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    humm... if you are checking that page, you know that I enjoy drawing already. So I love other things too like classical music...all type of music I might say, except heavy metal rock.<br />Anime is another form of art that I enjoy, as long as it is not crappy. Movies, trailers because I think there is something in it that excite the human psyche.
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  1. ok I forgot everything about this game.

  2. Hey yall I am also back. I had a rough time but now I am on vacation. I have some time now, so I might start spamming this thing with drawings again. I have scanner problems, but I'll find a way through this. But nice drawing everyone.
  3. Good morning everyone, I just did new drawings. well, I will post one more before stopping flooding this page with my drawings . Next time I will try to post some architecture drawings. In this section, you will see that the shading is not that bad. When it's bad, it's it's a proof of my laziness. The drawings range from traditional to just random try. So. here goes: 1. This one is "[u] Baron Samedi[/u]" ( pronounced Sam-Dee means "saturday"). this is supposedly the strongest of the voodoo deities because of his short temper . he is the ruler of cemetery and can heal, as it is only Baron w
  4. [quote name='Death Bell' post='23586' date='Jan 11 2009, 05:40 AM']I love the first picture.. of Post #322.. it rocks.. i would love to have it maybe we could add alittle touch of gold or something... hehe [/quote] I am happy and flattered that you like it; thanks I really would like to help you with this, however, I am not an actual artist of the artisan guild, so I can't just give it like this, y'no ( well if I get accepted you might get them in the avatar if they still want to put hem there ). The only way that I think that I can help is to get you a custom made one, however that's no
  5. hey yall.!!!! I have stayed up tonight drawing. Man I am getting crazy!!!! anywayz, I have designed 2 characters. 1. Is angelic archer 2. Is just a design of a priest 3. this is just one of my old designs, and I remember people telling me to stop drawing fictional characters after this one and start caricatures. Well I was trying to pick up the same style in my fictional characters from now on...( 1 and 2 are kinda from it) As you will see the shading is not that impressive, but bear with me for a while.
  6. hey thank you guys. I tried to improve with the shading and I think that the problem is both. I think that I didn't include the shading into the drawing itself; on top of that, I scan the drawing and as you can, my scanner seem to be doing as it wishes, it looks somewhat like picture sometimes.). But I can't be blaming all of it on it My shading skills greatly decreased (since I haven't done so in so long.). I did spend so much time working the dynamics. But y'no that practice make perfect.
  7. hey everyone, Happy new year!!!! Best of wishes to you all!!!! well as you know, I am back to write paragraphs on there. I was resting for this break and I ended up not drawing. Hey but I am shocked that no one posted any pics. but anyways long story short, I know you want to see nice b&w pics, and I see that most avatars are swordsman, so I decided to draw some knights. the following are: 1. Did it from scratch and well it took like 1 hour in total to do and shade 2. This one was a real pain in ar. As you can see it doesnt look that good, except for the leg armors. I wanted to do i
  8. Hello, dis been a long time. I was just lazy. The Science student finally have a break so I am getting lazy and sleeping all day. Well beside my my boring intro, I got some new pics. Since yall like Black and white, I will show How I shade with a pen or a pencil. Alright then, 1. This one was a request made from someone in MD and also, he requires that it is in MD style. (just like avatars). The idea is that when you have requests, yo have to bend the rules. Anyways this is (awiiya's) Pandora`s Rebirth. ( I named it like this cause he wanted power in a box) this is a sample cause I will h
  9. [quote name='Frosty' post='22719' date='Dec 19 2008, 03:11 PM']I so wish I could draw - you guys are amazing! :drinks:[/quote] Well you are at the right place t do that. I wouldn't mind teaching you how to actually draw. but the drawing itself should be made by you ( like a homework of some sort.) Hmmmm that just got me into thinking. Maybe I should become a teacher in the MD university. Well I think not. because I got no credential of any sort and I am sure some one already did that. Well I can give you best places to practice. And if you really don't know how to draw that means you have t
  10. HAHAHAHAHA. lmAO. WAHAAAHHH. :rofl: I think that was funny, Grido I didn't expect that . but yeah I agree. This is an art thread. you didn't have to close the convo like that. But yeah, you can post for requests, and the best way that I think you can find it in the shop is to plan when it is going to be sent and hope you get there in time. well I am new to the game and I havent unlocked the avatar option yet. But If I ever find a way, I will tell you how to survive in the Avatar black market out there. People are so sensitive about their artwork, hahahahah, apparently it is vicious out there
  11. Yeah I know, it looks a lil bit odd, but most of these were corrected with the shading, which in this case you can't see. Maybe it is because I shade really light with my pencil. I'llfix that with intense shading. Oh and Grido, this is the second time you told me that. I'll remember to put more neck Next time . Oh and for my next one,, leave a comment on the neck too. lol
  12. [quote name='lightsage' post='22501' date='Dec 16 2008, 03:40 AM']Maybe every artesian could have a page with all the work they did so far, this way players could have a look at it without having a marking on "their" avatar[/quote] I actually like the idea. If somebody is real good with art, they can have something of a portfolio of some sort. Everybody'l be happy. And it will be easy to browse to the whole artistic minds of the artisan guild of MD
  13. Hello Guyz, sorry for not flooding this page lately again lol. Well I had exams N-E-wayz, I had enoough time on my hand to daydream an make this sketch. I reproduced it and shaded it, But because of poor scanning, it has lost all of it's depth. well just enjoy. I simply call it Pain . Oh, Hello Amoran, If you see this, know that I still want to see some more of your pics
  14. Hey I do understand that too. And I know that the players ... Um artisans, do try their best to make the game alive. That's why we have the whole game map and different places as well, and we all can all say that it looks good. We also can't say that they dont work hard Bcause we do have avatars. But we cant say that all the players are happy with their avatars. Some might take it cause there is nothing else that suits their taste. So all I am saying is that it might not be that bad of an idea if ppl do actually make avatar request, ( if there is nothing like it in the database) based on a spe
  15. Yeaaaahhh, there should be nothin' wrong withy that. at least just a small signature. everybody wants recognition for their hard work y'no. and if there should be special request for some artist, then that's good. It will kinda weed out crappy pictures sorry, not to bash an artist. All I am saying is that if your drawing have the potential of becoming a trademark, You will try harder to become respected. so, it will be beneficial for both MD and its players:
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