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  1. I will apply but I wont be able to start till July (working in a greenhouse requires alot of hours during the planting season).
  2. Wow alot higher than the pace setter at 3g. I was planning on biding but I guess im out.
  3. Th either languages are just temporary disabled during this update process in order to keep the transition running smoothly for actual effects vs. the translation could be incorrect. English is the dominate language of MD players so this allows the game to still run. Later on there may be room for translation but from a coders point of view this makes things easier.
  4. Kamisha

    "The Warden"

    I do like the idea of the role except for the reason you are giving the Warden alot of power and big red buttons. If Mur does think about doing this we are likely to see some secret tests coming out for some players to see if they can handle the button. The control factor here however is that they can be prosecuted them selves if they don't follow orders of those handing down sentences or abuse this for personal gain. If I had to make a choice for a player I would avoid a warden being part of a common land such as MD, LR, GG, or Necro to reduce bias. Underground, East lands or No Mans land wou
  5. Can you split this out of this thread please this is off topic and should be discussed elsewhere. However my view on the matter if they don't have enough slots is either option: A) Sell it B) Ask a protector/somebody with heat to Totem it. Since these people are apparently seriously into combat they wont care about the armour and will get a large amount of cash. Also option B is rather easy to do since protectors have heat to spare and are MP6 for the reason of helping others. I am not saying this is an end all I'm just saying if you have a problem with that you have options.
  6. I was not aware I spent that much but I am not going to argue. Any ways the first thing I want to start off saying is that turning spent credits into wish points should be a no go since wish points main intention was to have a separate currency that could allow people to hopefully play there role better. Also wish points are very valuable and although that would make my character very spell happy I feel it would devalue the importance of wish points and the quests available. However I could see them as being traded in to grant the user the ability to give a wish point for a quest. It would all
  7. volition: 102(102.1) Ad: 1040 Grinding: No @Blackrider Its a skill obtained by moving from scene to scene and is determined by I think it is the amount of times you have been there. If you click on the arrow it reduces the viscosity for somebody to follow you. I haven't cared enough in order to refine the equations for most of these with 295 Ap and moving in low Viscosity locations for most of my MD life time (since that's where the people are) I haven't studied it. I'm sure there is somebody more knowledgeable then me that could explain it better. Edit: copy pasted more than I inten
  8. I use chrome... usually and in this case I did. However what ever the error was is no longer present when I used them today. It seems like it was a chrome thing in a certain time frame. So far I think that there is enough evidence to support what ever it was it was a glitch not a bug meaning that this thread could be closed soon if no more posts relating to it pop up. However if I remember forum rules correctly unless you have dispute could you do the honours Zleipheir.
  9. Perhaps Rophs but I can tell you that it isn't opening more that one link at once. I go through it rather quickly but I vote prior to opening the following link. There was very little need for me to open all the links at once. Actually according to my calculations that would take longer.
  10. Kamisha

    Black Egg

    A couple questions? What will the movement cost be? Are there certain places that it can or can not be used? Also I am not sure if MD has a sufficient randomness engine in order to do this (of course nothing is truly random)?
  11. Sry I didn't get the link title but its a problem with the redirect I'm guessing we can find the site its self but it is broken. http://magicduel.com/ui/advertlinks/redir.php?r=r5gN2GTiUt-nmLP_y5lDFw,
  12. A little short changed for cash and risk is a thing I am into. I will sell you my bottle of emotions if we find each other in game some time. I am sort of interested to see what kind of plans you have.
  13. When I thought of the pet rock as one of the items I didn't expect it to get so much attention. Bravo pet rock you have exceeded my expectations.
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