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  1. Th either languages are just temporary disabled during this update process in order to keep the transition running smoothly for actual effects vs. the translation could be incorrect. English is the dominate language of MD players so this allows the game to still run. Later on there may be room for translation but from a coders point of view this makes things easier.

  2. I do like the idea of the role except for the reason you are giving the Warden alot of power and big red buttons. If Mur does think about doing this we are likely to see some secret tests coming out for some players to see if they can handle the button. The control factor here however is that they can be prosecuted them selves if they don't follow orders of those handing down sentences or abuse this for personal gain. If I had to make a choice for a player I would avoid a warden being part of a common land such as MD, LR, GG, or Necro to reduce bias. Underground, East lands or No Mans land would be a good place to look. Perhaps you could overturn my thoughts on MB since they represent Justice usually (or at least say they do).

  3. Can you split this out of this thread please this is off topic and should be discussed elsewhere. However my view on the matter if they don't have enough slots is either option:

    A) Sell it

    B) Ask a protector/somebody with heat to Totem it.

    Since these people are apparently seriously into combat they wont care about the armour and will get a large amount of cash. Also option B is rather easy to do since protectors have heat to spare and are MP6 for the reason of helping others.

    I am not saying this is an end all I'm just saying if you have a problem with that you have options.

  4. I was not aware I spent that much but I am not going to argue. Any ways the first thing I want to start off saying is that turning spent credits into wish points should be a no go since wish points main intention was to have a separate currency that could allow people to hopefully play there role better. Also wish points are very valuable and although that would make my character very spell happy I feel it would devalue the importance of wish points and the quests available. However I could see them as being traded in to grant the user the ability to give a wish point for a quest. It would allow larger rewards without the need for sponsors so we may see some new interesting quests in the realm which is something I most vets are trying to promote.


    Moving on with spent credits it may be valuable that I think mur is trying to make this a more automated process which would allow him to be outside the loop for some of the trades. Instead of him asking what do you want and you making a trade manually I think it is going to look more like one of the shops. If im correct on that fact it maybe a good idea to rule out things like gold avatars that was presented last time since that take a large amount of manual labour (although I like the conscience of the golden tickets making golden avatars). Although I do want to be rewarded in some way I find it hard to think of things that may not be unbalanced or deemed unfair.


    Personally I don't feel that I spend enough time in the realm to actually make possible game changing decisions so as for any additional suggestions other than what I have already said I am going to hold my tongue.

  5. volition: 102(102.1)
    Ad: 1040
    Grinding: No
    @Blackrider Its a skill obtained by moving from scene to scene and is determined by I think it is the amount of times you have been there.  If you click on the arrow it reduces the viscosity for somebody to follow you.  I haven't cared enough in order to refine the equations for most of these with 295 Ap and moving in low Viscosity locations for most of my MD life time (since that's where the people are) I haven't studied it.  I'm sure there is somebody more knowledgeable then me that could explain it better. 
    Edit: copy pasted more than I intended.
  6. I use chrome... usually and in this case I did. However what ever the error was is no longer present when I used them today. It seems like it was a chrome thing in a certain time frame. So far I think that there is enough evidence to support what ever it was it was a glitch not a bug meaning that this thread could be closed soon if no more posts relating to it pop up. However if I remember forum rules correctly unless you have dispute could you do the honours Zleipheir.

  7. Perhaps Rophs but I can tell you that it isn't opening more that one link at once. I go through it rather quickly but I vote prior to opening the following link. There was very little need for me to open all the links at once. Actually according to my calculations that would take longer.

  8. A couple questions? What will the movement cost be? Are there certain places that it can or can not be used? Also I am not sure if MD has a sufficient randomness engine in order to do this (of course nothing is truly random)?

  9. Player Name: Kamisha

    ID:                  3860


    Ambiguous Key - A key that appears to have no lock.

    Ambiguous Lock - A lock that appears to have no key.

    Paper Crown - Fit for a self proclaimed king

    Quarter Staff - A stick with no real magical properties

    Pet rock - It cant talk back and stays right where you left it the perfect pet.


    Ill update this post as I think of them.



    awesome items, too bad i can't use them for what i need. The pet rock is fabulous, i don't think its usable . but i might still try to make it a public pet :) ..honestly i want it as my pet actually

  10. When I originally wrote my ethnography I was able to save a small part of it, Namely the introduction inside the magic duel archive (I was told to note things so I choose to use the tools provided inside MD in this case notes). So to lead by example and since I am asking you guys to post a sample of your work its only fair that I lay bare mine. As I said you can reply directly to me through the messenger system on the forum or even online if you choose to go through the trouble to find me (or not if you have the locator spell). None of that has changed by me adding to this post. The below is the introduction to the MD world. I warn you though when I have great passion in something I tend to get allot more poetic then I intend especially when I write. So this is my introduction from then and likely to be copy pasted to this collection and edited farther for clarity sake.



