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  1. I guarantee you'll miss me, 'cause you changed the way you kissed me ;)

  2. errmmmm.... when did Romania start playing rugby?

  3. Argentina :D....South Africa :D .... *waits anxiously for Ireland*

    1. Sharazhad


      YESS!! I now have a perfect weekend!! :D Well done Ireland. (and uhm everyone else enjoy your weekend too!)

    2. Grido
    3. ChildOfTheSoul


      Kill me. Work and college all week. -.-

  4. Wisdom is more precious than rubies and the things that you can desire can not be compared to it.

    1. Guillak


      Can you desire wisdom?

    2. aaront222


      you can not compare wisdom to itself, it's stalemate

  5. "Its a crazy crazy mixed up town, its the rattlesnake I fear"

    1. Shemhazaj


      in another place, in another town, I'd be drivin' trucks my dear

  6. Nerves are shattered...

  7. In 666 there lives a Mister Miller, he's the local vicar and a serial killer.

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol
    2. Princess Katt
    3. Sharazhad


      :) Enjoy!!

  8. The Sisters of Mercy gave me a nightwish, I closed my eyes and accepted my fate on that terrible Black Sabbeth. As I lay dying in my Cradle of Filth I thought of My Chemical Romance with Alice in Chains and smiled into Nirvana

  9. Shem and the bean STALK

  10. I dont like the Drugs but the Drugs like me.

  11. Aethism is a non-prophet organisation

  12. Rest in Peace, Ms Winehouse.

    1. Phantom Orchid
    2. Sharazhad


      What does annoy me tho, is that Winehouse gets more coverage than the 90 odd killed in Norway!!

  13. Who guards the guards?

  14. A simple case of Sallyitis.

  15. ha! first one to post! :D welcome krioni. Looking forward to chatting again ;)

  16. Her soul mates like rabbits.

  17. Its quite amazing how a little bit of power to one's head can make one think that they are invincible. What is also scary are those that actually believe that the above one is invincible too.

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    2. backlash ro

      backlash ro

      i can see you are a woman :)) Won t try to convince you anymore with arguments.You just don t understand the point :)

    3. Sharazhad


      oh yeah sure, take the sexist way out!!! meh!!! men!

    4. backlash ro
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  18. If its too loud, you're too old!

  19. too many headwrecking questions

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