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  1. If you give everybody a present, safe for one person, you should not be surprised that person considers it a punishment. No dictionary will save you/them from that emotion. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1324855146' post='98610'] This is not the case. If you are active both values increase at the same rate, total activity percentage therefore tends to 100 as activity tends to infinity. [/quote] Since people do not live for eternity this argument is pretty silly imo. Looking at the realistic scale of one year, there are situations wherein a player is incapable of recovering AD%. eg someone who played a full year, then skipped two years, will even after playing another full year still be at 50% only. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1324909983' post='98650'] If we think things with gratitude, we would realize that Santa was a way to gift those who couldn't reach the tree, but were still main accounts, but rather he rewarded everyone. As a matter of fact, it did not existed last year, so we complain if another way of gifting was allowed. [/quote] That'd be nice if it worked. I don't get why the AD% is not counted for the past year only though. That would be an easy solution to remedy the case complained about and I'm currently unaware of other ways people 'cannot reach the tree'. Easy is good sometimes.
  2. Q doc originally cost one or two WP for those who weren't RPCs. Nowadays you don't need to spend wp to get them.
  3. [quote name='Vicarious' timestamp='1312744708' post='89750'] From what I remember, Item transfer between alts is okay. And there was a precedent for this as well with MRAlyon. He had created a bunch with his alts and then gave them to his Main. [/quote] There's an official statement: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7531-alt-abuse/page__view__findpost__p__64958
  4. They still show in the current and past wp tab, so i think it works. I spent wp not in the shop (item and Q), and at least one in the shop, for a total of 4 spent according to current and past points. I currently have 5 invisibles waiting for me... if someone who spent four, all in the shop, checks their invisible list, this'll be clear no?
  5. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1312522454' post='89543'] there is no disucssion, this has been done before by others and no one raised a query. This is "effectively" selling a wishpoint, but is allowed.[/quote] Technically, this is selling a wish, not a wish point. The way the WP shop works, it is (most often) a bigger advantage to recieve a wp and wish yourself than to receive the wish itself. The distinction might be subtle, yet it exists! From a "legal" point of view it is also important. Second, imagine someone wishes for a spell and then offers to cast that spell on players in exchange for a silver. Each time you make this transaction, are you not selling a percentage of your WP? Sure you could say the uses are infinite (which isn't true, nobody lives forever) or that the percentage is low... How about selling an item created with a WP? Decreasing the value of WP and drachorns? yes it's happening, because there's more WPs distributed. You cannot expect people not to use them, or not to use them for this wish... Looking back at the wp for days topic, it is even more ridiculous to complain WPs are decreasing in value if you were in favour of the idea. @Vic: I wouldn't use it like this just because you got one to spare. New uses for WPs will arrive eventually and probably outweigh whatever coin you can make.
  6. This is quite a tricky debate because there's too many issues at once. WP standards, quest standards, openness, idea theft, veterans, noobs, bias, cheating... I see issues related to each of those words being raised above. I won't try to tackle all of them here, but focus on the WP and quest standards: 1. There is no standard for WPs. We've all seen worse quests be rewarded a WP too and maybe we complained. However I see nothing ever happening like people coming together to debate about what the standard should be? I've heard people complain standards of certain renown questmakers and me, being too high. Now others complain some people's standards are too low. Complaining about an age-old issue after someone does it "wrong" again, is just poor style. 2. There's no standard for quests. Some people will reveal everything up front, some will post an obscure message 'find me in-game'. Some will post the correct answer afterwards, some will never release any information. Some focus on advertising, some on concept, some on scripting... Why put this 'writing contest' against an openness standard but not other quests or even other writing contests?
  7. You might be able to expect a big commotion with tears, fears, swears and whatnot, arriving within two hours. You should NOT want it though. All in all people seem, so far and according to posts and reps, to be in favour of Firs' statement... There is no need, no logical reason to compare to what if it was another person. It'd make you look like a sore looser, only you haven't "lost" yet. On topic. It is mechanically difficult to be part of two structures right now. You cannot be in two alliances at once, even if that would 'make sense' from a perspective as spies, diplomats or just busy jack of all trades. I'm certain lots of people wanted to be able to join two at once. Apparently kings, mechanically and currently, can be part of two structures. It's not something I'd encourage, for many reasons, but I wouldn't be so attached to what might be a by-product of joining an alliance.
