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  1. @lashtal was "defeated" with the use of a Berserker; I am happy to forfeit to him given the change in rules to account for this, or to otherwise attempt the round anew.
  2. This were indeed possible, and even when not in isolation from the other ideas within this thread, I cannot see any downside in this, so it shall be a future undertaking of mine.
  3. One would think so, but if a certain leader of the Caretakers did happen to possess of such Berserkers, ascended to their highest level, and also did happen to create the rules, mayhap, naught were overlooked?
  4. I would, mayhap, alter this suggestion to suggest that MP3 should not gain more than five thousand points of heat from any single battle, including that against Non-Player Characters.
  5. And herewith, for those who did wish to note the occurrences within Necrovion:
  6. Herewith, the log from the event this day: Many thanks to those who did attend, and welcome to Dracoloth, Priest of the Moon.
  7. May I confirm that this declaration is made as Queen of Necrovion, and in doing so, that Necrovion's Queen now has dominion over it?
  8. May I clarify these statements? As far as I understand them, they do not read: "Granos is free to Murder Ledah one time as he wishes"; or that "Granos is free to also Murder MaGoHi one time." I assume this were intentional, and therefore there exist further implications as one would draw from the alternate statements within this post?
  9. I will also likely be present only as a target, but I too shall participate, and suggest to all other fighters to create of interesting defences.
  10. The Unholy Guard has advised me that he would like some specimens soon, that he may choose from among them. Although the quest dates shall remain unchanged, I would encourage all who have such creatures nurtured and who intend to turn them in by the close of the anniversary to do so in the next two days. Tissy, I am sorry that such a creature cannot be levelled at the heat-cap, but this were true of almost all creatures.
  11. The library-tunnel dots are yet to be placed correctly, given the consideration of where they do arise. Mallos: If it is the will of Chewett, or of Mur, I will create the map, so that the markers may be placed upon it, but they will be beholden to the restriction I have stated above.
  12. Will the winner of such a quest be responsible also for the murder should a trial occur, or will the Caretakers also bear this responsibility as part of the quest-reward?
  13. I have found the issue: There is no map for all coordinates in realm 4 (all locations starting with "4"). There is a map for realm 3 - the very same map. Scenes, however, are configured to load the map for their realm. This is related to this previous bug noted by Chewett. One method to fix this would involve duplicating the map, but this would result in those within the same map but different realms being unable to see each other upon it. I am able to create the map and perform of some cartography to place the markers (for Chewett or Mur to upload), but I wonder if this shoul
  14. I will review this later today, although it may very well be that I have merely neglected to create of marker coordinates for the map for locations within the Magicduel Archives.
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