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  1. Hi Everyone


    I was wondering if anyone would interested in swapping christmas cards this year. I know we used to do this before, and it was really lovely receiving cards from all over the world.


    If anyone is keen, please inbox me so we can exchange addy's.  I've moved, so if anyone had my previous address it's no longer valid.






  2. [color=#008000][i]Haha yeah that was probably me unless someone else also sent small wood carvings. Glad you got it Mur, I was a bit worried with Malawian mail being so useless that you didnt get it all. :P[/i][/color]

    [color="#008000"][i]edited for typos :P [/i][/color]

  3. [color=#008000][i]93) The reason there are no Mirrors in MD is because you do not exist.  Mirrors reflect reality and unfortunately for you, you gave up your existence rights once you got into that cube with that little girl.

    94) You never left the cube.  Marind drugged you with hallucinogens and you see all as if you were in a dream.  Every time you wake up, she drugs you again and calls it a new MP level ....that's why you  have almost the same dream story!!!!!![/i][/color]

  4. [color=#008000][i]There will always people that piss you off in RL, does that mean you should commit suicide? (Unless you're emo then I have no issues there :P <---- note that was just a joke, suicide is a very serious issue and should never be attempted by anyone at anytime) [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]Yes MD has a few corrupt apples, It is not UTOPIA, neither is RL. MD is -as Phinneas pointed out - a game. You learn to deal with the players as you would your work colleagues and other people around you; and if it is Utopia you are after, start by making the lives around you a little better.[/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]Please don't paint all Kings with the same brush, as I am pretty certain Yrth and Firs don't abuse their people.. [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]Curious though....if you hate people so much why do you play a social game like MD? [/i][/color]

    [size=2]P.s Someone please close this thread....unless something constructive comes out from it. [/size]

  5. [color=#008000][i]@ Menhir[/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]I like your quotation from Ramesh Baleskar. Truth has been said to be either relative or absolute. Relative Truth would be a concept... some people would agree with it, some wouldn't. Absolute Truth is undeniable. If I had to give an analogy: Absolute Truth would be the sun outside a building made up of tinted glass, inside that building we view the light through the various colours - which would then be relative truth. Perhaps religions are all just relative truths compared to what the Real Truth is. [/i] [/color]

  6. [i][color="#2e8b57"]Currently I am listening to:[/color][/i]

  7. [i][color="#2e8b57"]These shrooms were made for smoking[/color][/i]
    [i][color="#2e8b57"]And thats just what I'll do[/color][/i]
    [i][color="#2e8b57"]And one these days these shrooms are gonna walk all over YOU![/color][/i]
    [i][color="#2e8b57"]Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one :)[/color][/i]

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