  8. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1307609527' post='85987'] To be honest I'm still confused what the thread is really about. Is it the shooting down of ideas, or general rudeness when doing so? I'm not doing irony or anything, I'm honestly getting confused on which one is the issue here. Can someone please explain to me? Thx [/quote] Going by rep, there's at least six people who think it is about rudeness. Going by content of other posters seems to indicate shooting down ideas and 'how tough it is to become elite'. I have no idea which logic people use to arrive at the conclusion they ought to explain sharpwind about how to become 'elite'. There is no such recipe. What worked for Curiosa, our beloved example here, won't work for someone else. Trying to worship another tree is definitely not going to work either. I am pretty certain that someone who's been around long enough would realise it already and the topic starter is not brand new at all. If not, there's little hope telling it outright will suddenly work. If I am right, those who're ranting about how to become elite/powerful are doing exactly what is considered the problem: they shoot down a topic without even thinking about what is being said. There are dozens of ways to disrespect somebody. One is to be rude directly. Another to be haughty. Or to be subtle, provoking and relentless at that. One is to refuse to listen (read) what people say and keep talking yourself. It is a tricky thing to discern between genuine mistakes and brutal lack of effort to understand. Yet if it keeps being repeated, the end result will be the same: either you assume people are lazy bums or they are incompetent fools calling themselves elites. I'm still trying to figure out which is worse, but I am positive this is the 'attitude' which is being talked about in the original post. One of the things that drives new people away. Another example of things which can be often read on the forum.
  9. [quote name='TTLexceeded' timestamp='1307468069' post='85900'] I would like to see examples as well but I think you are exaggerating a bit. They dont have god powers, they do abide to the same rules you and I have to abide to. And they do get punished big time when they break the rules. The same way me and you will get punished. [/quote] I think you're reading the post wrong. It is not the question whether people have or don't have godlike powers, it is whether they act like they have godlike powers and are the official elite. It's a bloody old debate that resurfaces all the time: MD is a 'special game' that is 'not for everybody to understand or even like'. Should we be proud? Should we be haughty? Should we be disrespectful to those who try to get the game but have spent only a day or only a month on trying to get it? Do we even understand the game? It is not about the time it takes to become accepted as elite, if such a thing even should exist or be debated. As with all subjective things, it depends on the person in question and the people regarding a person whether they're considered elite. I for one have a distinctly low opinion of some people who in all likelihood are self proclaimed or publicly heralded elite. It is not about new people posting the same old ideas... or even about telling them they're the same old ideas. It is about telling them nicely that, unfortunately, the idea has been shot down before and then explain why. Not just say 'you don't get it because you're a noob'. And no I don't claim everybody does that all the time. Some people do, which is more than would be ideal. I am also under the impression it is not a MD only thing. The word noob wasn't created here.
  10. I for one am glad I wasn't chosen for this quest; not my preference. I personally don't consider this a quest so much as a task. I don't mean that in a negative sense; just calling apples apples and pears pears. Both tasks and quests can merit a reward. Both can be enjoyed, both can be failed or succeeded at... so the difference might be neglible. However I do think that considering this a job with an apt payment, might make more sense to those questioning the 'rules' of it.
  11. [quote name='VonUngernSternberg' timestamp='1303166848' post='83039'] Eh no Duxie, I'm afraid it's [log=Spoiler]Stew bunny is awesome[/log] [/quote] Technically it was [spoiler]Bunny stew is awesome[/spoiler] Which you could (should) check at the GOE. Regardless I can assume you got the right method, seems more like you're trying to avoid that answer to me
  12. I originally intended for there to be a clicky to be used to validate the answer, in case i'm not online to check the forum and all. But seeing as it is a bit of a walk, I'll allow people to post the passphrase here, just ADD SPOILER TAGS around it. That way if anyone wants to try after you finished, they'll be able to enjoy the challenge too. Good luck and have fun. [spoiler]@duxie; nope that's not the phrase.[/spoiler]
  13. Kafuuka 825 AD Patience: check Organised: I subscribe to Chaotic Neutral Why choose me: I make mean/nice quests sometimes, if your quest is mean/nice you can 'get back at'/'be nice to' me if I get to play. Why not choose me: I might win/lose and then the former logic becomes void. Also I have patience but not a huge amount of time. Anything that requires me to be online at specific times is a big nono.
