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    Dark Mystic reacted to Aeoshattr in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    Here's my take on things, because hopefully I calmed down enough to be able to talk about this. This is one of my infamous text walls (and quite a heartfelt one too), you have been warned, but I will try and summarise it in a TL;DR at the end. 
    1. Necrovion.
    I agree with Azull, to a great extent. This is both because I felt more integrated in Necrovion than in any other land I have been before. I like to believe that it transcended just the nature of an alliance, as I have been a citizen of Necrovion for more than a year before joining the Tainted Warriors; I'll be honest, I was very, very happy as a citizen. To me, the badge was more of a symbol of recognition when it was received; I didn't see it as a necessity, but it being given to me actually made me happy (which to those who know me, know is a big deal. I'm really never happy). I don't believe that Necrovion, as it stands today, is defined by any alliance it has or has had.
    2. Reactions and comments.
    Yes, people are bitter and defensive. Thorny and hardened. I think it's just a reality of MD... So unfortunately, accusations and acidic words do start flying, but it's only natural that they do so, taking into account how people are. Is it okay? No. Is it a reality? Yeah. My opinion? Can't make an omelet without breaking the eggs, take it or leave it. I actually had to try really hard to not say anything, other than the outburst I had in the in-game chat in the first few minutes after it happened.
    3. View on alliances.
    I think Assira pointed at a few things very accurately, so I'll reiterate those with my own perspective. 
    I think alliances might have lost some of the "wow factor" they used to have. I think this is more probably 50% because most of those in MD are veterans. Alliances don't phase us that much anymore. We know what they're about. So to us, it looks like they devalued, like they lost their meaning. However, they also did lose part of their meaning (it's not just in our heads). If you look at alliances from a distance, maybe 1 or 2 stand out as unique. The rest are really the same thing, but with different artwork and in different lands (keep in mind, I might be a bit extreme here, but my point remains: compare GG to GotR, to SoE or KoB and then compare DoB with GotR or any of the previously mentioned, and you should see what I mean). But this is because people are not as involved as they used to be, IMO, rather than because of an intrinsic flaw in the alliances. Also, no offence meant to any ally mentioned.
    The rest of the harm, IMO, is done by repeated takeovers. I really want to believe that they are done in an attempt to make MD progress, rather than as some sort of selfish, coercive method to obtain personal gain. Please let me have that delusion, if I'm wrong. But I think the huge, huge thing that this method misses is the fact that alliances are, in fact, made of people. Hit them once, they might fight back. Hit them twice, maybe. But when everybody is getting hit again and again all around you, you start to think more about how to keep what you have rather than what to actually do with it - I think this would be a main point. It becomes a dead long-term 'savings' account rather than an investment. Look at the reaction the vast population had to the economic crisis in the 2000s. It was all about 'saving what you have' rather than 'correcting and making plans to improve in the future'. The way I see it, things will just get progressively worse, and I think that in the most recent 2 (excluding TW) takeovers, you can see that active people, alliance leaders that actually had a plan and vision left (or are significantly less active/visible now). 
    Finally? Very superficial, perhaps, but the fewer alliances there are, the more barren the game looks. Yes, I really like the badges, their art. I think they had a big, big "wow factor" to them, especially for new players. But now, I think a massive number of alliances are dead, with all the "wow" they brought gone. Some badges had a lot of symbolism to them, a lot about the alliance or its land could be learned just by looking at the badge. And now that's  gone. Sure, you might still see it in some capitols, but it's no longer in the game. It's no longer flowing, it's no longer present in the public eye. And it saddens me that most likely, that is permanent and will not improve in the future.
    NC is more than its alliances, through the people who inhabit and rule it. Can't throw a tomato at a fan and expect to not get a mess. All alliances have lost some of their 'oomph' because of lack of involvement, repeated takeovers, reduced population, and a natural tendency to focus on protecting rather than being out-going when threatened. I think a coordinated effort is necessary to change this, if my delusional view that "change and improvement of MD" is the ultimate goal is correct.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Chewett in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    Replenish the Herbs

    MD is running out of herbs and we need your help. We need you to go and steal some herbs from another realm to replenish the ones in MD.

    The task is simple, go out and plant some herbs (or vegetables, or fruits, anything that grows really) and document their progress. Take a picture every couple of weeks showing their growth.

    Once they have reached maturity harvest them and place them in a basket. To get them to MD you need to perform a little ritual and say some words over them. Sadly this ritual has been lost to time (So you will have to improvise!)

