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  1. Sorry but in my opinion none of the prices were high enough to be worth my time.
  2. As Maebius and Samon said, hoarding biproducts is difficult. I can only do one biproduct per person but 1sc per 100 stored seems reasonable, also it's possible to use ITCs to make a withdrawal or allow a deposit when the 'banker' comes online
  3. I am willing to bank syntropic dust, sand, sawdust, flowers and timeless dust. I can of course only do one for each person and will continue to do so until either I wish to start collecting my own which is currently unlikely. I will charge 1sc per 100 stored for this service. Please pm or post on the forum if interested.
  4. I will take the best offer at the end of two weeks and will update current best offer daily if possible. I reserve the right to decline if the best offer is too low. [u]Resources[/u] 8 glass 25 lumber - 1sc (Too low) 8 Wiiya - 1sc 24> Branches (Prone to update)
  5. I don't know what the growing rate is but I'm willing to pay 1sc for the toxic plants, 2sc if it goes above twenty, 3sc for 30 etc.
  6. I have twice tried to cut down a tree using both a Woodcutter's and Apprentice axe. Each time I have recieved the branches but not the sawdust despite having no sawdust in my inventory.
  7. It's just people right? Not places?
  8. [quote name='I am Bored' timestamp='1311210448' post='88433'] Well, as large orders need to be arranged, Here I am. I would like to buy 1k branches, as well as 1k lumber. Proposed price: 200 silver [/quote] Understood, I'll need another guild member to agree to such a large order but I don't see a problem, it will take time however.
  9. That will be difficult as three of our guild items are stuck on players who have quit.
  10. I would like to point out that my worst article is actually about me. It's really hard to be objective about yourself and most of the stuff I've done is RP so it isn't much use in the article however I do count as a person in the news due to my status as spokesperson for the woodcutting guild.
  11. Other than the article about myself all I've interviewed the people I wrote about.
  12. One of the longest surviving people in MD and most famous for founding 'The Wind and Rain pub' which rapidly became popular. Since then she has carefully nurtured the pub until it became one of MD's longest surviving traditions. Since it's founding Windy has moved the pub three times, whenever it was become constantly empty, the first move was to the Fenth's Press, the second to the Defensive Quarters in Loreroot, which Windy then became a citizen of. Finally though the pub moved back to it's original location in Wind's Sanctuary. Windy has since joined Marind Bell showing a great loyalty, if
  13. Ailith is a former RPC and long term player who is well known for her part in all three wars. She started as one of the coorganisers of the Wind and Rain pub which acted as a meeting point for people to discuss and relax since then she has been very active excluding a brief hiatus in Year 6, organising a large number of quests and four (at the time of writing) festivals of fun. She is currently a member of the Tribunal Alliance 'The Seal of Six' and has previously been a member of the Necrovion Sentinels and the Dimensional Shifters. Friendly for the most part, AIlith is usually happy to hel
  14. I was of the understanding being in the Woodcutter's Guild made you a citizen automatically.
  15. Marvolo is a veteran player in MD who is generally friendly to new players. He started out unrelated to lands or alliances and had no intention to be until he met Khalazdad and so entered Necrovion with a few other and became a key member of the Necrovion Sentinel, however Marvolo left soon after and joined Loreroot but quickly returned after Khalazdad adopted him and made him Prince of the Sand. Over a year after he left for Loreroot once more and joined the (now disbanded) Savelites and gained the power to change the Weather at a whim. After the Savelite were disbanded he joined the Children
  16. Mortis has been a familiar face in MD since 2008. Originally as green as it came when he started he hasn't changed much beyond Mind Power and has developed a standard anti-hero rp although he initially attempted to be something of a villain until he was reprimanded and threatened with banning. For a long time Mortis avoided alliances seeking to remain neutral despite invites to both Necrovion and Loreroot, despite this he later joined and became leader of the Woodcutter's Guild which he immediately converted to a socialist system which has since backfired due to a large number of it's members
  17. Am unable to use an LR tool in LR. Have two axes, apprentice and woodcutter, same report on each.[attachment=3030:Error report on MD.odt]
  18. That's rather the point, Xrieg. We're after suggestions, not putdowns.
  19. You're either being deliberately obtuse or missing the point entirely. Life is trivial, live with it. Most of life's joy comes from trivial things, why should this not be so with role-playing when it holds a mirror to so many aspects of life?
  20. We obviously have different definitions of good RP, for me a good RPer is someone who starts of somewhere between rubbish and moderate skill wise then visibly develops over time. I also fail to see how lands qualify as RPing groups in anything but the very loosest sense. Windy's Pub used to be something of an RP group, an RP group is a group who congregate together for the purpose of RPing, this isn't the case with the lands.
  21. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1306436584' post='85182'] That would require a whole re-working of the MP6 and MP7 systems, which is what Mur said he would work on in this announcement: [2011-03-04 14:15:58 - Stage 10] While it would be nice to upgrade, say, my tokened Rusty to max, or my Angiens, and I know how frustrating it is to fight people who hugely outclass you, what can we really do about it other than ask Mur to hurry quicker? We basically have two options that I can think of: -GGG type training to give stats to new MP5s so that they at least have a baseline to start from
  22. The game mechanics have improved etc. But the RP has plummeted. I also joined mainly for the RP, these days where it used to be in almost overwhelmingly realistic in all the sanctuaries and a few other spots I can honestly only think of three places I would go to RP.
  23. A minor addendum to The Warrior's prices. Any order larger than a hundred needs to be specially arranged with a member of the guild.
  24. [quote name='Shemhazaj' date='12 August 2010 - 06:50 PM' timestamp='1281635445' post='65950'] [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"] did you expect trees to grow in 5 min? sorry but it's [u]not[/u] like that. it takes time, a lot of time...[/color][/font] [/quote] i believe hes referring to how mur said the resources would regenerate at 7;00 server time daily
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