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    Reading is knowledge. Learning stops temporarily when you leave this world. It begins again in the next one.
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  1. Well for arguments sakes, until it's inscribed above the bar in the interior of the bar, let us see if we can come up with interesting names. Windy wants a contest, so lets have catagories. Lamest Name Funniest Name Scariest Name You get the idea. Sagewoman spoke with IAB before and proposed the name, "The Last Resort". After being in both the Windy's Wind and Rain Pub and Sagewomans Root of the Matter Inn, that pub is the players last resort for booze and relaxation. Here is my submission, "The East Boar Head". East to honor its location, Boar an offshoot of IAB and Head, pun off t
  2. [quote name='Death Bell' date='26 September 2009 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1254022504' post='42823'] i dont think its a illusion since he actually has in his inventory, the last side of khal's cube. [/quote] The Illusion lays not in the Cube that was in his inventory but in who has control over who. Merely an opinion that has yet to be played out.
  3. I am no longer a Sentinel and I acknowledge that I am a Knight of the Half Moon of the Children of the Eclipse. However, I am still part of the Khalazdad Dynasty and as Rajji (Queen)tried to intervene before disaster struck. As FirstWife of Khalazdad, I returned to the scene of Battle in Necrovion and tried to plead for more time from Yrthilian. I went even further; willing to Sacrifice myself as a Hostage to give Peace, my Daughter, time to return to the Realm. The Battle started on 2100 and ended shortly there after. It was determined that Necrovion Sentinels and the Children of the Ecl
  4. [quote name='Yrthilian' date='24 September 2009 - 01:15 PM' timestamp='1253816152' post='42553'] NOTE to Necrovain, If the GG allaince is not handed back by 22:00 server time. I will Destroy Khalazdad's soul You have been warned [/quote] Your warning has been noted. As Rajji Falen Angel, FirstWife of Khalazdad, my offer as a willing Hostage would have accomplished more than what your actions do now, O King of Golemus. I will send hay for your funeral pyre.
  5. Today was a good day to Die, so I did so. My feathers are numbered and I am missing 100 through 155 and 300 through 382. I'd like them back please.
  6. is wishing she has visitors on her page. I'll visit back. Angel Promise!

  7. You have my vote on the pipes.

  8. I see you, Granos. I wonder if you have a part in this War of Jesters.

  9. [quote name='Chewett' date='12 September 2009 - 09:34 AM' timestamp='1252766082' post='41599'] They already had 50 ish people sign up and closed it ages ago. Do you think they will allow even more? Anyways i dont know if this is even going to go ahead? it seems really long ago they said it would be "very soon" [/quote] Karak posted this topic August 14th. I do believe it is a new one. Let us wait and see what he has to say on it.
  10. [quote name='Karak' date='23 August 2009 - 06:13 PM' timestamp='1251069230' post='40134'] [font="Trebuchet MS"]The time of gathering draws near. It has been decreed that all those who would take up this challenge must be blessed and marked so by the Sybil that the Goddess will know who to give aid in times of need, for she shall reward the faithful for their service. A gathering of the worthy shall be called and a blessing laid upon them and details of what lies ahead given. The grand blessing calling forth the Quest for the Moon Chalice is coming.[/font] [/quote] Karak, I am new to
  11. Goddess of Light, I come to Thee. One knee bent, I lay my Sword Upon Loreroot sacred Soil. Wings outstretched, One Fist to Heart I pledge Sword to the Eclipse My sweat and blood to Thy Sybil. Fellow Knights, you are my Kin. I fight and train by your Side. Back to Back, I'll never Falter. Praise Be to You O Moon! My Thanksgiving to the Priestess. Honor to the Knights and Captain. Loyalty to out Leader.
  12. What is it that have women wanting to smooch you all the time?

  13. Hello Dame Orchid! *waves*

  14. Hey there Cousin! See my new Hat!

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