  14. Seriously yrthillian? no arguments? I have used the most classical argument in existence: a counterexample. no facts? I have used one of the sources which is repeatedly stated as the most important ones for facts about MD, even by the person who created the game. Things in MD have to be 'intended'? It is in a perpetual 'alpha' state. There is no such requirement as original intent. A robot is not a 'race'? A robot is not a human. Your premise was stated literally as 'humans only, except if the character was created by Mur' Perobotillo was a player who earned his recognition some time long ago. I don't know how and I don't need to. What matters is only that he invented a non human representation and made it so it was acknowledged. If someone wants to play an elf, you have to at least recognise that it is, in theory, possible.
  15. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1302029941' post='81926'] MD to me is a realm without races. <...> As far as i can see MD has only one real race but it is assumed the race is Human. <...> This is by no meens an attack on you Sharazhad there are many in game whom claim to be mythical creatures and this is my own personal opinion in regards to MD reality. I could be completely wrong in my view and i am willing to be open minded but i need to see a really good proper reason. [/quote] You ask, therefore I'll deliver. The AL acknowledges robot dogs which bark in Spanish. No elves have been sighted yet, but it clearly refutes your human only premise, even if you add exceptions for the aramor, shade and knator.
  16. [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1300991115' post='81270'] [color="#2e8b57"][i]The UN called for a no-fly zone over Libya about a week ago as a result the US, UK and FRANCE sent in airplanes and bombed the military air bases as well Gadaffi's residential area. and FYI a FRENCH plane did technically start the bombing NOT the Americans. This did infact tip the balances in favour of the Libyian people fighting against Gadaffi - for a little while. [/i][/color] [/quote] lmao @ 'the french started it' But yes it is a bit weird to be upset that people send in planes after you ask them to. Unfortunately I am not certain whether it will be over sooner now. If they keep ambiguous about wanting/not wanting help, it will probably last longer. If no help arrived, maybe they would have lost by now and there'd be less victims. I suppose that sounds very odd, but in the end war will only end if one side yields.
  17. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1300871640' post='81141'] Hmmm...well...Libya has oil so I am pretty sure Libya "NEEDS" the big powers help . If Egypt would have had oil as well...Egypt would have needed help as well [/quote] While I can believe that oil is a reason the big powers actually invest their time there, you cannot compare the situation in Libya with Egypt just like that: Casualties in Egypt are reported to be less than one thousand deaths, optimistic sources saying around three hundred. The Egyptian rebellion is widely recognised as a victory and I think it is probably the least bloody revolution ever. Deaths in Libya prior to outside actions, have been estimated between one and six thousand already. Prior to outside action, it appeared that the rebellion was loosing ground too. This is entirely depending on the numbers you believe in, but I have absolutely no reason to believe a second revolution with few deaths happens in that short a time span. In the end I doubt it matters who is shooting or bombing, why they are doing it and where they got their weapons - there is some fuss over here because we export weapons and now people are using them to kill people which is of course unheard of! - People will die and there is no stopping that until one side gives up. We can only hope that it will be quick and that it is 'worth it' in as far as such a term is ever applicable.
  18. Young Savage Knator, Age: 727 My price: a pleasant surprise. (I'm demanding you surprise me in a fun way; eg. offering nothing would be mildly surprising but not pleasant.)
  19. Kafuuka


    [quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1300257204' post='80727'] Other examples that come to mind are clickies at the entrance to accursed growth or drachorn lair or marind balcony. I believe those places can all be entered, but I have never seen anyone inside them. [/quote] The balcony can be entered and many people know the way to get there. It should not be hard to figure out who can, just by observation. In Necrovion there is a lot of places only few people have access to and getting access is trickier imo. Regardless of someone having had access to any place at some point in time, what matters in RP is whether you have access at the time you are playing. If you don't know whether someone had and didn't bother to find out, then by the snowball analogy, you really shouldn't try throwing snowballs uphill.