    To complete this quest we would like to see pictures at each stage (planting, some through growing and your ritual) and how you perform your ritual (bonus points for interesting location/theme). Images should have somethin showing they were taken for this quest and by you (player and and id are good for this)

    This quest can be completed by anyone once. The reward will be 1 WP and a number of herbs (Which I promise will have a use quite soon now).

    This is a permanent quest.

    Credits go to Akasha who originally designed a similar quest, dst for digging it up and Eara for being an awesome TK.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Muratus del Mur in Respect   
    Respect is an invisible factor that is highly important in your evolution in MD community.
    Respect is earned not asked for or given as a gift...but you can fight to keep it.
    There is no written rule to influence your evolution in md based on how you show your respect to older players, especially to those that dedicate countless hours of their lives to make things more enjoyable to all of you, however, it is obvious that if you fail to respect such people, things won't go to far or too good for you. I am talking here about many people, people that actively help extending MD, or do quests and events or earned their position if MD society over the years.
    (eg:Recently someone was rejected from md for lack of respect, while others constantly fail to achieve things they might deserve simply because they don't realize the importance of respect and gratitude towards people that are far ahead of them.)
    I am making this topic to raise some alarms about some things.
    Some of you are stupid enough to think that if they avoid curse words and find subtle ways to mock or annoy someone, "it is fine". Please remember where you are. Here in MD the majority of people present _survived_ to be where they are. They are in general highly intelligent and/or dedicated. It is very likely that your attempts to offend someone in a "sneaky" way will cause more retaliation on the long run than a plain honest offense. IF YOU TRY TO OFFEND OTHERS THINKING NOBODY CAN SAY ANYTHING AGAINST SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU USED SMART WORDING, YOU INSULT THEIR INTELLIGENCE (me included).
    You should respect other people in here regardless if you hate them or fight them. Try to understand this very well.
    Since some of you are quite young and in RL they have probably little reasons to learn respect for other reasons except fear, i will enumerate a few other reasons that should be seen as reasons to respect someone. By respecting someone i mean you should be aware and appreciate several things, a few very important that some miss are:
    - their contribution to make MD more enjoyable, even if not announcing such things
    - the time they dedicate to actively participate in all the things/events/roles that keep md alive
    - their active days compared to yours (older players are here for more time and they survived longer than you)
    - them avoiding using their earned abilities to make your life miserable
    MD is in full process of changing. With the new A25 tools many things will need to be run in fast-forward mode to compensate the lack of people. I will actively start to dismiss and avoid to include in this change people that give me a headache, fight eachother or cause other more valuable people to enjoy md less. You have plenty of time till then to adjust your behaviour and learn that you should respect other people regardless if you disagree or fight them or whatever.
    Authority is directly related to respect. People given full or partial authority over a more or less bigger or smaller part of md, earned their position, and if you fail to respect them (again, regardless if you agree to them or not), you are basically telling me, and them, you can't integrate in this community.
    I am shocked to see that some of you take so many things for granted and forget you are here on a private territory. For example, you are able to enjoy a nice quest, because someone put a lot of passion and effort in doing it nicely. You noticed the sponsorship goes to the winners not to the quest creator. You are able to play md because some are dedicating hours of their lives to do it, not for a salary, without any obligations, purely out of passion.
    Offences, REGARDLES HOW SUBTLE, have no place here. There are countless other ways to manifest your antipathy towards others, other than disrespecting them. The lack of respect leads to lack of passion for making md better and more enjoyable, therefore, i consider it a threat to md evolution, and those that do it are the source of this threat, therefore, expandable.
    Many years ago in md history i don't recall this to be a problem as it is now. Today, older players try not to react to such cases because THEY respect you those that don't respect them, but slowly everyone, including myself, realize that action needs to be take in order to impose respect and authority. It is risky to make it as a written rule, because it can be interpreted, but as i said, this factor will be taken into account when someone above you will decide if you should stagnate where you are or given some help (roles within the community, sponsorship to your quests, opportunity to make yourself more known, etc)
    Things i personally consider a lack of respect:
