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  1. nice to see you back ive just recently returned too
  2. 2pimped,2 chaos,2 elementals,1 daimon,3imp,3 trees,1 unholy,1 knator,1 bird and 6 hertic archers aged 32
  3. well i want to sell alot of aged crits for a shade plz pm or whatever if you want to strike a deal
  4. i think dst got whooped she just dont want to admit it
  5. SubZero


    or you could see i did not know that i heard soemthign bout those are little
  6. SubZero


    this topic has shown up alot i see people say that mur doesnt worry bout typos there are other stuff more comp;licated then fixing them let a mod like chewett tell ya ^^
  7. well actually daqrigan you think you are smart and all but you havent been playign the game ofr 2years ^^ the allys have changed so much since then and im not liking the crafters
  8. I would also like to apply to this guild.
  9. you are suppose to finish it
  10. well i have -4 rep and i did nothign to diserve it i think there should be stuff done i think people neg rep you if they just odnt liek you even if your post is full of the right info >>
  11. i have neg 4 rep :/ for what

    1. Kafuuka


      People tried hard to get you sub zero?

    2. No one

      No one

      If you keep complaining, I promise you a few more neg rep.

      Read your posts where you got neg rep and try to understand why.

      And ... in order to prevent neg rep, stop posting on Forum :D

  12. NPCs i dont think give you losses.But still stride to win
  13. I love to see these creative ways to roleplay. i like seeign how they do it too .
  14. SubZero

    Xp Bug

    they both have high xp im sure an i know an ive seen them asking for losses lately..i know its not polite to spam wins on peopel jsut ot get yourselves losses but they might have done that and they might have had a pretty good bit of xp on them and just thrown it on you. theres no way of you gettign that extra xp off you thats the down side. only way to get it off you is to learn rits in mp5 or get a wp >_>
  15. welcome to md hope you have lots of fun as its a very fun game
  16. the replay or when you re watch a fight the tokens or the skill damage never pop up. its has always been ;like that as far back as i remeber
  17. i agree that the multiple windows does come up quite a bit an is a bit annoying
  18. How can an old dude be so powerfull ... I forgot my counting on how many old people I used to "KILL" when I was but just a small brat .... I was going "- BOO! "behind theyr backs and they would go "AAAHHH my heart" ... drop dead ... upsy ... sry gramps
  19. Speaking of sadistic ... just think of the chaos a cute grasan such as in Khalaz's drawing could possibly do ... A dream come true ...
  20. Amin to that Udgard ... hope that's true ... and I'm wrong ... since I've never been till now?
  21. There should be no one with such huge amount of power, Especialy Raven ... rumors of MD world has it that he can come near Mur's powers ... If this will be alowed ... things will get ugly .... and this has been forseen from mid January 2009
  22. SubZeroo the name, forging, reparing, imbueing, items - time disable are few of my best games ... I am known by my frosty HUGZ* ... * points to lady Sage
  23. Ow I can post about literature ... I like Literature very much ... though I gota work on my english as well ... if there is anyone willing to help me on my english ... I need someone to colaborate with ... ow and I need an confirmation on the site kse I made myself one acc only that is not aproved
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