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Status Updates posted by Kamisha

  1. In recovery after surgery my activity may be unpredictable and sperratic. Don't take everything I say as a definitive but an estimate.

  2. Gone Fishing. Wont be back till monday.

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    2. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      I've always found it fascinating how opposed necrovions in particular are to outside input from a community which their actions have a knock on effect on.

    3. Pipstickz


      Not all of us, Zleip D:

    4. Agis Asticles

      Agis Asticles

      well conflict of a land which considers itself friends to none would of course interest others lol.

  3. is lagging becouse of the univercitys on again off again connection

  4. PV = nRT atmosphers volume in L n in moles R is a constant and T is the temperature in Kalvin.

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    2. dst


      Ugh...I hate physics....and i hate the fact that I still remember some of it...

    3. Mr Mystery

      Mr Mystery

      not only is this physics.. its chemistry too xD

    4. Kamisha


      Yeah I was using it in chem. Most important equation for me to know.

  5. Hmm MD is down again.

  6. Hey development status has been changed from vac to Madness.

  7. welcome to the magic duel forums Twelthmonkey you will find a lot of useful information here as well as comment on the ongoing status of the game in other words make a difference.

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