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  1. If you give everybody a present, safe for one person, you should not be surprised that person considers it a punishment. No dictionary will save you/them from that emotion. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1324855146' post='98610'] This is not the case. If you are active both values increase at the same rate, total activity percentage therefore tends to 100 as activity tends to infinity. [/quote] Since people do not live for eternity this argument is pretty silly imo. Looking at the realistic scale of one year, there are situations wherein a player is incapable of recovering AD%. eg someon
  2. Q doc originally cost one or two WP for those who weren't RPCs. Nowadays you don't need to spend wp to get them.
  3. [quote name='Vicarious' timestamp='1312744708' post='89750'] From what I remember, Item transfer between alts is okay. And there was a precedent for this as well with MRAlyon. He had created a bunch with his alts and then gave them to his Main. [/quote] There's an official statement: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7531-alt-abuse/page__view__findpost__p__64958
  4. They still show in the current and past wp tab, so i think it works. I spent wp not in the shop (item and Q), and at least one in the shop, for a total of 4 spent according to current and past points. I currently have 5 invisibles waiting for me... if someone who spent four, all in the shop, checks their invisible list, this'll be clear no?
  5. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1312522454' post='89543'] there is no disucssion, this has been done before by others and no one raised a query. This is "effectively" selling a wishpoint, but is allowed.[/quote] Technically, this is selling a wish, not a wish point. The way the WP shop works, it is (most often) a bigger advantage to recieve a wp and wish yourself than to receive the wish itself. The distinction might be subtle, yet it exists! From a "legal" point of view it is also important. Second, imagine someone wishes for a spell and then offers to cast that spell on players in excha
  6. This is quite a tricky debate because there's too many issues at once. WP standards, quest standards, openness, idea theft, veterans, noobs, bias, cheating... I see issues related to each of those words being raised above. I won't try to tackle all of them here, but focus on the WP and quest standards: 1. There is no standard for WPs. We've all seen worse quests be rewarded a WP too and maybe we complained. However I see nothing ever happening like people coming together to debate about what the standard should be? I've heard people complain standards of certain renown questmakers and me, be
  7. You might be able to expect a big commotion with tears, fears, swears and whatnot, arriving within two hours. You should NOT want it though. All in all people seem, so far and according to posts and reps, to be in favour of Firs' statement... There is no need, no logical reason to compare to what if it was another person. It'd make you look like a sore looser, only you haven't "lost" yet. On topic. It is mechanically difficult to be part of two structures right now. You cannot be in two alliances at once, even if that would 'make sense' from a perspective as spies, diplomats or just busy jac
  8. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1307609527' post='85987'] To be honest I'm still confused what the thread is really about. Is it the shooting down of ideas, or general rudeness when doing so? I'm not doing irony or anything, I'm honestly getting confused on which one is the issue here. Can someone please explain to me? Thx [/quote] Going by rep, there's at least six people who think it is about rudeness. Going by content of other posters seems to indicate shooting down ideas and 'how tough it is to become elite'. I have no idea which logic people use to arrive at the conclusion they ou
  9. [quote name='TTLexceeded' timestamp='1307468069' post='85900'] I would like to see examples as well but I think you are exaggerating a bit. They dont have god powers, they do abide to the same rules you and I have to abide to. And they do get punished big time when they break the rules. The same way me and you will get punished. [/quote] I think you're reading the post wrong. It is not the question whether people have or don't have godlike powers, it is whether they act like they have godlike powers and are the official elite. It's a bloody old debate that resurfaces all the time: MD is a
  10. I for one am glad I wasn't chosen for this quest; not my preference. I personally don't consider this a quest so much as a task. I don't mean that in a negative sense; just calling apples apples and pears pears. Both tasks and quests can merit a reward. Both can be enjoyed, both can be failed or succeeded at... so the difference might be neglible. However I do think that considering this a job with an apt payment, might make more sense to those questioning the 'rules' of it.
  11. [quote name='VonUngernSternberg' timestamp='1303166848' post='83039'] Eh no Duxie, I'm afraid it's [log=Spoiler]Stew bunny is awesome[/log] [/quote] Technically it was [spoiler]Bunny stew is awesome[/spoiler] Which you could (should) check at the GOE. Regardless I can assume you got the right method, seems more like you're trying to avoid that answer to me
  12. I originally intended for there to be a clicky to be used to validate the answer, in case i'm not online to check the forum and all. But seeing as it is a bit of a walk, I'll allow people to post the passphrase here, just ADD SPOILER TAGS around it. That way if anyone wants to try after you finished, they'll be able to enjoy the challenge too. Good luck and have fun. [spoiler]@duxie; nope that's not the phrase.[/spoiler]
  13. Kafuuka 825 AD Patience: check Organised: I subscribe to Chaotic Neutral Why choose me: I make mean/nice quests sometimes, if your quest is mean/nice you can 'get back at'/'be nice to' me if I get to play. Why not choose me: I might win/lose and then the former logic becomes void. Also I have patience but not a huge amount of time. Anything that requires me to be online at specific times is a big nono.
  14. Seriously yrthillian? no arguments? I have used the most classical argument in existence: a counterexample. no facts? I have used one of the sources which is repeatedly stated as the most important ones for facts about MD, even by the person who created the game. Things in MD have to be 'intended'? It is in a perpetual 'alpha' state. There is no such requirement as original intent. A robot is not a 'race'? A robot is not a human. Your premise was stated literally as 'humans only, except if the character was created by Mur' Perobotillo was a player who earned his recognition some tim
  15. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1302029941' post='81926'] MD to me is a realm without races. <...> As far as i can see MD has only one real race but it is assumed the race is Human. <...> This is by no meens an attack on you Sharazhad there are many in game whom claim to be mythical creatures and this is my own personal opinion in regards to MD reality. I could be completely wrong in my view and i am willing to be open minded but i need to see a really good proper reason. [/quote] You ask, therefore I'll deliver. The AL acknowledges robot dogs which bark in Spanish. No
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