    My intention inside magic duel is to study not the world is self but the complex community that has evolved from essentially and entirely void world. When magic duel was first created and when I first found it was one year after its launch. When I did find it I found it uninteresting only being able to choose a selection from a list then when entering the world the most you could see was some really interesting artwork. Participating in fights and not really having a lot of chat I quickly abandon it yet kept a link in my home page just encase something evolved. When I arrived a second time I saw some change but not much. There was the creation of a more complex battle system and that was about all I saw. It was not until I arrived and stayed three years after my first brush with it that I decided to stay.
    What I saw change was not a great marvel of design or that of remade game mechanics. If I had to say what it was I would tell you it was the lack there of. Through the lack of a base mechanic the game its self had the ability to grow. What can come from nothing is a community built on its own rules. A game often forces social interaction by adding incentives such as the ability to gain more experience. The ability to have marriage turns into an experience sharing and booster.
    Here things were different instead of forcing a community it had to be created by the people. It is actually through the act of absence of development that creation was produced. That is what was so interesting to me and why I decided to look farther into this developing community. What makes it tick, roles people have and even the creation of religion and commonly accepted morals.


    Edit: Hmm looks a lot longer in the K doc and in edit mode.. 

  11. I have finally got my final wish point for getting to 1000 active days (I know its late considering [This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): 30.09.2007 05:53] but that's besides the point). Now usually I would use this wishpoint inside the wishpoint shop and use it on a generic spell (which I would rarely use) or I could use on getting the ability to code multiple objects (which I don't have the patience to re-learn [I know its simple though my knowledge of coding has died over the years]) or I could use it on research points (which is a feature I don't believe is supported or any more or if it is very poorly. Anyways moving on you want me to get to the centre of the matter.


    A less generic choice is try to create a record but my proposition is different from the archivists. I don't want a generic record of what has happened in the realm. I want to create a collection of the people in the realm. Most of Magic Duel revolves around the people who shaped the world. When Magic Duel was first created it was empty baron a clean slate. That was part of the charm the lure the fact that until the first person logged in and before the first words where spoke and before the first action was made the magic duel world was no more complicated from the wooden box you where plucked from to enter creation. It was that sum of people that made magic duel what it is today. Thus the title the Sum of Creation The Sum of the people who created Magic Duel. 


    Though there is a small hiccup it is called a K document Collection for a reason. It is a collection of document to make a sort of digital library of sorts so although I am supplying the first wishpoint and the first document (in the next 1-2 months the world has changed allot since I started writing it) I need backers other than myself. Though it is important that the documents follow the theme. If haven't made it clear yet it is the people in magic duel. Not theories about the land not how this place was create not the lands opening order and not a chronological order of events from the beginning to now (and quite possibly the future [you never know]) but the people as you see them. To make things a little more clear some people in magic duel will remember that I was representing the University of Winnipeg when I was writing an ethnography. An ethnography for those who don't know is a study of the relationship between people and a study on culture and relating it to your own experience and explanation. Basically that is what I am looking for is a collection of  documents from people revealing there views on the culture of magic duel and the people inside it.


    Before you decide to sign up a few things to keep in mind:


    1) Your document must follow the basic theme. You can make assumptions and use dates all the things I said you should not but it has to directly support the source material. If it doesn't add substance its just pulp that should be strained out.


    2) Political views in the world should be redacted. I do not want a whole bunch of LR praise and Necro bashing in the other or vice-versa (one of the reasons I stay in no mans land). This is your view directly on individuals not an entire group. I am not telling you to break character but I will tell you to keep your politics out of it.


    3) This is an ongoing work so it would be wise to update your document from time to time since world does change frequently.


    4) Since this is a select work not all submissions will be accepted. I will be requiring a sample of your work privately or publicly to make a decision its your choice how you present it.


    5) The spelling and grammatical errors in this post are not acceptable in the final work. Please be sure to proof read(I am not checking this yet since it is 3am. Ill try to force myself tomorrow).


    6) This should be a step in your new role.


    Note to mods: I was looking for a place to put this and there isn't really and the text about k documents it should be a big step in developing your role so I choose to put it here; since this is neutral ground. If there is a better place for it please place it there just make sure it is a public space not belonging to any land and I can still access it. Thank you.




  12. Since principles are supposed to fit into role play and since it isn't completely clear of there usage yet or newer players being completely oblivious to what they actually are it might be a decent move to allow a limited ability to edit them. The best way I can see of implementing this is one of two ways. The first is to allow one change after exiting story mode in order to make a few minor corrections (I personally only want one correction) on where those points you earned should really go. Obviously this should be retroactively activated for all players that have finished story mode already. The other option would be implementation inside the shop with a high active day requirement because by that logic they may have actually realized there character after a certain time and those principles could now be put to a better more representative principle set. 


    Personally I see the second option I suggest as the most representative of what we are trying to achieve with principles at the current moment..

  13. Never really payed much attention to it. My theory was that since it was created later it may have had conflicting cords but looking at how the cords radiate out from the goe it would be increasingly positive numbers into the east. Burns in that case has likely hit the nail on the head however I would like a better analogy because in this case your head is the nail.

  14. I'm not going to comment too much on this because I find these tactics sleazy. Very effective no without a doubt but still sleazy. This often causes games to become very sticky because they want to gain that incentive even sometimes in cases when they have no actual intention of playing the game for any actual reason. Its a psychological thing that you can exploit very well. For examples  I can list a few (tribal wars, The west, erepublick, and anything that works on a very limited energy system (I don't mean in the 200 range I am talking about like a limit of 5 that  you get once an hour so you have to log out and revisit on a schedule. As for the methods that you choose to use here I always see simple actions as better than more complex actions.

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