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  4. Well I guess I will keep it as simple as possible. Since he is looking for activity it only makes sense I show it here. And apparently explaining wont help so I wont bother. [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery_uploads/1291086514/tn_gallery_2814_181_1281.jpg[/img]
  5. There is also email transfer which is open. All you need is an online bank account to do that.
  6. Kamisha


    You could always open up the location name to public opinion in order to find a name that does not have that bug.
  7. Good question considering lore root has started to be the only side still participating.
  8. It could be interesting but having negatives to everybody during the bad weather just causes frustration. If there are weather effects they should effect people differently as if everybody is effected equally then there is not much point of implementation.
  9. [quote name='OmgWhoAmI' timestamp='1291669984' post='74687'] Whats up guys? Some of me mates told me i should register, But recommended not using my playername as it be safer as you normally hunt people down who dont agree with ya So im Omg, lets hope i can try and understand how this forum works [/quote] Well technically you should only have one fourm account though i only have one most people have two and some hated players have five just to make people listen. I would however suggest adding your name to your forum account. Nobody knew who my character was until I had this account.
  10. lol Well often with the tree planting in order to replace the trees there is a failure to maintain the biodiversity of the region by planing one type of fast growing tree in order to allow the logging company to come back in a few years too cut down the forestry in that area. What kind of policy are you recommending for planting and what kind of forestry cutting practice do you plan on using.
  11. I'm sry but almost everybody here minus chewy and dst are making assumptions. Two people using the same rit is becoming very common as too some creatures which mur did not want to make rare are. I think mur said there where 64 different kind of creatures in md. Anyways here is the problem. Similar rits may be suspicious but they are not proof. They could be adepts of each other and talk about rits or they could just be two people who got each others by chance. They might atk each other and find the other persons defense is strong so try to copy it. There is any number of reasons it might be
  12. Although this might mean the loss of one of my wp which are as follows: *Sagewoman*on 22/10/09 For having the guts and ball to apply and campaign for Kingship and to gracefully withdrawn knowing the odds were against him. Blackwood Foreston 11/05/10 UTOB second place winner entry reward I have to agree to this clean up. With WP for days coming in there are a lot of undeserved wish points out there. Add that together with the extras and you have WP totally devalued. Then there are people dishing out the dollar values for people to reward them. If i am undeserving so be it jus
  13. 3am, anger and a drink makes my English suffer. It is my first language I assure you and I am fluent. Now that I look over it I would have half a mind to edit it but I wont it is testament to what happens when I shouldn't be thinking. I hope that when I announced this some people would make it clearer. I mean no hard feelings and these people seem to make things clearer then I was. Sharazhad I thank you for defending my point and making it clearer. Since this topic seems to be resolved I am done here.
    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      I've always found it fascinating how opposed necrovions in particular are to outside input from a community which their actions have a knock on effect on.

    2. Pipstickz


      Not all of us, Zleip D:

    3. Agis Asticles

      Agis Asticles

      well conflict of a land which considers itself friends to none would of course interest others lol.

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  14. OK the first two quotes relate to the third one. Necrocron being ruled by jester does make it jesters land. I truly beleve that a land is defined by its ruler. Regardless of who rose novocron out of the ocean it does not matter who they are as they dont have control of it. For example if I where to buy an xbox and I don't use it but lets say my brother where to use it. I own it but I no longer define the games it plays or the time that its used. I simply have lost control in essence it is no longer mine. Likewise necrocron is no longer the wizards it is now jesters. Ok as for betrayal. Re
  15. Technically speaking jester is necrocron is jester. A land is defined by the most influential person in that land. For example in marnidbell I would see lifeline (it seems thats going to change soon.) By declaring your self your self a rebel you are declaring your against the ruler not the land that much is true. Though your land is formed by your ruler there for you are betraying your land. Also this is not rebel abuse. You should realize when becoming a rebel you are betraying jester. Now tell me Aysen lets say I was your friend and I posted this. Lets say you where king had wish-points to g
  16. well ill start with 1 silver
  17. The problem is showing the percentage could eaither discourage or facilitate a rebellion. For example if only 10% where rebelling few people would join over 50% would make it increase. There are also in actives which would make a lower percentage.
  18. I guess ill kick it off 3 sc for the pimped.
  19. is lagging becouse of the univercitys on again off again connection

  20. Kamisha

    New Ggg?

    Ok I agree with DST on this one and alot of people with side with her here. The main problem with the GGG is protection. The bad rep that it gives you should not appear. You training somewhere with a friend you are doing this at your own risk. What people don't seem to understand is that is that you are in a hostile world. You can create all the god damn rules you want. If you are going to **** and complain about it well that's just ****ing fine with me. I said I was fine with it earlier but now I withdraw that claim. If you are complaining about a few attacks inside your safe zone then you s
  21. Not the right place though being able to post more than originally intended is something that is meant to be there. Though you can get punished for using this trick so its a good thing that you posted it though in order to stop other people from using this please star out the method used and instead pm mur directly.
  22. Kamisha

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Vicarious' timestamp='1290040456' post='72370'] The issue here MasterB was that the location was originally the basement of the Archives. And Dst once again followed me, used her acoustic remains, and broke the rituals. We purposely chose this next location to keep wanderers from finding us, and then of course, Dst came and did her thing. [/quote] I'm sry but regardless of what was done I feel that things regarding dst personally should be not be done in a thread regarding a GGG for the same merit I also beleve that the assumption including sigheart should be posted in anot
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