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  1. I will sell the highest bidder after there is no counter bid for three days. [color=#000000]ID:688417 [/color] [color=#000000]ID:752560 [/color] [color=#000000]ID:752561[/color] [color=#000000]ID:752562[/color] [color=#000000]ID:624620[/color] [color=#000000]ID:694257[/color]
  2. I'm fine with the current format and although I can read the cells I think it makes it a little less clear. though I do like the idea that I can see what type of creature is attacking instead of just a name. The colors are good but i would add the colors to the current fight log in order to highlight portions such as below. ###### START ROUND "1" ###### [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 1 :[/color] [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=105|from 132 to 237; )[/color] [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 3 :[/color] [color=#0000
  3. Kamisha


    Yes it is a shared item. I think there are some people who have the dice as an item that returns to them due to being a games master or something. This person obviously doesn't but that isn't my problem since I am not hosting it. Thing is I wouldn't be able to promise a time that I would have a draw or even if we would have it that week since I wouldn't be able to promise I had possession of them. That being the case I am not going to even try start this my self. Besides it would cast me in a bad light.
  4. Kamisha


    Now personally I wouldn't get involved in this since the universe in its infinite wisdom desires to screw me over every chance it gets. Though that being said I can attempt to make a suggestion that would get people involved. If I had access to the dice in game I would run it differently but I don't so I wont. I would fix this more up like a official lottery. First of all I would charge less because if you look at an average lottery tickets go fora few dollars or sometimes five depending on the type of lottery, country and the cost of living in said location. I would make the lottery between 1
  5. Kamisha


    Im sort of cautious on the wish point idea. It may not be clear but I think that is um buying a wish point because you are putting 6sc in you although only possibly getting a wish point out. I think there was a game similar to this one that the wish point was controversial. I dont have the time to look but its somewhere in there. If somebody finds the post please post a link.
  6. I'll be involved ill be really pressed for time because exams will give me three free days to do this. Oh well only 1200 words is only a page and a bit. that will take me maybe a total of 30 minutes to draft. The rest is easy.
  7. I have said what I have to say and stand by that. I am not going to argue this anymore but don't take this as my defeat. If somebody else has something to add that they find a problem with please add. I have exams coming up and I don't have the time to restate my self.
  8. Regardless we are still looking at a very powerful item and that still stands. As your send to spells they are to particular positions on the map not everywhere. All the spells that cause people to be tugged around without restriction to that location are voluntary perhaps not at the time of summoning but a voluntary risk for joining that faction, alliance or soon to be if not already tag. The repercussions are still in effect regardless of my over sight.
  9. Yes one slave per week is a possibility but think of this in context. It is not the amount of slaves it is the possibility of being the target. If a person does not want to open them selves up as a target the only safe way to do that is to either option A stay online every hour until the item is used or option B remain offline till the item is used. I am totally fine with having an automated process but that being said the process should have to be agreed by both parties (I mean people in the past did sell them selves into slavery as a way to make money in order to survive for a given time loo
  10. Great we have another restricted item to the general public. I dislike the idea of being a slave which is why I didn't auction my self off. Also due to the low amount of people in the game think about how vacant the world would be if nobody wants to be a slave. If anybody in idle mode can be captured then the entire world turns into a ghost town. an integrated item may be a good idea but I would highly advise you to change your pitch and the repercussions before you make a second attempt.
  11. I will attempt to make it though fridays are a bit well hectic and the question always looms if I will have time. I have 6000 heat I can give but I will need jars to donate it.
  12. I don't see why not considering you would have enough to afford them.
  13. Every once and I while I get irritated with my self and start to wright. Alot of them go to a point but dont really have an ending but I think I have got one in mind. I am also attempting to challange my self by righting a first person female character. I have tried to wright female characters before from a third person view often from a first person male so this is somewhat new to me. There are some differences in chracter between a male and a female reaction so I am worried if the charcter first of all seems beleveable and second of all likeable. I am still working on a name so any suggesti
  14. 6gc and 15 sc on elu. Master I can do this all day. Ok not all day more like 16 hours of it.
  15. Master I think I will classify this as a bidding war so you just matched by bid since 1g = 15 sc so my offer is 4gc 31 sc If that doesent cut it then 6gc and 1 sc. You have your choice.
  16. Could everybdoy who has volenteered out up your amount of days you are willing to be a slave or what conditions you must meet before you are freed..
  17. In any case there are a alarming large amount of ajax errors occurring. I got one that would keep on going off at the GOE until I restarted the game.
  18. 3gc and 15sc for the elu.
  19. For example my name was just a whole slue of letters mixed togeather. It wasent untill last year that it was pointed out my MD name means master of desire.
  20. If this just started today I think this might be a problem in the code. What you are seeing here is a chat error. I can decode it a bit from what I can see. If it is repeditive and other people are exsperiancing it it isnt just one of those ajax occasional failers. Decoded: *xcercses passed Bottle of Tequila to redneck* Death Ray:Hey ya'Mur Death Ray:He is under age xcercses:aye, didnt knew that Death Ray:I'll be reporting this... redneck:lies xcercses:okay redneck:':/::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::":::/::::::::::::::?:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  21. 2gc and 5sc for the elu
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