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  1. [quote name='Shemhazaj' date='12 August 2010 - 06:50 PM' timestamp='1281635445' post='65950']
    [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]
    did you expect trees to grow in 5 min?
    sorry but it's [u]not[/u] like that. it takes time, a lot of time...[/color][/font]

    i believe hes referring to how mur said the resources would regenerate at 7;00 server time daily

  2. [quote name='CrazyMike' date='12 August 2010 - 03:04 PM' timestamp='1281621887' post='65926']

    Fact: The King wanted to speak with the leader and was answered with we are one.
    If this is RL, and my staff said that, I would have chewed that person up and spit him out by the roadside. Dont start with some idealistic crap about diplomatic, polite and all that crap. That answer was crap and got a reply from the King that was abrupt. I would have understood if the King wanted to F that answer. His reply to me was restrained. It could have been worse.


    Yes, and if you had done that then any worker's union worth the title would have ample material to slowly roast you over a spit.

  3. [quote name='Chewett' date='11 August 2010 - 05:36 PM' timestamp='1281544590' post='65791']
    wait a moment.

    No, im very sorry there, it seems she has a different alt. I take that back :P

    So, My question is, Why is Lunar Priestess in this alliance merely moments after being formed?

    she applied and i didn't see any reason not to let her in. i was at the time leader of the guild.

  4. [quote name='Firsanthalas' date='11 August 2010 - 05:36 PM' timestamp='1281544562' post='65792']
    Please don't start making suggestions. Leave them to make their own mind up. This isn't a 'how should the Guild be organised' thread.
    I don't mean to sound abrasive. Just don't want this spilling off into a thread of doom.
    darlec is actually part of the guild as The Warrior, however it would be appreciated if suggestions were kept to chat for now

  5. [quote name='Ivorak' date='11 August 2010 - 05:06 PM' timestamp='1281542791' post='65784']
    I agree that a conflict of interests will certainly arise with a number of alts spread through the resource guilds. However, I'm not sure if there should a be a strict rule against it, or if it is possible to run the guilds based on trust between the members.

    But the main reason for my reply, is not what I think, but what I don't know. Are these guilds really neutral? I am aware that the guilds are traditionally neutral, but then again, the traditional guilds were centered in neutral lands because of this. If the resource guilds are expected to be neutral, I see one of the greatest benefits of the new gathering/crafting system, that being the intrigue and craftiness of politics, going out the window.

    So, could you point out to me where it is said the new guilds are neutral, if such a statement from Mur exists? (I'm not saying it doesn't; in all likelihood I missed it among the spread of new threads on the topic.)

    i was unaware lunar was an alt, i was informed she was actually sasha's sister. and as i have been outloyalties there is nothing i can do about it

  6. [quote name='darlec77' date='11 August 2010 - 05:29 PM' timestamp='1281544192' post='65788']
    I think to rsolve leadership problems some of the guild should be given unofficial jobs, such as:
    [list][*]Spokesperson (Leader in normal case scenario)[*]Someone in charge of tool distrubution and re-distrubustion[*]Archivist (unrelated to the MDA just someone to keep the guilds tresure [knowledge])[*]Conservation propertier (someone to keep note of how rescources are developing and stop over harvesting)[*]Recruitment officer[/list]This way the "leader" can constantly be in flux due to loyalty.
    lol darlec has justed quoted most of our ideas

  7. [quote name='Yrthilian' date='11 August 2010 - 03:28 PM' timestamp='1281536904' post='65769']
    Well i knew this was going to happen as i said before

    now a new feature is going to be spoiled by people sticking their nose in places they should not.
    The fact that this guild was just dumped in a land and no organisation was put in plave make this a very messy idea
    the fact that even some memeber of that new guild are posiable filled with player alts is also another matter.

    I also wonder at the fact that the members are also all England location players this is unusuale even to me
    since i have not ever seen any organisation in game all from the same location this hints at alts to me.
    But that is just me i suppose.

    See now things are going to be made worse over a new feature that has just been released without organising
    some sort of proper setup. I really think this could have been done in a much better way. The guild setup how ever
    the guild decided i dont care about it is foolish to think that all memebr have equal say as they cant it is not in the
    game mechanics to allow for that. someone is leader in the guild and they have more ablity that the rest it is as simple
    as that. the leader can decide on a whim to kick memeber and well nothing you could do about it.

    So yeah there is a structure in the allaince ether way. But better to be one that is agreed dont you think
    or is this another players wanting to control the new features again and green will win out once again.

