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    New Ggg?

    This is a rare instance which I can actually agree with this training ground. The idea is this location which makes it ok in my mind. First off you cant get there without using a portal which is open for a limited time which is an important factor. My personal problem with the GGG is nobody would leave and when they did they ran back right after. This eliminates the ability to get back for a little while causing people to be out of there safety for a while. I know the GGG was a bad idea this location actually has some merit. However only here would I allow such. The idea of a moving GGG or
  2. PV = nRT atmosphers volume in L n in moles R is a constant and T is the temperature in Kalvin.

    1. dst


      Ugh...I hate physics....and i hate the fact that I still remember some of it...

    2. Mr Mystery

      Mr Mystery

      not only is this physics.. its chemistry too xD

    3. Kamisha


      Yeah I was using it in chem. Most important equation for me to know.

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  3. [quote name='pipster' timestamp='1289933761' post='72267'] can i just ask why this was done? it is hard enough to find wins but now about half my creatures do damage to me, hence i cant gain wins for my lower creatures due to they kill me. [/quote] lol not as bad as not being able to lose exp. I cant wins or exp for my creatures because of the other bug. I'm stuck in a state of suspended animation for my creatures. I should stop using my tree in my def rit.
  4. Shouldn't some of the nominees be told if they win. Not that I plan on being nominated (god knows I won't be winning anything) but it would be rather embarrassing if one of the winning nominees decided not to show up because they thought the votes where against them.
  5. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1289831519' post='72182'] He is correct, defend does harm, and weaken boosts the enemy. The effect-based abilities are all inverted for the time being. [/quote] ... well that explains a lot.
  6. Battle animation with the new system does not continue to completion. There are many reports concerning bugs. though this is a bug it is not of the highest priority as there is the reading of the battle log. So it will take some time to get around to it. Besides reading the battle log is a good habit to get into. It teaches you what a creature is capable of and you can find where the flaws are in your ritual. That's why attribute my new found success against drakhorns and raindrakes from rendil adomino and reading the battle log.
  7. Believe me MP4 is a whole different world. I was not ready to into it when I did and I still likely am not. I was top in MP4 when I was there a year ago. Then I decided to rush to MP5 like you and you don't step one level up like the other ones. In MP5 you ether win everything or lose even more. Take this as a warning stay out of MP5 as long as you can. Do not use heat as it increases experience. Sacrifice your creatures to lower exp and only use creatures you plan on training because you want that exp to go to the most use. Be smart and stay where you are.
  8. OK I have a few things to say after listening to every bodies posts. First I understand the concerns of the kings and the possibility of abuse. As for alts we can already rule them out. The announcement already has stated that people using alts to rebel will be punished for it. So if you have lets say 4 alts in the same land you are only allowed to use one to be a rebel. Next issue to tackle is that there was no warning. Ok I can understand this but only to a certain point. People used to able to overthrow kings just mur decided it was time to be automated. Make it so those rebels can still ma
  9. Could you please post the battle logs. Edit them into your original posts.
  10. This blatantly traced with small differences introduced perhaps just moved. Look at both the right hands the sword though moved to the hilt is the same design the artist could have just twisted the paper about 20 degrees and put it over top of there. The angle he is facing is exactly the same. Though I would like to mention this is not in complete violation because some things have been changed. Such as the sword position and ect.Though I don't think this gives MD a good image. For example its like making a movie based on real events but just shifting enough that you don't have to pay the pe
  11. The problem with that is the restriction of players who play on the same LAN connection. For example if my brother played which he doesn't (He is an FPS junky) he would be on the same LAN connection that I am on which would mean only one of us would have access to the WP function for days. There are also the people who have or are playing in an internet cafe or in my case in the University of Winnipeg in my spare time. Its an IP address tracker not a MAC address tracker.
  12. They want to multiply player stats into creatures in order to re achieve the balance we had before all these ultimately powerful creatures came out. An actual relevance of integrated player stats. Currently the game is lying to you that every rit has a counter rit.
  13. That would result in a major overhaul for the game as a whole. Mur would have to find a 100% chance to find alts which is not realistic. Then he would have to associate those accounts as one which are two separate character profiles. Then there would have to be a page constructed considering WP trades and WP for days would have to be considered a different kind of wish point and be tagged as such.
  14. Now I like the idea yes but what I see is a who bunch of vets using it almost as an abuse tool. You may have good intentions but I see it in practice as a bad idea.
  15. This was looked at by a previous post it was disregarded as people started adding formulas. I personally think this would unbalance things. Instead of playing with strategy you would be playing a bizarre chance game. Sort of like rock paper scissors. Its not as pronounced in Pokemon because of leveling but play "tom clancys endwar" (actually a good game I recommend trying it although what im about to say about it) you know what I am talking about.
  16. What Udgard is saying is very simple. Yes you are getting wishpoints we are in agreement that it is a good thing. New players and old players alike are rejoicing in the bathing of wishes. What Udgard is saying is not that we should restrict wishes. What we have to do is push them back for people who have not earned a couple are restricted at least to a point. For example I have earned two wish points (Ok one for those who want to be picky but the fact remains I have two). I should get access too more interesting things then say a player who has just been logging in to achieve active days and i
  17. Its a good idea but only if it promotes an increase in torch competition. I think scores should be higher than 1's and 2's though that might be due to the lack of rewards and how the kings decide to distribute them.
  18. Hmm MD is down again.

  19. Though im often not in complete agreement with many people I have to agree with DST on this. Retro activation is a almost a requirement. As for the system being unbalanced you have to look at the active days. If you are bound to the same rules as everybody else then the system is stable. Besides WP spells have limited effects. You don't need wish-points to be successful they just give you that extra push. Besides Fryd its not a question of if its a question of when now.
  20. Unfourchenently the problem with that is if somebody where to say buy the ticket and bring it to you and suggests a completely ridiculous item you would have little choice to refuse to make something that doesn't follow magic duel. For example lets say I want a intergalactic laser cannon and I have gone to the depth to use the wish point to get a item ticket. Then I come to you and say I want this cannon (which obviously somewhat defeats magic duels theme). Now there are two ways this can play out. First: Is you have to make the weapon because I have a ticket to do so. Since it is integra
  21. [quote name='Nera'] To be fair, we should have a breast cancer awareness quest afterward:D [/quote] You do know that the breast cancer awareness is shaving your head bald to represent radiation treatment (kemo).
  22. Hey development status has been changed from vac to Madness.

  23. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1288633064' post='71274'] Except that the official statement is that it is not alt abuse. Counter-intuitive as that may be. [/quote] Hold that I took a look through the rules this one stuck out: Uncommon things that you CAN do You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experience new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned. Also this one did as well: Main things that can get you banned: Exchanging WishPoints between y
  24. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1288620133' post='71265'] MrAlyon and his items are the best example of why alts should not get WPs. Quite simple. [/quote] Well lets think about this. If an alt gets a wishpoint and makes an item then trades it to another alt that falls into alt abuse as a single account is benefited and the other is not.
  25. What I find is apparently I am a lot more sensitive when I take this test. When I did I actually have emotion as one of my characteristics. However when I took my shorter test with the DNA (which I am still working on a good way to decode it all) I am completely calculating. I'm not sure which one to believe. The more questions could cause a more accurate result but it also could be causing noise because of the questions. Though its hard to cheat this one because of the questions being not choose a letter corresponding but say yes or no to the question at hand.
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