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  1. One of the questions on the survey was what we thought about a possible game reset. In my opinion this question is more important than the rest of the survey put together, so I am starting this forum topic about it. The most important question is in fact not what you think the current players think about it, but what you think it will do to the game. Some people will be angry, and some of them will leave. Others will be happy about it, because of the new and interesting features you will be able to introduce. You can't make everybody happy, so concentrate on making yourself happy. In g
  2. [quote name='Grido' post='24757' date='Feb 5 2009, 12:06 AM']Free will dictates you can do as you please Globbo, you may support or oppose the Vigil XXXX is undertaking but whatever happens there will be a change, whether we want it or not, it's the form in which the change happens which we need to be aware of[/quote] As of yet, I don't know anything about his mission. I know nothing of this Vigil. What is its purpose? What change does it promote? What change does it prevent? I am urgently asked to support something I know nothing about, by people who apparently know more than me, ye
  3. How do we know that this supposed mission of his should be supported and not opposed?
  4. Same problem with a new character: Speeding Tortoise (ID:130312; Days:2) In my case the error is on line 478 of /home/magicdue/public_html/conf/config.php It is probably relevant that my Max Vitality seems to be 0. (Vitality reports as 0 without any /. I have waited through several Regens) Started when going from MP2 to MP3. I am not sure, but I probably had max vitality. (I had just logged in after idling up the necessary 20 losses) Did not have 3 days, had not done any quest. Got to MP3 by having max exp. Was in an illusion. The Division By Zero thing is a warning that can b
  5. Same problem, I think. Story mode. No icons. I have only one character and didn't know there was supposed to be a personality test before reading this topic. As I see it, the problem is that the central part of the screen doesn't have a scroll bar. This means that with a large picture, you can't access the bottom of the text. You know, the part with the questions to answer, or "Continue" link or whatever you need to move the story along. I have found a partial solution in asking Firefox to open that frame in a new tab. I can then see everything and do what needs to be done. I stil
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