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  1. I think this question is too broad...
  2. Between the various phenomena that are attributed to "something that the human mind cannot explain", ghosts and spirits are probably the ones that can be acceptable to a wider range of people. After all, our experience shows us that people [i]die[/i], this is one of the few certain facts of the world. The possibility that [i]something [/i]of these dead people remains in our dimension is not too far-fetched compared to other supernatural-related theories. I also think that the possible existence of ghosts does not even have a big impact on our belief in afterlife, the two things are not nece
  3. Perlesvaus


    Curiously enough, my name is also an old version of "Parsifal". Or, better, the name of one of the many medieval books that flourish around the Grail legend, and has Parceval/Parsifal as the lead character. I wanted a name inspired by the Graal mythology and I found Perlesvaus a bit more unusual and "darker" than Parsifal or Parceval.
  4. I'm always slow to reply Liberty, the map won't be all black, it will show only the areas that you can actually access. So an unfolding map would be even more useful to the player, especially the newcomer. In this way it will be immediately evident where they can go and where they can't! And yes, I think many people are waiting the map of the MDA ^^
  5. [quote name='Grido' post='24106' date='Jan 24 2009, 02:24 AM']i like the idea, dont get me wrong, but if you do it as in you enter Necro and then suddenly the whole area becomes visable on the map then that's just odd if you havent explored it all, and if you do it screen loca making a small area of Necro visible then there's huge amounts of info to store as there's over 100 different locations on the map which might be unique per person[/quote] Well, I think opening the whole region when you can enter is still better than now. It's kind of symbolic for the area you can access. Besides, a
  6. Happy happy bithday dear Je. Or dear Suis. Or dear Oeufs... anyway, spend a nice day! ^__^
  7. Looking at the map on the menu something pops immediately at the eyes of the player. In the map you can see clearly areas in which you cannot enter at the beginning, like Loreloot and Necrovion, while for example the MDA are not present. It could be nice, or at least more realistic, if the map has the "fog of unknown", with the inaccessible areas shaded or greyed: you know they are there, but you cannot see the content. Once you find the method to enter, the shade disappears and you can see the details. Personally I'd find even more fun in exploration, if I don't know what is awaiting for
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