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    I love to RP check my papers in game to see my character info. i like music and love to sing. nothing beats a good read and i love to write.
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  1. haha.. hope i can have a happy life.. and rated you 5 star. just because u sound kind and mostly because you read manga and watch anime :P

  2. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22547' date='Dec 17 2008, 12:51 PM']just to make it clear.. that was supposed to be a joke (dst) cool lady fang.. i hope i also can chat with u ingame.. and talk about animes all day long if you are free. and one last question do you read manga also?[/quote] *wags her tail* yep i am reading spice and wolf manga at the moment
  3. *giggles* yea i watch alot of anime death. hope to meet you in the game and chat a bit *combs her tail while going off about her day and all the latest gossip* oops i went off track there but anyways nice meeting u all here. *smiles and wags her tail a bit*
  4. *laughs hard* Oh, i see so i should be ready to give up my life then *winks* well maybe i will.
  5. what th. ....???


  6. lol, you know your addicted when you call in to work pretending to be sick so you can work on your creatures. xD
  7. *While brushing her tail she looks up and smiles* hello there wow you sound like fun, hope to see you around.
  8. Hello there, Hope to see you around *waves*
  9. Hello there, Don't worry i made the same mistake when i first started *giggles* i went on a killing spree actually not knowing anything, i think they need to put a big sign somewhere saying DOJO-ASK BEFORE YOU ATTACK
  10. Hello Sol Invictus, Hope to see you around *wags her tail*
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