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    I am a short MP4 female looking for lasting friendships and amusing stories. I enjoy long walks in No Mans Land and quiet evenings at the Sozzled Salamander. My hobbies include people-watching, raiding kitchens, and making people laugh.
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    Sandra Klien
  1. *laughs* nice to know I'm remembered at least, although I'm curious as to how you know the name without knowing me XP I'll look forward to getting to know those that didn't get a chance to know me... after I'm done exploring and establishing what has and hasn't changed that is.
  2. [quote name='Chewett' date='31 January 2010 - 02:46 PM' timestamp='1264967187' post='53665'] Shoeps never did ANY coding, he just organised things for Mur sometimes. [/quote] Ah, ok then XD I was quite new when I met him so I assumed. Thanks for straightening that out for me
  3. Oh my, three stalkers? I knew there was a reason I started closing the blinds... Nail polisher? What nail polisher? *innocent face* ;P Any particular targets, Irene? ! Hi Pip *hugs* are you still accepting fries? How come Shoeps isn't GM anymore? Didn't he do a lot of the coding? XD Tanku! How ya been doin' Marv? AMORAN! *huggles back* of course I still have my giggle I wouldn't be me without it! *giggles* Thanks for the warm welcome everyone I'm probably WAY behind on everything XD *finally logs into MD*
  4. Thanks Chewett ^^ I won't be getting in-game till tomorrow cuz I don't like having multiple browsers open on my laptop. It slows it WAAAAY down and Chrome's my fav (seriously, I thought Mur/Shoeps would have found a way to make MD compatible with Chrome by now D: ). Anywayz, I'm curious about what changed o.o but I should get to sleep now ^^" It's 5:30AM-ish where I'm at and I have a lot to catch up on tomorrow. Hmm... should prolly start using YIM more as well... Zzzzzzz EDIT: Ah, sorry, didn't see your post there shadow (Aaaaah! I can see the stalker comin' out! ) *cough* and when I said
  5. Lurk Lurk Lurk~ o-o

    1. keida


      hey sweetie :P. pip tickle attack? :P

  6. Today I stumbled upon my old MD story I started writing a year ago and I realized that this place would be PERFECT for solving my RP withdrawal symptoms. That is assuming, of course, that I've not been forgotten in this past year o-o Also, I finally got around to stopping my subscription a month or so ago ^^" I'd been paying $10 a month for almost a year! Not that I missed the money much o.o I just hope Mur's made good use of it Oh and sorry for the random poll o-o It's late and not all my decisions are uh...all that great right now. EDIT: o-o *skimming through the forums* ... evidently a
  7. Such a lonely profile. So I've come along to leave a comment. -winks- Yay. Ooo, lookie, it's me! Wall of me :D On toast, too :DD

  8. hmm...interesting...and I agree. I was drawn in by the drawings at first and then the unique style this game has to offer. I am not a PvP type of player, so it came as a surprise how addictive the game became. The reason I stayed was because of the hope that some day I would actually be able to affect the storyline. I was also intrigued by the roleplaying as I have come across much of it in my "forum/game jumping" the past couple of years (suffice to say, I have been both disappointed by many and astounded by some). I too hope that there will be a more seamless integration of roleplaying a
  9. Mmm. -kisses you firmly, passionately- Happy Valentines Day, my gorgeous munster. I love you.

  10. Hmmm...that reminds me...I wonder if you can be an adept to your own adept?
  11. I was mostly silent, but that's because no one seemed interesting enough to talk to. At first all I saw were a whole bunch of confusing stuff...and I'm not exactly a PvP person to start with XD I think Kragel's the first person I talked to in MD...although it WAS quite a while ago, so I'm not sure XD I'd maybe add in the odd advise after I'd gotten used to the system though
  12. Poor things...must have lost their voices on their way to MD
  13. I'd say lawyers...o-o who knows what they could press charges against me and Eggs for o-o "indecent exposure" or "sexual content" come to mind though *grins* all those poor minors D: ((although o.o actually most of the members here are not minors XD so *shrugs* it's prolly a rare chance))
  14. I see what you did thar, turned my simple logic into the circular kind....now it's all confused D: Poor thing
  15. Well...logically, since you're a teddy bear and teddy bears are cute, you must be cute
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