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  1. I learnt how to touch type in school last year... I guess I'll just have to be a ninja and steal my head back while storm is in the shower...
  2. Told you I wasn't lying Now I'm not the only one back on...seriously, can i have my head?
  3. Well I wasn't lying. I'm back online. Can I please have my head back now?
  4. His avatar makes my eyes water XD

    It's still pretty good, though. Reminds me of war posters with "Uncle Sam."

  5. *crawls over to group, still sucking thumb* I wamma joim im...
  6. Ok Intrigue, you can sit back down now. *stands up* G'day, uh I'm Black Ice626 and...uh... *starts weeping* I can't take it!! *curls up into a ball, rocking and sucking thumb*
  7. Isn't there a player actually called Anonymous? It would work well if he were in the MDUA
  8. [quote name='Shoeps' post='20236' date='Nov 19 2008, 05:30 AM']@ Burns.....No Kangaroos... :yahoo:[/quote] [quote name='Burns' post='20241' date='Nov 19 2008, 06:18 AM']i like snowboarding better than watching kangaroos hopping around anyway xD[/quote] ...Sheops, he said Austria, not Australia. Completely Different. And Burns...you don't have kangaroos in Austria I say G'day. Most Australians actually don't, but i use quite a lot of stereotypical Australian words.
  9. You know when you've been on MD too much when... -You randomly find money in your wallet/purse every 10 minutes.. -You find yourself in the same pose, all the time. -The dog starts to watch you play (this actually happened to me) -You check everyday to see if you can upgrade your elemental yet, even though you know that you have another month to go. -You plot out strategies to beat the second loreroot guard -You put your fingers in your ears before approaching random domes. -Someone has left the words "Down with the bunny empire" on your public log -You have the Winds Sanctuary music on your MP3 -You thought that the above MP3 meant Mind Power 3 -You make alliances in real life and wonder why you arent getting any bonuses -You can draw and label the MD Realm Map off the top of your head -Have messages in you inbox that have over 150 "re:"s as the subject
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