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  1. I note a mention of Necrovion in the title, but no further mention thereof; what were its significance for this quest?
  2. This were provided by Fang with thanks. One who attempts to recruit of any creature shall find this anomaly - the illustrations are quite absent, although recruitment were still otherwise possible.
  3. An issue noted upon the Gateway Island. When giveitem#item=realityshards;qty=1 is used, the notification states "You have successfully obtained 1". There were no mention of Reality Shards, and the speech-box shall state: {Player} creates - again without mention of the item in question. Despite the anomalous notifications, the item shall be correctly given to the player in question.
  4. It appears that the variables within the clicky must also correlate with the variables within the scene; I merely amended those within the scene to match.
  5. A request, Mur, for confirmation that the achievement were working as intended: I am able to claim the 90 day achievement, as presently, my active consecutive days were greater than this number. @redneck, despite having attained over 200 consecutive active days, cannot unlock of these achievements, as his present consecutive active days number but 7. I assume that this were working as thou didst intend, in much the same way that the Full Glow achievement should check the present attainment, rather than a state of a character at any prior point (assuming linear time).
  6. I did test of the achievement-dispatcher and found an error, which did state that the dispatcher did not contain such an achievement. I have amended of the scene such that the achievement were now attainable from the dispatcher, so for those that did attempt to unlock such achievements in the hours past, I would suggest to reattempt it.
  7. @MRAlyon, @Muratus del Mur mayhap, an additional reward may be granted for this achievement...
  8. Mayhap, such an achievement should be titled "Force of Habit" - this were what I believe has allowed attainment in each instance.
  9. I should think a new medal would be fitting; its rarity would presently be limited to five, although others who attain of this mile-stone should also be granted this medal.
  10. This were the anniversary view. For those that did wish to view the remainder of the announcement: I would commend thee to also attain such an anniversary; such is the way of the realm.
  11. I will gladly provide 1 Sharptear and 1 Lorerootian Archer as a gift to thee this Murmas. Do let me know when I should grant these to thee.
  12. Thump! went the tomes on the librarian's desk. Behind them, observed the librarian, was a weary woman's glance. "No good?" A brief shake of her head. The nameless librarian adjusted his pince-nez frames and scribbled in the return-log: Returned: An Exhaustive Guide to Remembering Things You Never Knew Memories and Where to Find Them Mastering "Mastering The Void" - An Annotated Study Guide "You know, the Lore Manor and the Archives aren't the only places to find books in the realm; each day, it seems, the shelves of the House of Tainted Times empty just that much more..."
  13. I would like to register for this event also, if it were not too late. The two quests shall be entitled "Of Heresy and Hearsay", and "Of Ancient Spellstones", and shall be run upon the Forum.
  14. Despite the concern expressed thus far, it seems that the implementation were merely a method to allow for bearers of the A25 Tools to create alternate pathways into alliances. The choice of the alliances that shall use this method and the prerequisite state of such applicants should be discussed with those already within these alliances, especially their leaders. I am in favour of Mur's creation of the tools; let the discussion of which alliances they should affect be subsequent to this new function. My concerns with the creation of this tool are primarily for the underlying
  15. The dreamcatcher were now more forgiving; it shall no longer snatch heads from one's inventory unless they are willingly offered.
  16. Item 2 - 10 plushies Item 3 (x6) - 150 plushies total: 160 plushies
  17. This error were shown upon the Research and Connections page:
  18. If I understand correctly, a merchant levy would arise from those who did wish to trade at this guillotine, but avoid the risk of death? In example, I would pay a merchant a percentage to undertake the trade at the guillotine for myself - were this the intended outcome?
  19. I confirm that the error message is now removed, and that the function remains as intended.
  20. A new error (although there is no issue with function); this only occurs when one is affected by the "nomulti" spell. I confirm the spell-trigger doth function as intended; this merely appears within one's combat window when one were affected by the spell.
  21. I believe Mur did not jest in creating of this message; it seems that the rendering of various scenes is completely altered in Firefox as compared to Chrome (or other Webkit-based portals); one very clear example is the final row of hexagons at the Champion's Challenge.
  22. If there were to be a hypothetical new creature, I would think its release must play second fiddle to interface-related issues; one could not admire such a creature should her portal cease to function. Still, I would welcome any hypothetical release of hypothetical new creatures, if aught were to exist which were ready.
  23. This would be based on an assumption that there doth exist at least one creature in the proverbial pipe-line.
  24. I believe static erolin-orbs are already an option, but they remain such that their persistent animation, even when stationary, doth drain of one's portal rather rapidly. I believe the solution for a mobile interface, at least initially, must be twofold - first, to remove the orbs completely, and second, to remove the animation of the compass-menu.
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