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  1. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='21 April 2010 - 07:00 PM' timestamp='1271894452' post='58377'] I should mention that such anonymous demi-god accounts are free from any responsibility, anything they might do is considered as done by me, so there is no pressure on them if they do a bad decision, or if they punish friends or reward enemies. It seems anonimity is the only way someone can be absolutely fair, and full power without responsibility makes you stress free . Too bad i can't tell you about the current things that will replace Tengri, as usual, there must be things that you don't kn
  2. Interesting I never would have guessed. However somebody always has to be the eyes and ears of somebody. A person known to be a god will be blind to the true face of people. Only a person other than god will see the truth. So in a way is god the people who are not a god?
  3. However it is important to understand that the game is only slow during story mode. It speeds up when you exit story mode. It then goes into free roam mode which allows you to play at a pace that you choose. This is not a waiting game it becomes active. I made the [b]mistake[/b] of quitting because that was all i [b]thought[/b] it was pick and choose and wait which there are already a lot of but when you get into game play I can explaine it as a brand new exsperance if you have the patience to make it there. I can guide you a bit once you get to that point but there are many people that will h
  4. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' date='12 April 2010 - 05:10 PM' timestamp='1271110243' post='58000'] I will write you a story. Update: I have written the story. Now I have to figure out how to get it to you. Part of the challenge I guess. I'll be out of story mode soon, so should make the deadline okay. Updating the update -- umm, if I'm reading this right, you want me to just paste it in a block here on the forum? Is that right? [/quote] Yes that's wright you can paste it here.
  5. Who are you? Do you feel restricted and just find it hard to be yourself fully in your real life? I think its time to get in touch with your self. You know that side of yourself that feels that it can do anything try anything. It time for you to become him or her again if just for a minute an hour rediscover your self. You only have so many chances to be the person you want to be don't pass this one up. The only time I feel I can be myself is when I either have an energy drink or I am presenting in one of my classes. Sometimes at a party. I love my second side and I only get to see him every s
  6. [quote name='cutler121' date='07 April 2010 - 10:00 PM' timestamp='1270695608' post='57812'] I am not sure what sniping is, but clearly there was a problem with my suggestion. The timestamp on the forum posts is what I was thinking since it is the same for everyone and shows right on the post. So how about we try this again. The last post today (forum time) will be the winner. Cheers, Cutler PS If you two prefer to use the no post for 24 hours ending I would be fine by that as well. [/quote] Sniping is a method in where a person posts in the last few seconds or at some time w
  7. [quote name='Grido' date='07 April 2010 - 05:27 PM' timestamp='1270679239' post='57794'] Shem, midnight was an hour before you posted [/quote] Personally I think sniping should be out of the question same method as E-bay extended by predetermined time if a new post is made in the last another predetermined time.
  8. I like idea number 1 it seems practical and overdue. Personally I think that is a great idea though the problem being that most people don't like to wait to long in a scene if everybody has been attacked. I'll vote for it becouse some people will likely find use for it but its not part of my field guide. Idea number 2 as Chewett has pointed out would only be really useful to LHO's. It might be useful instead to have a spell that causes there text to show up in a bright color for people can define the current LHO but using predetermined text is not a great idea as this is more of a methodical
  9. Your missing the point here. Item costs are not determined by a calculating system. An item exspence is set by the owner of that item. What I am attempting to get across here is that a lot of these items are earthier going to be sold at outrageous prices because it is there only item or even more if that item has meaning to there role. For example you would never see sage women sell here ROTM guest book. I am simply saying a lot of these items are going to be extremely highly priced or completely off the table. None of us are saying its unfair we are simply saying the possibility of this ha
  10. Also if somebody from GG is willing they will allow you passage out by using there GG papers. They may loan them for you can exit.
