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  1. Drowning in RL chaos... send a rescue party!

    1. Sunfire



    2. Assira the Black

      Assira the Black

      lol I loved that show growing up. *might try rewatching a few episodes*

  2. Working on being back around more... As chaos in RL lets me, that is.

  3. Intrigue

    Tree of life..

    Did you draw this witty? If so, submit it for the DOB logo contest!
  4. Intrigue


    Intrigue... mostly because of the definitions of the word. Depending on how it's used, Intrigue may be a good thing or a bad one, but always secretive things are involved. *edit: I just realized I had already commented on this thread forever ago. oops!
  5. from summer temps to Ice and snow overnight... Texas is so moody when it comes to weather :(

    1. Assira the Black

      Assira the Black

      I know :( I want warm weather back.

  6. up to my ears in chaos, in-game very little for a while.

  7. never have I ever... danced with the priests around the bonfire in Necrovion
  8. Again, I appreciate the feedback. I chose the wording "root role" because the very basic "root" of the role is to just be there, regardless of any speaking or doing. Others may go on to do much more elaborate things, such as encouraging events or rp combat with others, but WHisper's dedication to simply being there is equally as dedicated as the more "interactive" guardians. He is a perfect example of this perhaps basic, but necessary bit of guardianship.
  9. I appreciate the feedback Sasha. I chose the word Nap because of the intervals in which it happens, he is/was quite often asleep one moment, and awake the next, and then asleep again, almost as though just catnapping here and there instead of ever truly sleeping.
  10. I had tried my hand at writing descriptions for two people (both are people I interact with/fellow ally members) however, I don't know for sure if this is what you're looking for.      
  11. Anyone else getting this error? http://imgur.com/pwkYlxY

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    2. Intrigue


      no, not that I know of. no errors this morning, so not sure what caused it. probably something crashed on my end. Thanks chew

    3. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      ive had that error before. not sure what it was for

    4. Chewett


      It means jquery didnt load in some way, stops some of the technical effects.

  12. Aye, it were fun. I should slowed down (was worried about that timing on the trivia, lol), may have scored a wee bit higher :)   I'll take the pickle pack and the avy, please. Thank you!
  13. yay, warm weather!

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    2. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      you suck i want warm weather to



      how does she suck if you dont have warm weather?

    4. Intrigue


      Trust me, I'd share, but I'm desperate. Ever try to tune a carb or rewire a car with your fingers froze? It's not fun times.

  14. Oh stress, why you gotta make my brain refuse to cooperate?

  15. Semi-distracted reading, totally missed the bucket part in your first one Junior. Good idea :)
  16.     So.... You're going to take the barrel UP the mountain, to the waterfall on the other side of the mountain, let the waterfall do the mixing, and then get it back down the mountain how?  
  17. I liked the idea then, and I still like it now.
  18. I'm using the assumption of things that are RP'd items, oddball trinkets, etc. nothing that could be really useful. I may be wrong, but that's the vibe I'm getting.
  19. Kitty toy - small plush ball with a few feathers attached and stuffed with catnip. Useful for entertaining kitties, rumored to be good at distracting Lag Monsters as well. Brush- Wooden paddle with several small tines attached to one side. Useful for personal grooming, as well as getting tangles out of your Knator's fur. Bag of feathers- a medium size bag stuffed with feathers from winderwilds. Use it to have a comfortable place to sit, or a place to rest your head during naps. Rain coat- a leather coat well treated with oil to keep you dry during random bouts of rain Fishing pole- a long
  20. id 104866   Wheelbarrow- wheeled cart commonly used for transporting bulky or heavy goods from one location to another Shovel- Simple tool constructed of a flattened peice of metal attached to the end of a rod. Commonly used for digging, but may have other uses Child's tea set- Two cups, one pot and a small fancy plate for sweets, commonly used by children to hold imaginary tea parties. Water skin- a simple yet durable container used to hold water or other liquids for personal consumption. Bandages- Several long peices of cloth or gauze, used to dress wounds or dress up as a mummy.
  21. Another idea could be able to make fertilizer (i'm thinking similar to the recipe for tea) to speed up the regen of depleted resources. Say it's down to taking 3 days to regen, applying fertilizer could half that, or if it's at regular regen levels, then the next regen could produce 2 of the resource.   Downside would be it would take time to make, for example you have to let it set for 3-4 days to "ferment/compost" before using.     *edited to expand on idea a little
  22. thus the emphasis on CAREFULLY. You don't have to start at the top, you could even roll it along the beach with enough manpower. If none else, mix small quantities at a time (like a quarter of it), after all, if you're going to be doing all these repairs by hand, you don't want it to harden before you're half done.   (RL note: it's not uncommon to mix 20lbs/9k in a wheelbarrow using a shovel to mix, small amounts can be done easily by hand)
  23.   Seeing that golemus is a mountain, why not just put it all in a barrel, and roll it CAREFULLY down the mountain? By the time you reach the bottom, should be good and mixed.
  24.   The other figure kneeling and worshiping  is you, also, I've always had 1 adept listed (even before I had any), so I assume the system automatically appoints you as your own adept.
  25.   Per this, i'd say no resume required Rophs
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