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  1. Gone Fishing. Wont be back till monday.

  2. Yes actually. I pity the fool(s) who has to tag all those announcements.
  3. O.K. now that my cognitive abilities are fresh I will try to explain farther. Now considering chapter 2 I think we should make it clear that it is not going to continue. Considering I haven't been around for a while (we where just beginning to talk about it when I left last) it might be a good idea to make it clear in the game world. Under construction or to be continued may confuse new players. One of the things we need to work on is not just bringing in new players but retaining them. That is why there is always a vet in the paper cabin (or should be in the paper cabin).   As for tra
  4. Possibly an item that scrambles the text of the speaker and decodes the text of other speakers using the same stone. They would have to be created in sets so I am not sure if it counts as one item though multiple items of the same set have been mentioned here already.
  5. I know this topic is long dead so now that it is 1:00 am here I can circumvent my better judgement and post in a near dead topic. Any ways the worst thing about magic duel is incomplete features which projects toward mur as lack of focus. To defend that I can bring to attention Chapter 2 of the story quest has been under construction or to be continued since at least 2009. Trading between lands has been all but abolished due to lack of mechanisms that full fill those needs. Also alliances that don't have enough players to be actually still be considered an alliance by MD standards live on (you
  6. I am just saying adding HC would be redundant considering it is not even running any more. It also may cause confusion for new players.
  7.   The normal HC I think would also classify this as a system message. Although I think there should be a HC tag I wouldent make it a huge priority though. There needs to be one actually currently taking place to actually add any value. Though I would just put HC under the system tag. It falls in that area and the only thing that the system controls is regroup right now. When HC would become a relevant tag it would be rather near the top.
  8. Personally the way I see it although I am not a GG citizen (or of any location) the way I see it is that the tool is placed in a shared location for everybody to have the option to use it. Its actually directly in the name. A shared tool is supposed to be open to everybody. However in the case of land loyalty I understand that since it makes sure there are tools for that land. However if there is no land loyalty score it should remain open to the public not stored where only there citizens can access it. I think the reasoning behind a tool not requiring a land score is not to horde it but to k
  9.   Well the enforcers where the MP3's/MP4's that choose to use it. Technically the rules anywhere are never formally enforced. The only enforcement was making an experience unpleasant for the people who violated the rules. So by the rules instated there if he is actually able to increase the popularity again he could have a group large enough in order to have enforcers.
  10.   I think you are failing to see the point here. The point is your idea has already been thought of many years before and addressed in a different location. Adding another location to address the same issue would cause confusion and would have 2 places operating at half capacity. If this where to pass (unlikely) you would actually be hurting what has already been built and organized in Marble Dale Park since it serves the EXACT same function.   Please look at the Marble dale park sign post read the rules and tell me how this new location you are suggesting is different or how
  11. Well the community garden has been actually been talked about and has been asked for, for an extended period of time. I think renaming it would be a slap in the face for the people who have been pushing for it for a while now. Currently there is actually a place for MP4's to gather for fights. Its in the marble dale park and somebody has actually taken time to subtitle it Sparring Grounds. It does require consent from both parties to fight but if people are looking to fight they would go there. The rules you can find on the sign post. at the entrance closest to where the gates would be.
  12. Im guessing the intention is after somebody wrights it they can rate it up or down depending on how valid or relevant or usefull the information is. However I don't find reference to this anywhere as of yet.  
  13.   Thanks for the sarcasm but I am going to go on record that I wanted the GGG to be dismantled and regardless of the hit that the game player base took it was something that had to be done.   My ID is 3860 I know allot more than you think I do DST.