  11. I cant really give out rewards when there are only two stories because both people will win something and somebody has to lose to have a winner. So if you have a story send the submission remember this ends at 00:00 may first server time. Edit: Since I don't have control over the wish point it is Tarquinus's choice as to bestow it or not. In the case that I am unable to reward the winners due to lack of entries or lack of quality I will give the winner a minor advantage in the following quest. If worse comes to worse though which I hope will not happen. The advantage will however be minor
  12. So you are planning on integrating a permanent wishpoint sort of like the broken puzzle gazzibo.
  13. The new front page is a different approach. We have maybe around 10-20 people that sign up a day then of those 10-20 maybe one or two actually stick around. I mean im 38** series. If I stuck around I would have much more than 347 active days. Of the six adepts I have only one that remains active. I can simply say that the reason I left for such a long time was that I didn't know how to play. I thought it was one fight a day at 100% vitality hope for a win and repeat. It was after when I came back when I was 18 when I critically had the patience to find out the workings by my own accord. Then
  14. Items: A very good drill Fire making kit Giant bolder OK lets take everything we know about the shadow for starters it seems to have the ability to possess at least to our knowledge anybody it chooses. Second of all it has freedom to move through MD at will. It is there for important to realize that the archives state that MD is always in day time except for just a few times of the year. So there for the shadow is not weakened by light it is actually strengthened by it. No light no shadow concept applies. Second of all all three people where actually positive people before the shadow. Eve
  15. Ever read "The Bartimaeus Trilogy" by: Jonathan Stroud Books: "The Amulet of Samarkand" "The Golem's Eye" "Ptolemy's Gate" A large quantity of it derives from lore mixed with filler in information supplied by Jonathan Stroud. There is also a large quantity of comedy if you bother to read the subtext when its coming from Bartimeuses view. Its been a while since I read it which (I did in high school). However for anybody that likes darker fantasy books its a must read.
  16. 2 silver for unholy priest.
  17. Well that's an important feature. Its a probability puzzle. By seeing your card your job is to guess what the opponent might have. If it was two cards for an extreme. You could have an elemental and a Drakhorn card. You choose health when the Drakhorn shows up and power when the elemental is your card you could set up to grantee wins. There is actually strategy when deck building. You should look at what the highest stat is and how it compares to others in order to increase your probability of winning.
  18. What is going to be the scoring system?
  19. Shouldn't it be changed then in order to avoid from new players attempting to abuse the system. Just make level 1 crits display 0 for everything.
  20. Um... this has happened before and nobody invited the guest of honor. Needless to say it was rather dead.
  21. Kamisha

    Wps Gone Bad

    With obvious reason I am not going to defend my self or sage as that will be a bad mark for both of us. Though this is what I am going to say. The reason of wish points is to allow people to give a reward to a person they admire due to something they have done or a picture they have drawn a story they have told or a result of circumstance which brings somebody to a point in a road where they have to say that this person deserves something for this. The idea of a WP for a quest is a construction of this idea in a more material form. Though I have seen things much worse then what DST presen
  22. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='26 March 2010 - 11:02 AM' timestamp='1269619338' post='56926'] not sure does it have 1000 words (how can I check without counting myself?), and it is ongoing due to there are more quests that are coming. (for instance, when "forest maze" quest gets finished, it will be added to "few stories" topic) http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6323-few-stories/page__pid__52970__st__0&#entry52970 [/quote] You can simply take the story and paste it into a Google doc then click word count it will tell you how many words as well as difficulty to read on s
  23. [quote name='Malaikat Maut' date='24 March 2010 - 04:17 PM' timestamp='1269465460' post='56864'] Just to be pedantic...It's cathode ray tube. And those electrons are fired by an electron gun which "activate" phosphors and not pixels. It's impossible for a CRT to have "dead pixels" in the same convention that the language is used to define nonfunctional liquid crystals on an LCD. [/quote] I guess cathode was correct I knew there was something weird about using that. However with the pixel thing I have to say that you are incorrect. It activates phosphors however in order to create differ
  24. important is that the address is xllm113@hotmail.com. It would be sent from an administrator also hotmail has the right to freeze an account so they obviously have the right to look at your password.
  25. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='24 March 2010 - 02:58 PM' timestamp='1269460707' post='56854'] The saddest thing is that in a week or so some of you will pm me about "a bug that 90 ap is not enough to enter or upgrade some things". It usually happens with old players not with those new. The suggestions the kings made are by far better than what i had in mind. I would suggest 70ap for normal players and slower timers. Of course you would say its insane, but only if you compare with whats now. Seeing it "from scratch" is harder than it seems. A new player should discover the game with low
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