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    I love to RP check my papers in game to see my character info. i like music and love to sing. nothing beats a good read and i love to write.
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  1. Yes, i would love to see this happen seeing as I love the moon and all. So of coarse you have my support.
  2. haha.. hope i can have a happy life.. and rated you 5 star. just because u sound kind and mostly because you read manga and watch anime :P

  3. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22547' date='Dec 17 2008, 12:51 PM']just to make it clear.. that was supposed to be a joke (dst) cool lady fang.. i hope i also can chat with u ingame.. and talk about animes all day long if you are free. and one last question do you read manga also?[/quote] *wags her tail* yep i am reading spice and wolf manga at the moment
  4. *giggles* yea i watch alot of anime death. hope to meet you in the game and chat a bit *combs her tail while going off about her day and all the latest gossip* oops i went off track there but anyways nice meeting u all here. *smiles and wags her tail a bit*
  5. *laughs hard* Oh, i see so i should be ready to give up my life then *winks* well maybe i will.
  6. *giggles* well.... i want the age for my creatures to go away so i can upgrade them constantly, and i want.... well that's about it i have everything else i want... i like to earn everything else myself and that's something Santa can't give.
  7. what th. ....???


  8. Hey, was just wondering what everyone wants for Christmas, myself i want some more Celtic Jewelry, I love Celtic jewelry. oops think i should have posted this in the off topics section xD any admins wanna move it for me?
  9. Well, I dunno Santa never gave me presents so i don't believe in him *looks sad* even if it was a lump of coal for my BBQ i would've been happy.
  10. I may be a day late but HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!! And may the next year of your life be full of all the good stuff in life
  11. lol, you know your addicted when you call in to work pretending to be sick so you can work on your creatures. xD
  12. *ears perk up and tail starts wagging* a MD newspaper would be so awesome *giggles* I would contribute to it any way i could.
  13. *While brushing her tail she looks up and smiles* hello there wow you sound like fun, hope to see you around.
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