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    Becouse of the huge amount of responces im getting its going to take me a little longer to sort through all this data. 19 May seem like a little but I have to sift through it number by number so that is 19 X 35 = A shit load (More commonly known as 665). Then I have to compare each one individually to each other so that adds up to alot more. I might try use excel. I will get back to you on the results eventually but it will take a bit longer than exspected. I'm still accepting responces though so if you would like to add feel free.
  2. Well done and as for suggestions I have a couple. For starters the use of the PM's sort of defies the ability to walk away from a request as you get trapped in continues back and forth. Though I know this will be a problem for some people as time zones are different then others so fixing this may be difficult. Maybe a command word to say that you are going to ignore farther information from a certain person. Second people should be given some info as the game starts similar to the ones given in the example such as the same person who cant____ also can_____. This would allow people to find pe
  3. Kamisha


    It seems that DNA is going to be an important feature in the future and finding people with similar DNA is not yet available completely. You currently have to be completely the same and if that where to hold true your minds would work in a similar way. This is why i am posting this here. I want to see before hand who has a similar DNA strain to everybody else. For those who don't know where to find this it is under your general info and looks like a binary code. Mostly I want to see if anybodies personality type actually corresponds to a particular DNA strain. If you could actually predict wit
  4. After while you stop caring. I know some people that actually are competing for bad rep. Earthier way iI am fine with the thought that I have a generally abrasive personality on the fourm.
  5. Grido does make a valid point though and I think I understand what he is trying to say. For example lets say I use my main account and make myself an adept of lets say Granos. Now due to an absent thought in a lapse of judgment create an alt. The question is whether or not that alt could be a adept of Granos as well. If I am so far right up to this point it raises another question. If I where to create an alt could that alt be an adept of a different character than the one I am already an adept of. I do have to agree with Grido though that this is another type of alt abuse that is inside the
  6. Kamisha

    Stop Ggg

    [quote name='phantasm' date='07 June 2010 - 05:43 AM' timestamp='1275907385' post='61238'] I really do enjoy how there are people who used GGG to get power or level up their angiens, then once they do jump on the anti-GGG ban wagon. Two thumbs up you guys /endsarcasm [/quote] Ok firstly if this is a hit at me it is only true in a sense. If you would look at my creatures and any rit I use you will not find a single leveled Angien beyond the age requirement to be usable (I think it is around 120 days). You have obviously seen me there obeying the rules. If I count my visits there would be j
  7. Kamisha

    Stop Ggg

    [quote name='Udgard' date='06 June 2010 - 07:45 PM' timestamp='1275871538' post='61192'] All rits? Does that include defense rits of people who came there to break the rits as well? (in chaos situations, sometimes "friend" and "foe" is hard to distinguish). And.. gorilla group? I think you meant guerrilla, gorilla groups are usually found at zoos. [/quote] Noted the gorilla guerrilla difference and fixed it. Part of the reason of the group would be to support the other characters attacking and breaking rits. The GGG is under protection by some players it is only fair that we have out ow
  8. Kamisha

    Stop Ggg

    O.K. I have heard enough complaining and no action. People simply stating why it is going to stay and that somebody is going to have to tear it down. I am offended by the GGG still remaining with all this opposition and of course the supporters. That's why I am going to start a small group in order to take down the GGG. The reason that GGG is so powerful is because people who support it say so openly. So I am going to go out on a leg here and in a way sacrifice my self. I hate the GGG and it has to go. Now this is what I propose. The GGG is not protected by the rules of Magic Duel it is only
  9. Ok i just got the final verdict today. The winners where selected by the 3 judges ranking there most favorite and second favorite. The one they choose as there favorite was assigned a total of two points the second favorite was selected and assigned one point. The results are as follows: Fyrd took first place with 4 points with a ranking of two second places and a first Assira the black takes second place with a rank of 3 points with a first and a second placing by the judges. Princ finally took third with three points ranked by one judge as a first place. The judges personal choices will
  10. The main thing to understand is if you have two accounts they are not allowed to associate in any way. The only association between them can be role play and a few people have gotten in trouble for that because they decided they could run there mouth a little too far with there alt. Although mur didn't take his toll on them the community came down hard on him until he decided to just disappear.
  11. cool I thank you and dare I say bob and z.
  12. god damn why did I post here before looking. Likely because it was the first post I saw. You can close this topic I think.[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6785-im-dying/page__p__57308&#entry57308"]Read before posting.[/url]
  13. well you got my Pm i think it says enough.
  14. These are brain cells right there neurons. There has been (I think in Britain im not exactly sure) where they have injected the cold sore virus into the tumors the result since healthy neurons don't divide and cancerous neurons divide uncontrollably was the tumors stopping from growing since the cold sore virus only kills dividing cell. Anyways its something to look into is things go to worse. This is what i could find on it. [url="http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/herpes_virus_offers_new_hope_in_curing_cancer_9840"]link[/url] It might be interesting to some other people as well.
  15. Yes last day has been passed and the votes will be tallied expect the results in about a week. They will be posted both here and in the results page.
  16. welcome to MD it would be a good idea to find a person to be an adept of as they will be sure to help you. The LHO button is also open for situations in which you need a quick concise answer. Finally don't hesitate to ask around as it is almost essential to understand the game.
  17. sry to sort of hijack this post but I don't think it needs a new thread. I personally think these avy discussions should be sorted in a new personalized heading specific to avys. example: MagicDuel Forums > No Mans Land > Avatars > (topic heading). Its just sort of getting crowded by all the avy responses that it will difficult for new players to navigate.
  18. The cost there is to discourage switching between avys for the reason that the avy us your personality captured. You see my avy to the left here that's me and I defines who I am. Avys can be changed in order to allow players to fix a mistake or find a personification of them self that is more current. If people where allowed to change there avy as often as they choose fit it is no longer a definition of self but preference at the moment. Avys are used to be legend builders. Example1: Everybody can see Z by his goat avy. Example2: Everybody knows Kalazadad by his fat baby avy. Example3: Ev
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