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  1. Rammestein in 30 days!! m/ m/

  2. Munchies!! x_x

    1. Asterdai


      hmm yummy! i had "marshmallow" spread once, when some americans visited once. it was magical :P

  3. I just received my most treasured christmas gift :) *complete bliss*

  4. Happy New Year!!! :D May it be simply Magical!! :)

  5. Hey Mr Tamborine man...

    1. Grido


      Play a song for me

    2. Shemhazaj


      I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to

  6. You have a creature called Kuche Kuche... -_-

  7. Thanks Mur for making Xmas just that little bit more special :)

  8. Frankenstien, Innocence and Mur :P

    1. Mith


      *presses imaginary 'like' button*

  9. Puppeh!! there is a christmas card with your name on it. Please send details.....

  10. Leaving for South Africa in 3 days!! YESS!! Will be posting Xmas cards from Malawi so if you want cool Malawian stamps make sure I have your details

    1. Roland
    2. nadrolski


      Enjoy! Anyway, where do you usually hang-out in-game? :D

    3. Yala Sviseusen
  11. If this is not the ultimate feel good, then there is something very wrong with you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKP8nset6oA&feature=related

  12. ....Its like Im always stuck in 2nd gear...

  13. Long haired men in kilts, with swords and daggers.... *drool*

    1. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      Long hair -Check

      Dagger - Check

      Kilt... Gotta wait till the Skotch weekend is again in my hometown XD

    2. Jubaris


      funny... didn't know hairy legs are part of female fantasies

    3. Sharazhad


      -_- which is why you will never be part of mine
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  15. Who guards the guards...?

  16. I dont wanna start any blasphemous rumours, but I think that god has a sick sense of humour, and when I die I expect to find him laughing...

    1. Sharazhad


      :)) ha ha!!! that must have been pretty awesome!! :D So jealous you saw Depeche Mode live!!
    2. Jubaris


      I've been listening to Depeche Mode since 6 years... me and my brother ordered tickets for their concert here 6 months before the actual concert... and about 15 days before the concert, David got a tumor, and he needed to cancel the tour Depeche Mode had to treat it...

    3. Yala Sviseusen

      Yala Sviseusen

      That's no bueno Rhaegar! Yeaah, it was AMAZING.. So powerful..

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  17. Hi :) Welcome... I hope to see you around

  18. Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life - Terry Pratchett

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Sounds good. Let's set Burns on fire, he's funny when he flails.

    2. Sharazhad


      Excellent Idea Ammy!! I'll bring the gasoline, you bring the matches :D

  19. Let sunshine in....

  20. Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.

    1. Lupus


      And what of the man who.....

      oh great scot i can never remember beyond that spot. But i see you know the movie V for Vendetta; it's one of my favs. though i don't watch it too much.

    2. Yala Sviseusen

      Yala Sviseusen

      Personally, I think it should be made into an opera.. The dynamic would be amazing.

    3. Sharazhad


      Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent.To blow up the King and Parli'ment.Three-score barrels of powder below To prove old England's overthrow;

  21. The interwebs are gone :(( :(( dont know when they will come back :((

  22. you scares me melamin *pouts*

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