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  1. Hey development status has been changed from vac to Madness.

  2. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1288633064' post='71274'] Except that the official statement is that it is not alt abuse. Counter-intuitive as that may be. [/quote] Hold that I took a look through the rules this one stuck out: Uncommon things that you CAN do You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experience new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned. Also this one did as well: Main things that can get you banned: Exchanging WishPoints between y
  3. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1288620133' post='71265'] MrAlyon and his items are the best example of why alts should not get WPs. Quite simple. [/quote] Well lets think about this. If an alt gets a wishpoint and makes an item then trades it to another alt that falls into alt abuse as a single account is benefited and the other is not.
  4. What I find is apparently I am a lot more sensitive when I take this test. When I did I actually have emotion as one of my characteristics. However when I took my shorter test with the DNA (which I am still working on a good way to decode it all) I am completely calculating. I'm not sure which one to believe. The more questions could cause a more accurate result but it also could be causing noise because of the questions. Though its hard to cheat this one because of the questions being not choose a letter corresponding but say yes or no to the question at hand.
  5. Im more worried about mp4's using the free wishpoints on xp reset. They could really end up over powered in there mp class.
  6. Your Type is INTJ Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging Strength of the preferences % 89 25 75 22 Qualitative analysis of your type formula You are: * very expressed introvert * moderately expressed intuitive personality * distinctively expressed thinking personality * slightly expressed judging personality Similar to Stephen Hawking, Andrew Grove, Marie Curie, Guy Kawasaki, Igor Sikorsky, Hillary Clinton
  7. [quote name='Eon' timestamp='1288320696' post='71094'] Thanks for answering my question. Is it possible for a person to have 2 of there tickets win and receive a prize for each, or is it 1 prize per person? [/quote] I guess its possible I dont know it might be left up to mur to tell you that. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1288321158' post='71095'] Spelldocs for tombola prizes? Seems like a unique, useful, but not that harmful to release periodically. [/quote] Well Personally I would be ok if there was a limit of 1 ticket per person and it didn't have to be a papal account. Som
  8. Kamisha

    Md As A Story

    People have there HTTP there for there animation sites. Its not blatant advertising it would follow after a video which gives it the validity of being a reference source.
  9. I think the actual argument is the need to pay to be entered. I don't think people would be upset if it was a random give away Tarquinus. People believe the integrity of the game has been compromised.
  10. I wish I could participate in this but I don't have a paypal account. Just like most things I find this a necessary evil. This is the first game ive actually seen that both tries to keep people balanced in both paying in non-paying accounts (though it has gone a little downhill with tokens, Yes I do agree with that!). Its also the only game that has actually been willing to lose money in order to keep its self alive. Lets just say it how it is. It is not mur who needs money its MD that needs money. MD needs money to pay for its self. It needs cash in order to advertise so people join. If the
  11. I know Firefox does this as well as internet explorer in some places not everywhere. If you are worried about other people clicking it the answer is simple, put a notice at the top.
  12. also fryd now gets tickets at least for november.
  13. So was this just a simple fix of images and ect. where any posts deleted or moved to better locations?
  14. Looks like we will all be waiting a while. I have been waiting for several years and some people even longer than I have been around. By the way stay out of the show of force files I made the mistake of looking in them. I think I would have preferred to neglect my temptation. Um froget that I said any of that its better that you don't feel tempted.
  15. Well being to ideal and not be protected is a step forward but what kind of people would choose to follow those strict rules. People like to use complex rituals.
  16. I understand the basic premise. what you are trying to say is create a community fight club where you don't enlist to be one of the people setting the rits instead everybody does this fatal flaw thing. I know in theory it should be a good idea but im worried about what it could turn into in practice. I just dislike the idea of people congregating in one place going idle and just letting people farm them knowing what they are going to come across. The reason fight club works is because you dont know what you are going to meet and you learn by being defeated then going after it again with a stro
  17. Well if it is under construction don't you get the little letters in red explaining that at the end of the chapter? Though I do agree with fryd that this is the end so far I just find it odd that it still is giving you a choice. If in dought clear your cache log out restart and see if its still there.
  18. I agree completely but isn't adept status the mentor part. How the system is run currently that isn't the case. People more bribe adepts and trade them. How I see it is a protector for being a good mentor to there adepts allows them to keep them and have them active. Then sort of as a reward for being a good mentor subject they get promoted to MP6. I sort of think of it as a appointed LHO. Since he has become MP6 he has been grated the ability to help people more so then before. However the system as I see it has been corrupted as people that make it to MP6 trade and try to keep everybody els
  19. Ok thanks its been received and read. Interesting picture you want ill see what I can do with it. I'll send you some rough sketches you can choose your favorite then ill make a better version of such. I will try keep everything else in the PM as I suspect you want to keep the image properties as secret as possible.
  20. Chapter 3 is still being constructed by mur. Since other things have come up the entire story has not been completed as there are a lot of new ideas and much more interesting things to be done. The incorporation of items raw materials AL and the new battle system to name a few. If people don't get them selves killed they will end up at the under construction page. I think one of the things mur wants to incorporate first is the wooden cube and its abilities that it grants before he continues. An idea that has been around for a while but not yet found how to keep the game balanced and stop peopl
  21. I'm sorry for hijacking your post but this is just an important topic for both vets and newbies. Debate is fundamental and if you come up with idea you are automatically putting your self in the firing line of criticism. I know it seems like people are ganging up on you. I understand that feeling but the result is you have put your self there. If you want a cleaner topic I would suggest having people PM you and then edit your initial post for names of people in your training group. I just think that new players should hear both sides and make an educated decision and that is what the debate is
  22. [quote name='Rasiel' timestamp='1288046804' post='70941'] I just had a fight and used 100% VE the battle result was i lost 2% but now all my VE is gone. [/quote] Please post the log so it can be analyzed also notice if you put in 100% regardless of the battle results you will lose 100% of character VE but the 2% is the amount of creature VE lost.
  23. Yes seeing protectors would be a good idea but picking randomly is also a bit of a problem. I mean it actually says that you should build a working relationship with your protector.
  24. I heard about this there was a previous post about it. Pashweetie in the future do not bring up a brand new post for the same idea instead bump the previous post. However I don't think this worked due to our previous events with the GGG and how fixed rules in an area causes people to be protected. Then with people being protected people don't leave those areas.
  25. Lets look at this critically there is already a wood cutting guild if its working in the desired way then there should be a water guild. Regardless of weather you set them up as a guild or not they will find each other and produce there own social group.
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