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  1. #13 Stones crumble, wave action wearing at the stone, contemplating the edge rocks tumble, how the water must chill to the bone. Waves break and crash on the shore, the path treacherous and steep, the ocean can swallow you and more, dragging you down into the deep.
  2. Guess who is back? Correct! Me.
  3. When it comes down to it, all we have is each other

  4. fenris


    me hanging out before my geology class... yay college
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    From the album: my pics

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    here it is again

    From the album: my pics

    the same image... different pic

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  7. From the album: my pics

    the tattoo is of a wolf howling inside of the moon surounded with ancient nordic runes.

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    New ideas

    this may seem strange, but i think that when a creature gets to zero health it should take a something to restore them, like bringing them back from the dead. it seems to easy to just click and have your creature emidiatly healed. there should be a "resurection fee" of some sorts... wether it be VE, VP, Honor or something.
  9. [size=3][u][b]An End to the Flame[/b][/u][/size] The all-consuming flame, so full of life and color, eats at the air, devouring it hungrily. So full of life and color, it seems to flicker, devouring it hungrily, it mows over a piece of grass. It seems to flicker, yet it seems so healthy, it mows over a piece of grass, but it doesn't consume it. It seems so healthy, yet it is growing smaller, but it doesn't consume, what is in its path. It is growing smaller, even though, what is in its path, is flammable. Even though, the stuff, is
  10. Hi everyone it is I Fenris(screen name:fenriskingofwolves) just sayin hay
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