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  1. Tenoch

    New ideas

    [b]Ritual settings[/b] The ritual (formation) settings would be easier if the creatures could be dragg in to it. And if we could check the rituals and fix them any time we like would be even better. Just a thought. Im sorry if my grammar is no good Saludos Tenoch [color="#0000FF"] Actually...this can be done...or it exists but non-officially. It looks like this:[/color] [url="http://img520.imageshack.us/my.php?image=divvd4.jpg"][img]http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/3003/divvd4.th.jpg[/img][/url] [color="#0000FF"]DST[/color] ----------------------------------------------
  2. Tenoch

    Forum Game

    Seriously... that was the weirdest story Ive ever read , but it seams to have a happy ending. Thats nice. (Sorry if this is spam... but the tale has ended... hasnt it?)
  3. [b]kakashi00 is a repeated aggressor at the Dojo, he is mp4[/b] I trully hope this list has a point. Does it? This repeated behavior should be stop. It is pretty unfair for those who follow the rules. Saludos Tenoch
  4. Tenoch


    Ill do that. Gracias Chewett
  5. Tenoch


    Do you see something in here? [url="http://magicduel.com/players/Tenoch"]http://magicduel.com/players/Tenoch[/url] I belive i have desapeared. Saludos, Tenoch
  6. I can see a lot of people have already offered help to translate the game. But when i select the spanish version of magicduel... i might be wrong but i dont see to much improvements...(and, hope you dont mind me saying this... there are some gramatical errors...im sorry but its true ) if you need more translators im available too. An example El Santuario del viento, capital de la Campana de Marind should be: El Santuario del viento, Capitolio de Marind Bell (There is no need to translate the name of the locations like Marind Bell or Lorerrot... only the "fountain" or the "Sanctua
  7. ¡Feliz año nuevo! Incluso para aquellos que me pegaron en el Dojo Happy new year! Even for those who hit me in the Dojo
  8. Tenoch


    Thanks Burns I dont know yet if your words gave me encouragement or plain frustration... All I can say is that ill stick arroud for a while.
  9. Tenoch


    Thanks Grido. :good: I realy hope so because i do like the game. Its quite refreshing, it is diferent from all browser based games ive played wich are all based in a... i dont know how to put it... "upleveling fighting system" and nothing more. I did got a little tired of that, and wanted something completly diferent. As i read, i hope the game developement consist in a more balanced chalenge and search for knoledge with creatures enconters experience than just based on wining battle and upleveling creatures achivements. Humm.. again... sorry for my english. Im gonna stay a bit more to
  10. Tenoch


    First I apologize for my english. Ive read all FAQ for newbes and I still think it will be usefull to know the experience of other players on this, lets call it "adjusting period", when everyone is attaking youre fewer and undeppeloped creatures. I dont like to complain, but the only reason I havent quit is because I trully like the story, the puzzles and all the learning experience aproach. Im sure there must be a way I can still go on playing, upgrading my creatures and all... but i havent been able to find it yet. Is not easy to get wins...or i maybe doing something wrong... Im five
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