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  1. It may be a good idea to consult the community because some people are nearly completely accepted as legends. Take the kanator commander for instance. Umm well if murs alts count.
  2. Unfouchenently my vivid imagination was a major problem. When the eye is described when fighting I feel like vomiting because the image is there. So actually i more admired the brilliant writing instead of the actual code (I cant because I cant code I might appreciate it more if I could). On earthier account great quest I hope to see some more of it in the future.
  3. Well errors in history is a simple problem that cant be overcome. I would enjoy to hear the history of big C kalazadad and some of the less known ones such as kittness and a few others despite the distortion. Though I hope it differs somewhat from the book of ancients or else it would be sort of futile.
  4. [quote name='Grido(polis)' timestamp='1285363696' post='69052'] There is logic to it, although i know at least one person who managed to do it by random clicking [/quote] I hate not being lucky as I have found the logic and it takes for ever.
  5. I suggest one of the first things you should do is still find a person to become an adept of because a mentor can still be a help. I had to self teach my self from zero to where I am now because I choose not to make a choice of who to work with. It made me slightly more adaptable but it was a mistake. Also choose your role quickly as it will take a bit of time to build and its good to start early (Example: I'm a demon who possed a body in order to walk the earthen plain). Finally you may want to find a protector who is online often. During the early stages you want to get rid of your heat and
  6. If i had to take a guess it is probably an unknown side effect. People have been having vitality problems and I somehow found a way for my level 5 elemental to receive only 1 damage. I think it might take some time in order to get this fixed because currently the battle system is still being renovated. I mean look at the little gold icons that where added. It looks like we might be able to distribute exp or something. I think soon enough it will be fixed but right now the battle system is undergoing a lot of changes.
  7. Im not sure if the same rules apply with personal avatars. There trying to upload to get the three credits for each.
  8. I would suggest against making suggestions. The ideas have been almost all used and stating pros and cons can often be counter productive. If mur plans to re instate the free credits he has a plan already if he doesn't well than mur help us all. If he doesn't see any viable idea we will see the free credits page leave our top bar. At the current moment sending angry letters and disjointed complaints are not going to resolve the issue. I think we all have to accept it is no longer in our hands.
  9. Kamisha

    Md As A Story

    I do understand the reason for using the AL and I will use it after the first creation. The AL does not completely define the world. We need start at the core basics to start with. Thats geology, the sure history that is given too us which is not that much and something that grabs attention. The storyboard im thinking of makes use of this by the angien opening the box. Flash of light fade in and fly over of the net of the box. Include no mans land, loreroot, marnidbell eastern lands necrocron and GG in that order being very basic similar to the what is shown on the front page with a little mor
  10. Kamisha

    Md As A Story

    I'd like to look at the possibility of creating a small series based on magic duel. I have a few ideas and just have to get them down on paper. It might boost the games popularity something that we really need to work on as both new and vet players know all too well. What I see here is locating this collaborative effort on [url="http://www.newgrounds.com"]Newgrounds[/url] obviously if you have an account or do any work on it your name will be tagged to it. Now here's where the team work comes in. I can wright it find the music (top floor of the paper cabin) and plan it out but I cant animate i
  11. Mur talked about this but on a different subject. One reason for the astral plane being shut down in the past was due to the chat logs integrated into it (along with other things). I'm sure most people understand the merit to this but the fact is it would just be breaking both a rule and lastly as chewett said its being lazy. If you want to send the same message to each one just highlight ctrl+c ctrl+v though I give them if they where still active more selective advice.
  12. Amber ruin your problem is the battle took place before the update since the new system records more data you encounter a error on line 11 because of the code change does not include that.I However what I am encounter is not as urgent as this vitality bug but it does not show the damage distribution in the quick glance log. Other than that I like the new system because I can easily find flaws in the opponents ritual. (like most people im still struggling with fully tokened drakhorns ) Edit: Ok received the same problem as everybody else now. here is the battle data. Sry as always its
  13. This basically just freeze with the addition of a element which shouldn't be added. There is already luck involved with some creatures we don't need to add more. This is supposed to be a game consisting of smart thinking. Allowing a creature to suddenly just put something out of action without a decent strategy is not something wanted or needed.
  14. poured in $100 just yesterday I cant do the server support thing I only got email transfer.
  15. It was going on but mur took care of it because it made one system preferred over the others.
  16. We arnt saying it isnt a big change we just see it relevent as a necessity. RL has society I dont see why MD has to be all that different. Also working hard for votes. Alot of people campained and had page long essay format papers exsplaining there values. They also where alliance leaders (I think all of them where) so they actually worked for years ensuring and impoving there ability. Yes it may be a popularity contest but they are popular for a reason. I have come to terms with my leaving the race in the last days which is essentially losing why cant you come to terms with yours.
  17. Peace I don't think you would have any relation there is no law stating monogamy. You would just be another spouse of DST.
  18. I have to agree with fryd on this the dwindling players has always been a worry of mine. The people that join daily maybe only 1 to 3 actually succeed getting to MP5. I was probably one of the few people that voted... unless the links where broken which happened once or twice. The only reason I used those links instead of paying is because of the lack of method. I don't have a checking account or a credit card so my only option is email transfer which I would be fine with if it existed here. The main reason this likely stopped is actually because of the advertising guild being disbanded so the
  19. OK I think I have watched this post enough in order to input my opinion. Your worried about the macro level meaning wars on and about land. However in order for there to be a macro there has to be organization and this is where the kings come in to sort of lead in the right direction. As for the kings being passive its true there is always some tension between GG and Necro. There is also a pact between Necro and Loreroot. MB and Loreroot have a uneasy pact. Though I think GG and Loreroot are at an uneasy peace though i am unsure 100% about Loreroot and MB affairs there a bit more complex. Eith
  20. Well actually it couldn't be ren because everything ren does is signed with an r at the bottom. The faded messages are automated though.
  21. Oh sry had a look at the past statment. Ya he did press a wrong button. Then about the server matinence thing I frogot that only paid games do that in order to update there stores for they make millions. I frogot this game is actually hardly supported by the players that pay (sry I mean no offence to anybody when I say this although it sounds really bad I know). Though I still beleve mur is at least less active then he was previously.
  22. I agree it might be becouse the server isnt being looked after with mur away. Also we have often had problems with the server company. They actually wipped the MD records accedently once (luckly they were backed up). This isnt the first time we have exsperanced this and I can assure you it isnt the last.
  23. Bind vitality is using a percentage of your vital energy on the ritual by doing so you apply some of your profile stats to your creatures. For example you have maybe 20 attack (ussually alot more) on your profile and you bind 100% vitalty that 20 attack will be evenly distributed to all your creatures in the battle. It willl also over charge your creatures vitality. However the vital energy lost in the fight will be direct damage to you. If you lose the fight you can lose up to the percent you put in. As for principle magic they are only used for tokens right now (you can read up alot on the
  24. In my personal opinion I beleve the only way to fix the torch compatition is to limit it to people who have a land. There is really no point in participating without one other than the reason you have fun moving one space per regen and being trapped in enemy territory. The abuse of the torch compatition is an on going problem and likely there is no TRUE fix for it and there never will be. For people that are worried that the score board will read all zeros it does not really matter. Though MP4's and 3's if they choose to pick up a torch should be able to be attacked. Limiting them from picking
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