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  1. :P growl? thats like a puppy "yip yip"
  2. ... On their Itouch? ... It just sounds rude ;>

  3. ....I love my chocolate muffin....

  4. ....Its like Im always stuck in 2nd gear...

  5. "Fear is the mindkiller, boredom the soul killer" and you are a cereal killer ;)

  6. "Im an excellen house keeper, everytime I meet a man - I keep his house" - Zsa Zsa Gabor

  7. "Its a crazy crazy mixed up town, its the rattlesnake I fear"

    1. Shemhazaj


      in another place, in another town, I'd be drivin' trucks my dear

  8. @ Rendril.... Amen Brother :D

  9. @ Zal: It was relly beautiful... although I was under siege by a troop of monkeys...

  10. @zal....im trying to ignore them @ aken... bloodsucking bat!

  11. *chuckles* but of course..Einstien had it wrong all these years...It had always been about muffins. Chocolate muffins.

  12. *drags Nemo kicking and screaming and locks her up in her cot*

  13. *giggles* relax I only have eyes for one......

  14. *gives poppitz a bottle of jose cuervo silver* forget the shot glass - take the bottle :D

  15. *grin* very few people actually get that... I do try my best to live up to it!! :D

  16. *huge hugs* You know how to make a grey day turn blue!! :D

  17. *looks at the mechanised parrot wearing a sock* thats just odd...plain odd....

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