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  1. This is hilarious and educational:

  2. *Wonders what's happening in the east?*

  3. All work and no quest coding makes MD less of headache hazard. Also hurray for upcoming holidays.

  4. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1286148348' post='69589'] But I'm a firm believer that "Magic"Duel needs more magic![/quote] I hope, for your sake, that this is meant to be ironic. [quote] And MD needs more players moving to MP5. I wouldn't even whine (much) if only the newest mp5's got that first free wp....... [/quote] No it doesnt. It needs more players in general and more players who advance to mp5 when they are ready for it. When you're giving free sparkly stuff when moving to mp5, all you promote is players arriving at
  5. [quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1286122973' post='69572'] Ah right, wasn't thinking straight. Yes, with the AD it does indeed become sorite's paradox. But, unlike a heap, mur could superimpose an actual definition and worth of a wp, much like he did with the BP puzzle. AD's could then become worthy to a fraction of a wp, with added elements such as Dst's idea, of actually being there (I like that idea), much like the BP puzzle has several elements as well. So in that sense it isn't really like sorite's paradox, because we do have a higher a
  6. [quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1286067214' post='69536'] Sorite's paradox? With what? In the measurement of the worth of the requirements of a wp? I give you, I admit, completely subjective, yet potentially objective measurement of requirement of one wp; the WP mechanism installed by Mur in the gazebo, with the patterns in the floor. [/quote] Quite simple: 1 AD is not worth of a WP. 499 AD is not worthy. In binary logic 499 + 1 = 500 AD is not worthy either. Any cut-off point is completely arbitrary. How exactly this translates into the BPG, I do not under
  7. [quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1285936122' post='69455'] Of course, I am only saying this because I am slightly more pessimistic towards wp inflation, especially when it's requirements are lowered enough that it doesn't really warrant an actual wp. [/quote] Sorites' paradox again... [quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1285980164' post='69486'] What use is a WP to a person that just logs in to gain active days anyways? (now if that "person" is an alt that is a different story..) [/quote] what use is logging in j
  8. [quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1285853288' post='69400'] B and C are not necessarily an argument against A, as it depends upon implementation. [/quote] Reasons/purposes are not dependent on implementation and certainly not in a uniform way. CrazyMike gave an example how implementation is more proof if WP/day is not retroactive. The opposite is true: implementation depends on goals. [quote] You speak as if alt abuse would be the biggest and most severe problem, right at its implementation. But that doesn't have to be so, not if the implementation is done
  9. [quote name='CrazyMike' timestamp='1285777492' post='69358'] My example is only to show that the player has been active and voting, and that MD gains from the voting, justifying the active days. And as a veteran (though sometimes I feel like a noob with all the changes), I dont mind if the counter starts from zero for everyone if it gets implemented. [/quote] That would work well. I do hate the captchas when voting though
  10. @MB: you do realize that reason b and c are also arguments against a? Even if a is [b]your[/b] intention, b and c indicate the side effects. Not only do veterans have an advantage when solving quests, doing creature battles, trading etc. they also had all the time of the world to attempt quests and now it's proposed they retroactively gain several WP(s) for free (possibly on alts to abuse too), while newbies have to wait a year? [b]If[/b] we're going to inflate WPs, especially if we're going to inflate WPs in an alt abuse promoting and veteran favoring way, there should be somet
  11. You're assuming that [b]if[/b] it gets implemented, it will be done retroactively. The question is 'what is the purpose of WP for days?' a. To reward people who have been loyal up until now. -> retroactive is good. b. To encourage all people to keep playing -> retroactive is questionable at best. c. To keep new players from disappearing -> retroactive is pure crap. To support this, I'll quote Mur himself: "A new player will not be impressed by the idea that he will get somehting after ONE YEAR of playing, ...they are not sure if they will stay one day at fir
  12. Next evil quest: design 90% done; implementing code 0%

    1. dst


      *goes to the bank and makes a deposit of brain cells*

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      >< *opens all the math text books she can find and starts studying calculus* Oh wait. I am studying MBBS >.>

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      *starts to stretch his armpits for another mind-blowing karmic mission.* m/_ _m/

  13. A question of time will end soon...

  14. quest designed... fetch your aspirin :P

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      hate your numbers >:P

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