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    Reading is knowledge. Learning stops temporarily when you leave this world. It begins again in the next one.
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    Falen Angel
  1. is wishing she has visitors on her page. I'll visit back. Angel Promise!

  2. You have my vote on the pipes.

  3. I see you, Granos. I wonder if you have a part in this War of Jesters.

  4. Goddess of Light, I come to Thee. One knee bent, I lay my Sword Upon Loreroot sacred Soil. Wings outstretched, One Fist to Heart I pledge Sword to the Eclipse My sweat and blood to Thy Sybil. Fellow Knights, you are my Kin. I fight and train by your Side. Back to Back, I'll never Falter. Praise Be to You O Moon! My Thanksgiving to the Priestess. Honor to the Knights and Captain. Loyalty to out Leader.
  5. What is it that have women wanting to smooch you all the time?

  6. Hello Dame Orchid! *waves*

  7. Hey there Cousin! See my new Hat!

  8. I respect men in Uniform. OORAH!

  9. *flies above and waves before moving on*

  10. The way in for Adventurers is gained through story mode. This much is true. One day I listened to Raji Khalazdad tell the story of what Necrovions was Before and what it is Now. This one statement he made, stays with me to this day. Khalazdad spoke gravely: "Those who enter these Gates of their own free will, knowing its History are truly Mad." Then Khalazdad smiled and said: "The Mad are Mine."
  11. Work on your profile.

    Gathering Of Angels Comes Soon

  12. The Gathering Comes Soon. Be Ready

  13. Are you still active? Find me.

  14. Hi, Falen Angel... I would be delighted to join the ranks of The Sentinels. Simply let me know what I must do.


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