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  1. i have neg 4 rep :/ for what

    1. Kafuuka


      People tried hard to get you sub zero?

    2. No one

      No one

      If you keep complaining, I promise you a few more neg rep.

      Read your posts where you got neg rep and try to understand why.

      And ... in order to prevent neg rep, stop posting on Forum :D

  2. How can an old dude be so powerfull ... I forgot my counting on how many old people I used to "KILL" when I was but just a small brat .... I was going "- BOO! "behind theyr backs and they would go "AAAHHH my heart" ... drop dead ... upsy ... sry gramps
  3. Speaking of sadistic ... just think of the chaos a cute grasan such as in Khalaz's drawing could possibly do ... A dream come true ...
  4. Amin to that Udgard ... hope that's true ... and I'm wrong ... since I've never been till now?
  5. There should be no one with such huge amount of power, Especialy Raven ... rumors of MD world has it that he can come near Mur's powers ... If this will be alowed ... things will get ugly .... and this has been forseen from mid January 2009
  6. SubZeroo the name, forging, reparing, imbueing, items - time disable are few of my best games ... I am known by my frosty HUGZ* ... * points to lady Sage
  7. Ow I can post about literature ... I like Literature very much ... though I gota work on my english as well ... if there is anyone willing to help me on my english ... I need someone to colaborate with ... ow and I need an confirmation on the site kse I made myself one acc only that is not aproved
  8. As I sayed or think I sayed ... of course I am playing my role ... ... And people know me by my role ... :drinks: ... If u chek my papers in the game you will find out that I am the blacksmith of Lorerooth and Windy's Pub ... I am not a psiko that runs around telling storyes. Of course the problem isn't so easy to solve I know ... and also they're should be a blacksmith for every guild ... to take care of those from his own kind ... adding such a laborious feature can overcome many of the lame mmogs I came to play on the internet ... or should we make a pool for peope to vote weather this
  9. SubZeroo should be added in the Lore guardians as well
  10. Whell ... I'd say that I play this game well to much ... And I am being recognised and ask by players to Role repair or Role imbue items ... Wish that this could be possible ... Besides that having this role could get me even more recogned > ... I am so devilish
  11. All items should have durabilitty to be repaired, adding a feature called artefacts, that can be inbued in the wepon or armour to gain uniqe values ... ow and let's don't forget those that don't respect the rules ... The Blacksmith's of Golemus, Loreroot(me), Necrovion etc ... should have power of disableing the unfortunate law brakers's wepons but only for a limited perior of time ... Like Disable for 15 - 30 - 45 -60 minutes ... depending on the gravity of the disobediance
  12. Alas I've finaly got the hang of forgein' so now For who is interested ... What I can do is to Repair, Imbue, & Disable enemy Wepons and Armours Recent Items [attachment=854:scan.jpg]
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