    - talking to someone in charge (with development, with an event, with a quest, with any form of leadership, etc) as if they are obligated to do things they do for fun or for you
    - wasting someones time intentionately or as a joke
    - spreading false rumors about someone behind their back
    - using knowledge about some character personal RL as argument against them (whats out there is separated from what is in here)
    - (please add your own things you consider disrespectful in a reply)
    I myself need to adjust my behaviour too, because a person that wants to be respected should also respect others...and as you know i am very arrogant sometimes, but i am working on it :p
    That being said, be advised that my patience and tolerance to annoyingly rude people is getting lower and even if i won't take direct actions against them imediately, they will slowly be marginalized by the community and eventually kicked out if they continue to show they don't have a clue what respect means.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Sasha Lilias in Storm tears through MD   
    I think she had every right to, Rophs. She probably wasn't aware of the happenings within game (like many of us weren't) and thought it a good idea to start a discussion about it here. :)
    No need to apologise Mystic, you didn't do anything wrong. :)
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Aethon in Storm tears through MD   
    As there is a topic for it already, I'll throw out my opinions here.
    I loved this!
    It was great watching the players create their own story, methods, applying them and, most importantly, working as a team! It's exactly what I hoped for when I joined. It certainly sets it aside from many other games that I've played. :)
    Although it may not be my place, I'd like to thank the following for their extra hard work in making this plan come together and succeed!
    Assira the Black,*Syrian*, Aeoshattr, Marvolo, Rophs, Lintara, JadenDew, Miq, *Sunfire*, Draconas and StrongWilledLegna.
    Apologies if I spelt any of your names wrong! :D Thank you again for the awesome experience and here's to the hope of many more! :)
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    Dark Mystic got a reaction from Sasha Lilias in Storm tears through MD   
    My apologies.
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    Dark Mystic got a reaction from lashtal in Storm tears through MD   
    My apologies.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in Destruction of Alts   
    For me, roleplay is about expression of character. No one says he spends enough time being himself; I roleplay precisely to be someone else. Tarq is not I, and I am not he. I use an aspect of my personality for part of his character. Keith is far closer to the real me - he's me as I might have been, 17 years ago, in a parallel universe. I did not create Keith to confuse anyone. I created him partly because I wanted to investigate a certain alternate path I'd learned about in story mode, and once that was done I had fun fleshing out his personality. And though his story is similar to mine, he's not I, either.
    That said, I've never understood two things about the way some people RP in MD (and other places around the web): roleplaying without reference to a system and roleplaying to the detriment of the setting. In any roleplaying game I've ever played, rules define reality and sharply constrain what a character can and cannot do. I once heard an MD player say, "It [RP] is like 'let's pretend' - anything can happen!" I strongly disagree. The 'anything can happen' approach to RP requires an implicit understanding between the players that they will respect each other's imaginings. I find that tedious. In a proper RPG, character actions (especially combat, 'powers', and skills) are maintained by the system, and therefore the system should be used. That is precisely why I find it odd and disappointing when MD players choose to ignore the combat engine and outer magic system almost completely in favor of their 'RP combat' and/or 'RP powers'.
    When using the setting to define a character, you help expand that setting, but when you ignore the setting to make your character a robot samurai werewolf fairy, you undermine it. MD has a very rich (and rather thought-provoking) setting. If you are going to ignore it, you should at least ensure that you do not detract from it with your character concept's oddities. Tarq is an older guy who thinks he was a wizard in another world, but there's reason to think he's more than a little crazy - and the powers he does have all come from being a character in MD doing things in the world of MD. Keith is just an ordinary guy who, like some others, learned about the MD world and grew powerful from his interactions with it.
    On a tangential note, I think it is just plain rude to ask game lore/systemic questions as an alt if you already know the answers to them. I can assure you from experience that such deceptions are not necessary for creating a character that the people who know your main account are not likely to recognize for quite a while.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in A summons: the Eclipse   
    Greetings, one and all. I return from a long period of inactivity, but others have carried the flame in my absence. I now wish to muster those who still call themselves Children of the Eclipse.

