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  1. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1296771904' post='78436'] http://www.ehow.com/facts_5655183_love-chemical-imbalance_.html I believe the "O" you were thinking of is Oxytocin according to the article [/quote] Ya that sounds correct. Oxytocin is in stronger concentrations in women where testosterone is higher in men.
  2. Well technically speaking it is just chemical. Its a hormone released which I cant remember the complete name of it starts with an O. However the trigger of this hormone differs from person to person which creates those thoughts. As burns said it is a Grey area of the two.
  3. Well this can be answered by biology. Sentient life has only been in MD for six years now. Trees started out as simple twigs that had photosynthetic abilities as the trees evolved they become leaves in order to capture more sunlight. This was during the time of CO2 fertilization when the planet was full of CO2 thus warmer so there was no need for trees that had needles. Since MD is still warm and the large amount of sunlight there is no need for trees to evolve to such a point that they can continuously preform photosynthesis in the cold months since the time that they can use in order to prod
  4. [quote name='Yoshi' timestamp='1296686431' post='78362'] Will the live voice chat be recorded and shown, or recorded and then transcribed? Or transcribed as we go along? [/quote] Recorded with permission transcribed otherwise. The recordings can not be shared with any public source according to the ethics committees rules and regulations in order to keep the standereds of anonymity in tact. I actually have to destroy all the raw information after the completion of my paper which you can see in my third update which sports the document template. I have two more sections to complete then I
  5. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ7F8i_haok&feature=player_embedded[/media]
  6. [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1296586870' post='78334'] [color="#2e8b57"][i]Hi, Please Clarify something for me. What you need is our email addresses, and then you will email us the forms which we then sign and hand back to you and then you will give as a questionaire of sorts to fill and then send back to you? Have you emailed the forms yet?[/i][/color] [/quote] Ok this is basically the game plan. First of all I have to get the form out to you that's the first thing which has not happened yet as I have to wright it up still. The basic format can be found in the third edit. Also rec
  7. I cant help but think that the first post is an attack against me personally but since I cant confirm that I wont dwell on it. However if you are changing answers in order to hide the true result it isn't science. You would be Disney if you did that (lemmings jumping off cliffs is false so they just through them off in a bag). You hypothesis the final answer in order to know where to start looking that's why the first thought is to produce a reason for studying such which science fields call a Purpose. I will admit thought that I am a science major forest ecology to be specific and you d
  8. Ok with much deliberation all I need is a email with a date stamp instead of something hand written. Oh yes and continue I find this always very entertaining when a topic goes off topic. Edit: Just found the split .
  9. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1296200044' post='78127'] Questions: I'm well over 18, does your uni still need the signatures of my parents? Because i can definitely tell that they won't sign a form to give out any information at all to a university half the world away. That probably cooperates with USA. We don't like you North Americans. At all. <- Note, they actually are that paranoid. Other than that, what's the procedure to 'sign'? Put the original in an envelope and send it over, hoping it reaches you before next christmas? Sign and scan? Or just say that you read it and agree? No
  10. Important updates: Note update 3 and 2. They are very important.
  11. usually what company's or people do when there just isn't enough equipment or something else interfering is make something every second month or week y ect. I am unsure of what is needed missing and ect. so I'm not going to say to do this. Though I am suggesting if required as a necessary step it may be something to consider. Story night I think used to be ever second week now its once a month. Sometimes changes are required in order to keep something alive.
  12. last time that happened I had a virus. Couldn't connect to the internet but could still use basic chat lines. Had to rebuild my computer from scratch. It could also be the browser for internet explorer. You could try reset the defaults. Grido if you could pass this on it might be helpful.
  13. Ive added an update to my original post. Please respond if you have any problems questions or problems so I can work you in before February 14th.
  14. not that im aware of at least.
  15. great to hear. I am going to try to meet with my professor tomorrow so to everybody participating or planning to participate I will likely be updating this sometime after 4 central time. If possible ill see if I can coax a copy of document out of here so I can give you some additional info on what you are getting yourself into.
  16. I love the response this is having. when I posted last night I was sort of worried that this wouldn't take off like it did. I will make sure to talk to as many of you as I can in the following months. [quote name='apophys' timestamp='1294914087' post='77356'] I have a question: will you need my real name, or are you taking anonymous data? Or could I be identified as my username alone? [/quote] apophys for my report to the university I will have to use your real name although in the case of the net report I submit this is something you can ask to leave out. [quote name='Chewett'] Wil
  17. As most of us know MD has been around for a few years and so have I. Though now entering my third year of university I have entered an ethnography course. The project layout requires a ethnic group to be researched looked at analyzed and reported on. After talking to Mur I have got his approval in order to start my project here. OK here is a solid break down of what I need from everybody here. This is in essence a sign up sheet. In order to actually get behind MD and get beyond the character and into the actual people in MD I need quite simply interviews and ask people questions. I promise t
  18. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1294092372' post='76721'] its true, but not my fault so to say. If i put an empty canvas and say its a paintung some people will still admire its beauty and find meaning where there is none. I cant say i dislike it, heh, who would... but it makes me curious if i would have posted this, or the poems, as an alt nobody knew its me....i really wonder. As for the current painting, i dont brag about things i am not satisfied with, so it kind of fuels my ego when i see compliments. Im proud of this one however i dont get mad on the bad comments, not at al
  19. -have more time. -reduce exp to a point which I can get training again. -finish my excel spread sheet to compare DNA codes (for those who submitted thank you for waiting I haven't forgotten) -find time to wright -Think of a new quest that hasn't been tried before. (or something elaborate that has been tried before and i think i can duplicate (i am thinking of how to code a game called mafia but bringing it from closed eyes and the couch to a cyber world which is followed by prying eyes is sometimes hard.)) That is all I can think of at the moment.
  20. Paint isn't a good program to use because the image will always turn out grainy and thus not suitable. Paints brushes act by coloring several pixels at once which looks unnatural so it is unlikely it will be accepted.
  21. Kamisha

    MP6 Symbol

    Perhaps instead of a stated list as was suggested before I think what is suggested prior there should be instead some other symbol when seen in an area. Though this does sometimes include people asking questions about such as when I was new I wondered why people had Astrix in there names. Though something that perhaps resembled a alliance symbol instead of the dot system may be beneficial as long as it is inconspicuous enough for only people who look for something out of the ordinary. Having this system will allow people to recognize an MP6 quickly but they have to be active in order to recrui
  22. If I remember correctly they used too charge but later ap charging was reduced for looking at things as people started editing items.
  23. As cheweet says it is meant to force you to to balance. However if it works or not is debatable. yes it eventually will force you to attack stronger players. Though other matters make it almost obsolete as a viable system. Just dont drop below zero honor and you will do fine.
  24. I guess the bottom line like most of us and myself previously felt is that the rebel system was made to take the human element out. The actual use of the rebel system should be put to rest as to allow the human element to assess better than just walking through necro and then make a decision depending on what facts have taken place in the time being.
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