    The fact still remain the guild is located in LR so under the current game setting that meen the guild IS
    LR and thoes player are citizens and have to abide by thoes rules. In order for any guild to mine the resorces of a land
    they need to be a member or have a contractual agreement with the leaders of that land and run under the rules of said land
    it does not matter if they like it or not. When the guild was said to be based in LR that basic rule was well known so
    any one applying to that guild knows the rules and what was comming.

    So now i have said my bit i am sure neg rep will follow and more moaning and complaining and
    oh the wonderful you hate me and i wont talk because you are winning the argument crap.

    We are currently sorting out a management system, and i would ask you all to have some patience, we have been established less than a day, plz give us some time. Don't expect miracles, we are as new to this new feature as everyone else. It seems everyone expects us to be brilliant and while we will try i think you should give us at least a week before judging

    And as for this supposition of alts i would like to say that this is insubstantial suposition and that nationality is not proof or even grounds for such supposition

  8. I wish to apply for this guild, i am to be honest unsuited for a career of woodcutting however for the past year my path in MD has been vague and meandering with little meaning to it. I would view acceptance into this guild as my chance to change this.

    I also had a hobby of creating eating and cooking utensils out of wood a few years back in RL if that helps, also while not actually knowing much about woodcutting itself i do know a lot of uses for wood and how to do so, i have at one point in my life fletched a bow - albeit brought the string with me. I also know a lot about the construction and artistic uses such as how to turn it into furniture and the properties of the different types of wood from the like of the harder woods e.g lignum vitae (believed extinct) and green oak to the softer woods like particular varieties of teak and ebony. So while i do not know much about the cutting i know a lot about the woods themselves

    Necromancer Mortis

  9. Then how about i have my own katana in real life and would truly love to opportunity to forge one in MD and with treat the blade with the respect it would deserve. Katanas aren't just weapons they are works of art

  10. I believe you should give me the bar because i go through periods of obseesion and for a period of two years the use and creation of japanese weaponry was one of those obsessions, another such obsession was in the art of working a forge - albeit brief obsession.

    To create a katana you need a soft iron or steel core and a hard layer of iron/steel on the outside this gives the blade flexibility to prevent it shattering, the outer layer should be tempered repeatedly some katanas even being folded hundreds of time to guarantee a lack of impurities

    As the above explanation shows a have a knowledge on how to create the weapon you desire and thereby am an obvious choice.

  11. Back when MD was young, at least reasonably so there was one called Stormrunner, a demon slayer and a demon himself, as the narrator to this tale i cannot speak of that which occurred before my time for by my arrival unto this realm Storm had already established himself here and was a well known figure at the Wind and Rain pub, situated as it was at that time at Wind's Sanctuary. With Storm's career path and high moral fibre it was no surprise that he came to blows with a fledgling necromancer, the two after weeks of on and off fighting which after had to broken up by the owner of the pub the two finally stopped fighting yet retained their dislike of each other.

    For a brief time tranquility reined in the pub but it did not last long for another soon came to disrupt it, demon lord dave who is no residing in this realm, if storm had had reason to dislike the necromancer this odious creature was truly a foe for his to hate, such were the problems caused that even the necromancer took arms against him, and so began a campaign which eventually drove dave from the pub for he would soon be attacked upon sight.

    Tranquility returned once more and both necromancer and demon hunter were now firm friends and both's volatile tempers had cooled through the months and Storm even began a romance, albeit brief, with Windy. Time passed and another appeared who would spark interest in Storm, a young demon as yet undecided in it's path whom Storm took under his wing, her name was Keida. As time dragged on necromancer and demon hunter parted ways and a i cannot say what happened in that time for i was unfortunately not there however considering Storm's next contact with the necromancer was a request for aid, a call to arms with which to unite against the demon lord once more. The battle lasted hours and was fierce and even with aid Storm nearly lost but yet at the end he was the clear victor.

    Months passed and Storm appeared less and less until finally Storm left, none know if he may at some point return.

  12. surely if yrthilian wants people to die for his war then they deserve to know the reasons.

    for if he does not give a reason then he appears at best a power grabbing dictator, so far i have herd no reason therefore must assume that is the truth. should a good reason be forthcoming i will gladly change my tune.

    also it has occured to me that this may be a bluff to sway the election in or out of raven's favour.

    at the very least make the propoganda that is given out plausible for this is rubbish

  13. i know a reasonable bit on physics - mainly particle physics, also know a lot of mathematics but geometry is my weak point also might consider a bit of Literature, sadly when it comes to science chemistry is something of a weak point

    Are there any other subjects the archives might be interested in as i know a lot in what can only be described as hobby subjects for example ancient japanese weaponry

    Necromancer Mortis

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