    This is the roster of current, active members, to the best of my knowledge:[list]
    [*]Amoran K Kol
    [*]Phantom Orchid
    [*]Darry Dabby
    *affiliation uncertain
    **possibly semi-active

    If you consider yourself a member of the Eclipse and do not see your name on this roster, contact me via PM.

    [center][b][size=5]Darkness Gathers[/size][/b][/center]
    In the past we have held ceremonies honoring the goddess of the Moon. While we intend to continue honoring the Great Goddess, tripartite goddess, and so on, the priesthood tells me we must summon the darkness within ourselves - the worst thoughts, feelings, and memories. Nothing will be done except by the bloodiest blows. In recognition of this fact, we will hold a ceremony (also called a "Red" service) at Maple Road, 06:00 Day 34 server time. All are welcome to come, fight, bleed, and share in the offering of our pain to the hopeful light in the darkness.

    There may be other convocations or "services" at later dates to be determined.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in Poor taste? Cheating? Or simply crude laziness ?   
    @Samon - I keep saying the CoE should prove its worth because I mean it. I repeat: I am grateful to Dark Demon for his kind thought. But I know how the CoE started in the first place.

    I move too slowly for most, or have done in the past year or so. That is what it is. I will not apologize for the circumstances of my life. I do, however, feel the need at this time to contribute something to MD - something interesting, something fun, and hopefully something instructive [i]about the game itself[/i]. Too often I have defaulted to tournaments and worship ceremonies that seem pointless to some. I would like there to be a point, and I would like it to be self-evident. That's easier said than done. All I can say is that I have begun making plans. I will need allies, by which I mean other players who are also interested in fun (and it doesn't necessarily matter whether they like the CoE), because the best and most interesting things I have encountered in MD have always involved multiple players doing something competitive and cooperative, where there is the promise of a well-earned reward and the risk of loss or failure.

    So I am researching and thinking of quest ideas. Certain players knowledgeable about game mechanics will be hearing from me, because my coding skills are mediocre at best. If people are interested in the CoE, I will find them. I know we have enemies, and actually I am proud of that; how boring would it be if we did not, and this was all a big, happy lovefest? If the Council grants Dark Demon's wish and restores our badge on that basis, I will be extremely grateful, but it isn't my plan. I mean to rebuild the CoE the way I started it: one person at a time.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to DARK DEMON in Poor taste? Cheating? Or simply crude laziness ?   
    [quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1359014569' post='131328']
    'Campaigning' for a vote that your leader didnt mention in his top ten votes? Lol. I dont even know what to say.

    Edit: Wait! I think i do know what to say.
    Doesn't really help your cause if your leader does exactly opposite to what you are campaigning for

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]The wish to me now is NOTHING.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I KNEW that this wish might still not be granted as the Council would say it's a community wish. I STILL continued to see how many votes I get. Right now, it's leading by FAR, FAR, FAR.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]The wish was to get the message across the CoE members are back.[/color][/font][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400] That there is still someone who thinks there's a chance. Like Shem said, a step towards it. Even Amoran had lost hope at that time, I went to her myself and said I'd work to bring her alliance back. She did NOT come to me and brainwash me. She barely ever even spoke for months, I was lucky enough to catch her at the Inn.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]And look at it now, I am successful so far. Amoran and Tarq are back, many CoE members are re-united, and it all couldn't have gone any better. Wish or not, CoE is back. And back for good.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]As far as I'm concerned, I wasn't campaigning for votes, but support. [/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Yes, dst, I WORKED. You told me yourself that Tarq and Amoran got chased away because of YOU. You failed.[/color][/font]
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Laphers in Poor taste? Cheating? Or simply crude laziness ?   
    [quote name='dst' timestamp='1358927232' post='131252']
    Asking noobs to support your cause because you're too lazy to WORK?

    Poor taste - on your part, yes
    Cheating - If campaigning for a wish is cheating, isn't your campaigning against a wish cheating?
    Crude laziness - Since the message was sent in game, it seems that Amoran WORKED by walking around and sending messages to your so-called "noobs" rather than your being lazy by posting one message on the forum so that many could see it.

    dst, every time you start one of your self righteous witch hunts I get more tired of this game and that is one of the problems that MD is currently experiencing. Will you be happy when everyone leaves and you are left alone in the world?
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    Dark Mystic reacted to DARK DEMON in Poor taste? Cheating? Or simply crude laziness ?   
    [quote name='Max Mortlock' timestamp='1358979623' post='131300']
    Indeed. You, Amoran, said that many of the past members are waiting for a spark of hope - this seems silly to me. As Lazarus said, act as though you are all well. You do not need a badge to operate as a group. I might suggest creating a forum topic for others interested in joining the Children of the Eclipse (various newish players have been interested), for as I explained to you, I would not depend entirely on your previous members. No offense to them, but mixtures of old and new are often necessary for a productive group with new ideas and smooth running. Just ideas running around through my head. Be well,


    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]The spark of hope came when I spoke to Amoran I wanted to revive the Eclipse. We already created a forum topic to call for new recruits.[/color][/font]

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]But it seems asking new people to support your cause if considered a sin by dst... hence, she opens this topic.[/color][/font]
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Fang Archbane in Poor taste? Cheating? Or simply crude laziness ?   
    An option is an option regardless of the circumstance.

