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    The PBC Tombola has passed and you can see the [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9247-tombola-winners/page__pid__80716#entry80716"]results here[/url] but that's not what I am here to talk about. Other than the winners and a lot of fun after words it is safe to say that there is going to be another Tombola and it is also rather likely that its going to be Western Union payment method. It is just a great way to get the community together but then again there is an ugly side to the tombola that showed its self. An interesting Phenomenon arose and that was the payment amounts. For ex
  2. Sry to double post but I need this bumped for people so see it. Ok here is the run down. I've gotten the go ahead from the committee on the ninth. Everybody should have the document in one of there various emails if you failed to contact me directly with where you wanted it sent. For everybody who sent me where they wanted it I thank you and will be contacting you shortly to schedule an appointment. For those of you who are under the age of 18 it is a little late. When interviewing minors I need to be really careful about what I say and it scares the university when ever people aren't resp
  3. I think its the name of his K document collection. Though I dont think quests and adventures is the right place to gather people.
  4. funny but I think they would have returned to being frozen. I am just waiting for somebody to actually use freeze of there creatures to there advantage. [spoiler]For example the nutcracker and its ability to heal an opponent giving them a win. It may be used as a way to achieve losses more effectively. I already see it being used as a way to give opponents victories.[/spoiler]
  5. Kamisha

    The Tree

    "I go to the gazebo and what do I see but the tree sitting there instantly!" O.K. so I am going to try to explain this without spoilers. But those who where around last Christmas are aware of the tree and the gift function. Now when I went there I saw a split second glance of it until it dissipated and replaced its self with the gazebo. Now I have been there many times and my cashed data is deleted daily which means the data must be fresh from the game. My personal theory since the MD birthday party is that Mur has lately been testing said system and may be using to re-use that system dur
  6. I would though adomino has been really good to me so far.
  7. takes usually around 30 days to get a computer delivered. Goodluck.
  8. Well actually the best way to find if a computer is the same is finding a mac address. A few games I have played can do this. Though it only works with a downloaded component known as a client. Since downloading a client allows them to reveal all where mac addresses are protected from internet programs. I have to say I like the idea of a council though in order to choose who is an alt of who. However this council would have to not be advertised as to who they where. So I would be against making them a guild as that would be public. Making them a secret but contactable group would make it har
  9. people have been override in the past but there is also an announcement that i can quote here. [quote] [2010-08-01 21:24:09 - Stage 10] To avoid confusion, unwanted penalties and such, avoid giving wp to work colegues, people playing md from same computer or network, brothers, sisters, etc. If my alt checker sais you are alts, you are alts. period. I don't care if you are not but you look like you are. If the alt checker sais you are it means you can abuse same things alts can. So that you know, i can determine with a shocking precision if you are just using the same computer or if you are
  10. I like the idea. It isn't obstructive and doesn't interfere with the story line which it would defenently do if implemented in that way. There where some people before that said it was a spoiler. I have to disagree with those people immediately. A spoiler is a in game implemented secret such as the answer to the BP and that of the BPG and the large amount of symbolism that was implemented by the artist(s).
  11. Well actually when signing up now you do have an option bar but the option bar only says we don't care. MD though we choose a gender for our selves in the game we are not actually linked to a gender such as in other games. I forget but it was either peace or DST that portrayed her or himself as a male in the beginning and changed orientation to female. I wouldn't worry about it to much. Nobody sees you from your battle avatar. who you are is defined by your game avatar and your actions in game. I mean when I first came people thought I was female for 2 months because one person decided to c
  12. i'd sign up. Its basically clue except inside MD.
  13. If it is going to be implemented I do think it should be left dysfunctional. For a creature upgrade I think it sort of defeat the reason we have creature upgrades.Creature upgrades I see as more of a reward system. Losing does have its reward but only if you win equal to that for the 100 percent bonus experience that you get. There is then why would I want to kill my creature many times in order to upgrade it. It just seems way to much like a waste. Then creature value I just think is a bad idea. That means a creature could have value before its traded. Trade value is about the trade not b
  14. I don't think that solves the problem. The record does show who and how much was donated so the credits should be returned to the owners. For example I can see nava donated 23 credits.
  15. well actually science only shows you the most probable answer it does not prove anything. it just proves that the most probable answer is _______. That's why tectonic plate movement is stated as a theory and we use laws. We never say this is whats happening. We say this is what a theorize is happening. In fact a hardcore scientist would dispute gravity.
  16. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1294890670' post='77342'] warning long post ahead. alright, its more clear for me now that i have a very unusual concept of how md should be .. because most of the things described as issues are planned to be so. I know how a game should be, the cursive flow of solvable quests that keep you active, spiced with optional increased difficulty stages. The character classes with selectable sets of abilities ordered nicely in branches and such. etc etc ...etc I am trying for 5 years to fight all that. MD is supposed to reach you indirectly and bring
  17. Good god we are still discussing this. Really people I think we could be more constructive then this. I have to say this is one of the fastest growing post I have seen to date and i just see the same thing being posted over and over just in different variations.
  18. Ok this is very side tracked and I am quite sure that this is going to turn into a personal attack. The point of this topic isn't necessarily to attack ideas but to offer any ideas that you may have. The topic although supported by curi is not about curi. I think I should just make that clear before a counter productive dispute erupts and somebody says something they will really regret.
  19. Just a question what do you exspect us to do. It a yahoo account with a password that only the hacker knows and a security question which likely is random numbers and letters. i think your best bet is to contact yahoo say when you couldent log into your account and they might be able to cheak if things where changed then.
  20. Well I have been thinking but I started looking at inventories and noticed that gold coins can have a homeland then I remembered an announcement which got me thinking maybe there should be an achievement for having a gold coin from each home land.
  21. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1296949945' post='78518'] Nice reward, though I somehow don't feel like joining up that much. If I may ask, what did you mean with the leader stuff, like him telling you to hand over coins and you obey, or just rpwise? [/quote] I wouldn't be scared of that I mean really who is going to make you hand over stuff. Mur wont and even if he sues you I think it would be pretty hard to mount a case regarding a quest.
  22. lets balance this out. Undertaker
  23. [quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1296796176' post='78447'] Is this something that you wanted filled out and then scanned, or would you like it to be signed via a text editor? Awi [/quote] Either or. Though apparently it doesn't have to be it can just be a typed name since this is minimum risk meaning I am not causing foreseeable harm to anyone and am not keeping secrets. However if I have a few signed papers instead of just people writing there names in a text field it really help to pass council. So if you can add a signature in anyway please do but if you cant that is fine as well. Ba
  24. Ok I sent the email out to the people that had an email address visible the MD editor simply cant handle the image (its big its flashy and it needs to be there to be official) so those who didn't get one did not have an email address that I could use. However if you send me a valid email address I can send you one in about 6 hours from the time I receive it. If you encounter any problems the front page shows more than enough ways on how to reach me. Please get those in.
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