  14. Currently the realm is sort of dead and I don't think a heads contest at this time would restore the meaning of the competition which is not to hide and accumulate heads but to compete. When I won the heads contest for the first time (MP4) it was hard and I only made it to third. If this competition is going to go ahead I would change my vote to yes if I see at any point a accumulated 250 online players from today being the starting date. Once the GGG shut down player drop off was high. When the GGG was dismantled the people who buffed there stats there had not gained not enough experience in
  15. Now one of the things I did when I was basically analysing this game for a paper in university There where several things I touched on. One of these was heat and its influence in the game. Since then it has not changed much. Actually it is likely the only thing that has remained and likely will remain a static constant. Ok lets get started. There are three different types of heat in MD there is Unstable Heat, Stable Heat, and stored heat. Stored heat is the simplest to understand. When I creature fights (Win or lose) it gains or loses a heat value. Think of stored heat as experience which can
  16. Kamisha ID:3860 AD:882 Time zone: CST/-6 UTC/ -8 Server Time 
  17. sry to rebump this post but there have been a few changes, Due to my leave of absence i was unable to finish and post this on at the time I wanted i apologize for that. On the other hand I look at this as an opportunity. My writing style has much improved in a year so i will be rewriting my findings and what I have also additionally found in the following months. The end result will be my hope to be better than my original report. I will also will be officially announcing this as my K document subject. So if anybody wants this ethnography send me an invite code via PM. The K doc I do have will
  18. The main issue here I think is the ally. The people most qualified to report on a land would have to be an ally of that location. however from what i can tell you cant be an ally of a land and be part of the archivists. My personal opinion would have a citizen of that location be appointed by the king in order to report to an archivist of happenings in the land. However after appointed this person is not to be controlled by that king as to what to report and what not to. Thus this appointed person would have to believe in total transparency and freedom of information.The reason that the king s
  19. I'll apply but I am unsure about my activity. However if I do I need to know a little bit about policy. I've looked at a few different forums and they all vary in what is a swear greatly. For example if I type WTF I've actually got that stared out by a mod well in other cases I get no conflict in other forums. Edit:Minor spelling errors.
  20. Ok finally its finished and I thank everybody who participated which technically speaking was everybody but particularly I would like to thanks those who where open to a interview or showed interest. As for the finished project I will be presenting it but not actually completely. There are a few things that some people want me to leave out and its my job to honor that since they where those people involved. With the MD party going on I will be holding off on sending it off to you because I don't want to interrupt anything and besides I have to make a few edits to make the abridged version of i
  21. The other question would be what to extend this too. Are credits allowed to be traded because there is a large quantity of players who sell items via credits and then you have to have a way for people to say what kind of offer they are looking for.
  22. Vicarious you bring up a good point (although not really on topic here). As for the bet idea being actually educated in law though I have no personal issues with it I for see allot of court cases in this case. Although I try to mediate and make people settle there disputes without entering the court of mur or give the defendant a little extra time. However there is an easy way to keep this out of the court system. In order for something to be a contractual agreement both sides have to have ensured benefit. So in this case people can not go to court since no side is guaranteed some sort of r
  23. When I was dong interviews from people in magic duel (Burns and Awiiya). Though there are few things I cant say I can I hope and able to share this. The idea was interesting and to me and the result was very interesting. It usually evolves in a few stages. The first is the combat system which is often the hook. What gets people involved. Then the community finalizes the complete includement that keeps them there. Ether it is simple talking with people or just a challenging question that somebody has a take on. As for the small community several contributing factors i can think of. The first
  24. The use of espionage I think has been a long used in magic duel. I think removing it would be a tad bit exstream. It should be up to the alliance leaders to find out weather somebody is a hopper or not. As for the spy when I was applying for king it was a long time ago I know. I was informed or maybe even misinformed that lore-root and necro had a alliance of sorts. Just PM me when this changed or even if it did.
  25. Its interest and I have played allot with the idea in my mind. Problem being is although there is activity fights although animated to use for entertainment actually only take less than a quarter second to be calculated meaning the symbol would have to be prolonged. What your suggesting seems a little too um obstructive. If anything there should only be an icon in the top left of the screen that shows the number of fights say in the last 10 minutes or what ever. I am also sort of worried about latency. I personally have few problems with it but I know there are some people that complain about
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