  20. Kafuuka


    [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1300138908' post='80650'] What pisses me off is that people would stomp on the RP putting all sorts of do's and and donts and then do nothing to contribute. That stifles creativity - because you just say what we can not do and then dont bother offering a bloody solution!!! I dont want to do another RP or take part in another RP after this. Why? because: 1) No one gives a flying cucktoos tail feather 2) It always lands up on the shoulders of one or two people that are always carrying things. 3) People are always giving out about not doing anything and then when someone does do something it gets BLANTANTLY IGNORED. If Mur wrote "Loreroot is in flood" in the moodpanel, I would bet everything I have that most people would go scrambling to Loreroot to investigate. Have some one else do it, and its useless information. Kafuuka, My lack of contribution in this story was not by choice - unfortunately Real Life does factor in somewhat, and Maebius how was I to stand back and watch for an "avalanche" during a developing story? Was I aware that Rumi was gonna post this?[/quote] This is actually one of my points. You are not Mur. Mur is the only person who can 'wish' things into being in MD. Everybody else has to work for it and even then they don't work as hard on the game as Mur does. Some people manage to succeed at doing something big sometimes. I've witnessed or dreamed (which seems very non parsimonious) Z both succeeding and failing at least once. I've seen him get annoyed because all the people that care were unavailable due to real life and nobody else bothering to listen to him. Through his announcements and comments it seems to me even Mur has failed at things before. I'd be more surprised if he never did though. What caused not enough people caring? Maybe we don't like you, maybe we're antisocial people, maybe we didn't have time, maybe somebody instigated us against you, maybe you didn't try hard enough. Most likely it is all of the previous and then some more factors combined. You're old enough to have 'enemies' in MD (for the record I'm in the no time to care group) so probably at least one person openly said he didn't like your quest idea. So what? Others have managed before, under the same conditions, and if you stop because of one failure, you have only yourself to blame. Not MD community as a whole, certainly not Mur and not me voicing this opinion right now. Also I think it is a very bad idea to do a quest out of frustration. Good ideas come to me when I'm in a good mood. A good mood certainly is necessary for me to cope with people seemingly purposely doing everything wrong all the time when trying my quest, clicky script being similar but not exactly script languages I know, cheaters, sore losers, real life preventing me from fixing things timely and disappointing people by waiting two months for a reply mail etc. [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1300179029' post='80676'] I did not just RP *Shara created a flood in Loreroot* TA-DA theres a flood. I am well aware of the RP reality requirements, but seeing how few people were actually interested in roleplay at, it was near impossible to gather a group of 30 people. There were four people around Raven's Peace at the time. Lintara, Sunfire, Darigan and Myself. The whole story of how the flood occurred was posted on the forums [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8986-sludge-and-floods/"]http://magicduel.inv...dge-and-floods/[/url] and Darigan had a story going on his PAL (Player Adventure Log) found on his profile page. So this RP was in no way hidden from the general populous of MD. I had also set up the discussions page where people could discuss the goings on..http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8991-sludge-and-floods-discussions/page__pid__80615__st__20#entry80615 If there was an issue about what you didn't like how the sludge was created back then, why did you raise it on the discussion forum?[/quote] Quite simply because people seemed to blame us for the quest not succeeding. I didn't like it back then but there's other quest ideas I don't like either and once that post was made, it wouldn't have been helpful to say 'this idea is crap' neither in public nor in private. You can't go back and undo an announcement on RP whether it is fluff or not. If other people had more positive opinion and more time to contribute, why would I shoot it down? Plus as I said before, you had support of someone with some authority, which made it less absurd. Just not enough to convince me and apparently most others. I don't tend to be very nice on the forum, but I do try to be informative and helpful. I suppose I have a bit of a teacher mentality, even though I've never worked as a teacher. In that spirit: Curiose please look up the word irony. I'm not certain if you are addressing specific people on the forum but it is not like you don't point fingers and shout. No secrets are being kept relevant to this topic anyway. - Except that I don't like the PAL either. It's a horrible acronym that has way to many other meanings. -
  21. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1300195510' post='80684'] Just to be semantic here, assuming that it's a traditional planetary system, and that the sun is larger than MD, as such having a larger gravitational pull and causing orbit (of some degree). The sun doesn't move, MD does. [/quote] oooh semantics, can I join? Assuming modern physics, ie general (or special) relativity, there is no absolute reference frame and neither the sun revolving around the earth nor the earth revolving around the sun are false or uniquely true. It is easier to describe the movements of other planets in our solar system when using the sun as a motionless reference point. Doesn't mean it is impossible or bad to use the earth as reference point. If you reject relativity, then there still exists the law of action-reaction. Which brings us to the question: are there other planets/boxes in MD space and what does that mean?
