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    Hmmm haven't tought of it ... Just Chat and prove my ways and beliefs
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  1. nice to see you back ive just recently returned too
  2. 2pimped,2 chaos,2 elementals,1 daimon,3imp,3 trees,1 unholy,1 knator,1 bird and 6 hertic archers aged 32
  3. well i want to sell alot of aged crits for a shade plz pm or whatever if you want to strike a deal
  4. i think dst got whooped she just dont want to admit it
  5. SubZero


    or you could see i did not know that i heard soemthign bout those are little
  6. SubZero


    this topic has shown up alot i see people say that mur doesnt worry bout typos there are other stuff more comp;licated then fixing them let a mod like chewett tell ya ^^
  7. well actually daqrigan you think you are smart and all but you havent been playign the game ofr 2years ^^ the allys have changed so much since then and im not liking the crafters
  8. I would also like to apply to this guild.
  9. you are suppose to finish it
  10. well i have -4 rep and i did nothign to diserve it i think there should be stuff done i think people neg rep you if they just odnt liek you even if your post is full of the right info >>
  11. i have neg 4 rep :/ for what

    1. Kafuuka


      People tried hard to get you sub zero?

    2. No one

      No one

      If you keep complaining, I promise you a few more neg rep.

      Read your posts where you got neg rep and try to understand why.

      And ... in order to prevent neg rep, stop posting on Forum :D

  12. NPCs i dont think give you losses.But still stride to win
  13. I love to see these creative ways to roleplay. i like seeign how they do it too .
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