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  1. Today Fyrd did elaborate to myself of an issue with the maps, other than the map of Realm 1. It is noted that the map background artwork is absent, but the markers for player locations are still functional. One notes that the map for realm 1 were different - in the sense that the map is comprised not of a solitary background illustration, but instead of multiple illustrations displayed as clickies; other realms (such as realm 3 and 7) are instead coded as a background illustration. Below were the result when one attempts to access the map from a location outside of realm 1.
  2. I have awarded Kaya the Wishpoint on behalf of Demonic God. edit: I have made a mistake in the description of the wishpoint reward; the reward I had meant to grant had been for Kaya's performance in the wonderful quest "A Hunt for Darvin" - please pay no heed to that which I had declared above.
  3. In the round against redneck, he has successfully lost (and therefore would proceed) out of myself and him. I shall await the round against Pipstickz.
  4. Why does the first day start on some day in April? And what is ST?
  5. And for what purpose may it be used?
  6. And how may I receive them more frequently?
  7. I am unsure whether this were indeed a bug, or if it were related to the new interface. It appears that tokens will only take effect during combat; thus, there is no increase in the maximum vitality when the creature were not within combat.
  8. A "nojump" scene can be determined by the presence of "nojump" in the Tags listed for the scene. The "nojump" tag means that one is unable to use particular teleportation methods either to or from the scene. These include spells such as the "send to paper cabin", or the "jump to alliance leader" function. Some, more powerful spells are able to bypass this requirement. These are usually spells owned only by monarchs and game masters.
  9. I will also participate in this, if I may of service, although it very much appears that many with varied opinions have already offered theirs.
  10. The limitations of mobile play are largely dependent on the method used to access MagicDuel on the mobile device, and the specifications and capabilities of the device itself. Those with a mobile device with significant hardware limitations may want to use the older mobile link - http://www.magicduel.com/mobile This particular interface will allow one to read and respond to the Chat in the scene one is currently placed in, check and reply to in-game messages, check the latest updates, check the mood-panel and create a mood-status, and logout. Other features are largely unavailable with t
  11. Historically, Principles were used to power Inner-Magic spells for use in realm-changing roleplay activity, such as that which occurred in the Adventure Log. Further development of MagicDuel led to the existence of creature-tokens. Some of these are able to give creature boosts depending on the attacker's and defender's principle values. It is not currently possible to change an existing principle that has already been chosen, unless one descends a Mind-Power (commonly, from MP7 to MP5, or MP6 to MP5). In this case, the last chosen principles will be removed. It is possible, however,
  12. Fyrd has largely detailed the most accessible methods of being attacked, however, there are also other methods used to repel attackers. If one wishes not to participate in combat, then, having zero creatures which may participate in combat will prevent the occurrence of further battles. MagicDuel also has a feature known as the honor system - one gains honor from defeating other players with a greater excess of wins (or smaller excess of losses) than the attacker. Provided it is not an inter-alliance attack, players with a large excess of losses will cause others who attack them to lose
  13. At present, it is impossible to be added to the Adventure Log, as there will be no further updates to it.
  14. Gilded avatars require the following: 1. That the Level 2 Avatar feature has been unlocked in the MD Shop 2. That the cost of gilding has been provided - most commonly, a Gilded Avatar Token 3. That the player possesses the monochrome version of the avatar in question (unless it is purchased as a gift for another, who possesses the monochrome version) 4. That the artwork can be gilded and uploaded. At present, I (Aia) am able to gild existing avatar artwork, but Mur or Chewett will need to upload them to replace the existing monochrome version.
  15. Although it might not look like the player's head, it is a number of head trophies (commonly referred to merely as heads by the playerbase). These are gained or lost from fighting - most commonly, one would gain heads by attacking and defeating a player with some of these heads, and lose them by defending against and losing to another player. It is also possible to gain them from bounties, and rarely, other activities. In the past, contests were run where players would attempt to collect these and hold them in specific locations. While such contests have not occurred for some years, thei
  16. Whether a creature is granted a win in combat is determined by the following factors, in the following order; provided the creature in question survives all rounds of combat: 1. By percentage, the side which ended combat with the greater percentage gain/smaller percentage loss of vitality will win. 2. If by 1, the percentage change is equal (often: 0%/0%, or 100%/100%) then the creatures on the player who initiated the attack will win. Since it is possible to win with 0%/0% change in vitality, then, it is possible to gain a win with 0% heat gain. There are, of course, many ways to do t
  17. There are two types of role tags - those which may be obtained from a tag-dispatcher, and those which are granted for specific role-developing activities. Tag dispatcher roles will usually require that one fulfills the requirements for the tag in question. Those that are otherwise granted are usually given by the game-masters for character development, such as ascension to becoming the monarch of a land, or when a role is played well enough that it warrants recognition of that role by way of custom tag.
  18. Rewards for quests come either from one's personal belongings, or from quest sponsorship from others. Commonly, during the Anniversary, quests will be sponsored by the coordinator of the event (usually Chewett), although other players with access to other rewards will often offer sponsorship also, such as those from the Treasure Keepers, those with access to the Treasury, or those who are otherwise able to create the rewards in question (such as access to Spell-Documents, rare creatures, or custom items.) It is also possible that gifted artists create rewards for quests of the illustrati
  19. While MagicDuel is a realm with its own systems in place, it has been many years since there has been a court-case, and those who have previously been on the Tribunal are largely absent now. There however remain a number of avenues to resolve issues that have failed simple discussion between the parties in question: 1. Speaking with the representative monarchs of both the plaintiff and defendant's land. As monarchs have some power over their citizens to provide punishments, it is possible that these issues can be resolved at this level. 2. If it is a game-bug or other abuse of a gam
  20. A25 is usually not something that is granted upon request, but through proving oneself first, and also showing that there would be significant benefit to MagicDuel by being granted the A25 Tools. Those with A25 Tools are usually those who have dedicated significant time to developing activities in MD for other players - often quests, contests, or treasure hunts, but sometimes other development in Magicduel; such as the conversion of scenes from Flash over a year ago. One with such an idea who wishes to make it real should first detail this out in a presentable manner to an A25 member, and t
  21. Although popular vote is by far the most common method to become a monarch, other methods are possible, such as becoming part of a bloodline or royal family. Particular game-masters have also become monarchs through design and development of particular domains, notably, Mur of the East and arguably Dark Demon of the Labyrinth. In all cases, it is important to note that acknowledgment of the role is usually more important than the role itself; as a wise being once did say: "He who must say 'I am the king' were not, indeed, the king."
  22. There are many ways for a player to make their role public. This usually will involve some level of role-play as the character in question, but it is also useful to write a description of your character in your papers. Simply acting as your character in scenes with other players is a reasonable start. Note that role-play is not a one-way avenue - a role is significantly easier to recognise if other players also acknowledge this role. This means that it is often much harder (and usually less well advised) to create a character of great power; it is easier to have other players acknowledge your
  23. For the sake of auditability, I would suggest to order the contestants in a random order, and then to run a single simulation; it is quite impossible to audit one hundred such simulations. If a random order were not feasible, one could order the contestants by the time of their first submission, or final amendment to the same.
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