she is strongest in and her past knowledge. She makes mistakes because she doesn't know what she's doing (Marvolo glows green because of her. Poor guy). But it's helping me develop the character as well as develop relationships in the RP with other characters. I'm not doing this because I want to gain spells or anything. I'm just doing it because it seemed a logical place for my character to go. I think you will do ok. It's difficult at first to find your niche.
  23. Dark

    The Traveler

    I remember [i]Ghost Busters[/i]. The Traveler was the means of destruction - The Destroyer. And The Destroyer's shape was determined by those it set out to destroy. In the case of the movie... "It's the Stay-Pufft marshmallow man." Something similar here perhaps? A link to Khalazdad's "destroyer" and The Traveler might exist. But then again, I'm just a n00b playing at a guessing game. *smiles*
  24. Drunk men (preferably shirtless) and lots of chocolate. If there was nothing else good in the universe, I would still be a happy girl. Hello, Spellmaster. Welcome!
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