  22. Kafuuka


    I fail to see how anyone can consider a flood that encompasses half a land as a starting snowball? I gave a very clear comparison: two dozen people were needed to manage to heal one (very special) tree. Sure it started with one person and soon there were two and then three and so on and not until a whole lot of effort was spent, did they manage to accomplish anything. On the other hand we have three people, of whom two were not actually contributing, who just happen to create a nationwide catastrophe. It starts with only them and it ends with only them. Even if it was supposed to be a prelude, a prelude too has a start and an end.
  23. Kafuuka


    [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1300118856' post='80634'] Then again, I have been directly welcomed to create and grow the "character" of maebius in any way I see fit since magick happens here. If I wanted to re-write my papers to be a dragon with angel wings and able to breathe glitter-breath, that apparently would be accepted by quite a few folks, veterans and newbies alike.[/quote] And quite a lot of them would not, for various reasons. Dragons are too cliché, dragons are over 9000 (depends on a full description of your 'powers' though), glitter is scary... there's never been much consensus on what is allowable and what is not, there's just a large list of things that most people don't like and a small set that most do. Personally I consider characters that are immune to everything (including scars) to be less interesting than a rock. At least rocks change over time and can hide fossils or support life if they're big enough. [quote]As time goes on, I am realizing that there is danger in both ideas though, as if MD starts to lean towards a purely Roleplayed environment, that is just as limiting as enforcing a particular adherence to certain rules. I am wondering if the "Game Mechanics" of MD are just being totally misinterpreted by a lot of people, myself included, and actually include the Roleplay, in some limited and veiled manner. [/quote] Similarly roleplaying and game mechanics were never completely defined and are debated frequently. Some obvious changes to the outer mechanics are seen from time to time too. Other things don't seem to change: MD has never been an obvious game with clear rules and a set goal. Mur doesn't seem to hunt people that do things wrong unless they either flaunt it or it becomes too big. People get stabbed in the back. People fail to understand Mur (happens to me a lot). People miscommunicate (idem). People don't get how 'big things' happen in MD. People don't like that the AL isn't moving forward and think they can do it better than Mur. I've never been an expert on instigating big changes in MD, but those I saw happening all followed a pattern: someone throws a small snowball and it becomes bigger and bigger until it reaches a critical mass. The ones I saw failing were people trying to lift a whole mountain by themselves. It took two dozen people several hours to heal a tree. By comparison, three people have claimed to create a flood that covers half a land in a few minutes? That is how it is literally written in the account on the forum and I guess the only reason it wasn't immediately shot down is that it was supported by someone who holds some power. But since many people need clear game mechanics, I'll name one: 'roleplay reality requirement'.
  24. This thread is a bit outdated with the new changes, so I'd like to ask for it to be protected against necromancers. @Eon: I have no idea what ritual you are talking about. I don't see anyone else talking about specific rituals either, so it is pretty safe to think this thread is not about your angien/remains ritual.
  25. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1299546936' post='80329'] I don't want a good "discussion", I want people to think. What's the best way to get ideas? Sharing. Now Kafuuka, if you're done I would appreciate it if you stopped posting here. If you're not done, I would still appreciate it. [/quote] You cannot at the same time ask people to share ideas and to refrain from sharing opinions, which are by definition a subset of ideas. Neither will you get people to 'think' if they supply ideas without arguments, ie discussion. The only method to manage such inconsistensies is to add restrictions: you don't want this kind of discussion, you don't want ideas to be debated here in this thread. Sadly I did ask you the typical 'what' and 'where' and 'who' and 'how' questions and you've refused to answer me explicitly. Currently it looks like it is 'spreading ideas that pipstickz considers useful for his purposes' on 'the forum, in this thread' by 'people that agree with pipstickz' and moderated by 'chewett and co' (by default). Your appreciation is not my concern. People have shot down far more clearly formulated concepts on this forum before. I see no reason not to reiterate my questions and force you to answer them. The most important being 'how'.
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