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  1. I too also await of two wishes to appear within the Wish-Shop. I have not spent of aught in some time, so I cannot elaborate either.
  2. Would it be reasonable to assume that one cannot purchase any greater than two levels of this spell from the Wish-Shop - and would require a custom wish to obtain any further levels?
  3. An additional observation: Nepgear is the first to ascend the coloured elemental to its maximum without the use of Wish-Points. One must wonder how many Wish-Points have been used to ascend these beings, but I believe no fewer than three have thus far been used in this manner.
  4. 170311 were the system-item that did create these fenths.
  5. Some Angien Fenths that may be useful for testing: 176497, 176513, 176515, 176516, 176524, 176525 - these are all within mine inventory, and are gladly donated to this bug-amending cause.
  6. I have sent thee the code for the coloured priest; I shall await Chewett's next choice.
  7. Item 9 - 325 (80 from Chewett, 95 from Ledah)
  8. Item 9 - 300 (80 from Chewett, 70 from Ledah)
  9. Item 9 - 275 (80 from Chewett, 45 from Ledah)
  10. Item 9 - 250 (80 from Chewett, 30 from Ledah)
  11. Item 9 - 220 plushies (70 from Chewett)
  12. Item 9 - 215 plushies (65 from Chewett)
  13. Item 9 - 160 plushies (10 from Chewett)
  14. I believe @Chewett may already be working on a method to alter statistics gained on sacrifice - independent of the abilities.
  15. I do not have the artwork for their original forms. If @Muratus del Mur or another doth possess of these illustrations, then I will be able to restore their appearance.
  16. What would be the intended behaviour? As far as I am aware, there has never been an alternate illustration of the Guards.
  17. The contiguous portion of No Man's Land betwixt the gates were complete.
  18. If this location is chosen, do let me know, so that I may create the clicky as desired. There is at least one other location which may be of use in this regard. Mayhap, the Weaponsmith's could offer his hut for such a purpose?
  19. I confirm that this bug doth exist. The only method I have found to close the window (without refreshing the portal in question) were to activate the cross in the upper right corner of the portal-interface.
  20. The hookah within the store were no longer of use, and the quest behind it were also no longer in existence. However, as it's function doth depend on the stage of completion of this old quest, so too will one see a difference when one uses it. I believe it would be appropriate to repurpose this clicky (and maybe also place it in a more appropriate location).
  21. I did find many pitfalls in creating this character; it is through this that I did discover that if it should grant a key, it should also not grant of aught else.
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