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  1. surely if yrthilian wants people to die for his war then they deserve to know the reasons. for if he does not give a reason then he appears at best a power grabbing dictator, so far i have herd no reason therefore must assume that is the truth. should a good reason be forthcoming i will gladly change my tune. also it has occured to me that this may be a bluff to sway the election in or out of raven's favour. at the very least make the propoganda that is given out plausible for this is rubbish
  2. yrthilian said that one of the reasons he was declaring war was because loreroot was so divided yet you are also saying you are declaring war because they are uniting with a leader of THEIR choice. Which is it one or the other?
  3. i know a reasonable bit on physics - mainly particle physics, also know a lot of mathematics but geometry is my weak point also might consider a bit of Literature, sadly when it comes to science chemistry is something of a weak point Are there any other subjects the archives might be interested in as i know a lot in what can only be described as hobby subjects for example ancient japanese weaponry Necromancer Mortis
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