    If this is the road they wish to take, I wholeheartedly support it.

    Ive never been one to care about what others think (negatively), but an Alliance is equivilant to a home.

    I don't know what happened to have them lose it. I'm not one to care for politics, I'll leave that to the intellectuals of this realm, and give my humble opinion if asked.

    They want their home back. I won't fight against it, so why not help them achieve it?

    I don't care about the natural flow of things. I don't care about what others might think of me for my choices. I follow my own path, and my heart is telling me to help them. In their situation, I would do the same thing.

    Your entitled to your opinion DST, and so are they. You made your own wish for your own reasons, and DD made his. I won't heckle you over your wish. Frankly, I could care less what you wished for. Thus, I find it petty that you'd stoop so low as to judge them. Who are you to judge?

    Your opinion is that of a hateful and resentful person. Go ahead. Speak your mind. Troll me. Kill me over my choices. It won't affect me. I'm not afraid to speak for myself, and those I blindly follow.

    What I feel for Kol is respect. What I feel for Dark is admiration. What I feel for my fallen friends of the Eclipse is love.

    Blind faith DST. it's more powerful than anything you could possibly do.
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    Dark Mystic got a reaction from Phantom Orchid in NEW <<<Personal Request Month Voting>>> NEW   
    I'm not sure if votes are still being taken, if so, here are mine.

    Dark Demon - Return of the Children of the Eclipse - 10 points

    Mya Celestia - Summon Spell - 9 points

    Peace - Bottle of Perfume - 8 points

    Shadowseeker - Crimson Cross Amulet - 7 points

    Pipstickz - Ability to give Spell Doc - 6 points

    Grido - Land Loyalty - 5 points

    POE - DST Repellent - 4 points

    Seighcart - Vet Medal made into Gold - 3 points

    DST - Mineral Water Tool - 2 points

    Esmaralda - Summon Lady Moon - 1 point
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    Dark Mystic got a reaction from Chewett in NEW <<<Personal Request Month Voting>>> NEW   
    I'm not sure if votes are still being taken, if so, here are mine.

    Dark Demon - Return of the Children of the Eclipse - 10 points

    Mya Celestia - Summon Spell - 9 points

    Peace - Bottle of Perfume - 8 points

    Shadowseeker - Crimson Cross Amulet - 7 points

    Pipstickz - Ability to give Spell Doc - 6 points

    Grido - Land Loyalty - 5 points

    POE - DST Repellent - 4 points

    Seighcart - Vet Medal made into Gold - 3 points

    DST - Mineral Water Tool - 2 points

    Esmaralda - Summon Lady Moon - 1 point
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    Dark Mystic reacted to phantasm in Question Time Post   
    By what criteria were the council members chosen for their position?
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Jubaris in MD Awards 2011 - "24h" Discussion   
    If we remove the option for land citizens to vote for other citizens of their homeland, let's make Friendlists too.

    Grido cannot vote for his best buddies: player A, B and C.
    Grido Hates Player D, so if he votes for Player D, he doubles his vote actually...

    It's kinda wrong to enter in the "corruption" possibility seas and to stop on the first checkpoint. There will never, or rarely, be true "winners" of these categories, and if you try to limit it to force out some kind of "proper result" it will only turn bad.
    Make it fair, and let the mass pick whom ever it wants to pick.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in MD Awards 2011 - "24h" Discussion   
    [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1322500020' post='96773']
    It's kinda wrong to enter in the "corruption" possibility seas and to stop on the first checkpoint. There will never, or rarely, be true "winners" of these categories, and if you try to limit it to force out some kind of "proper result" it will only turn bad.
    Make it fair, and let the mass pick whom ever it wants to pick.
    I couldn't agree more. The revelation that weight was given to certain voters in a previous election or elections was very unsettling to me - it seemed to me that a ruling clique of veterans wished to dictate the course of the awards. I don't know how realistic this is to suggest, but ideally I think we should have one vote per player ([u]not[/u] per character/account) and no more. A restriction on minimum active days makes sense to me, but apart from that, I say formulaic determinations of vote counts should be avoided.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in Teamwork Controversy, with a little Eon around the Corners   
    [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1321754361' post='96243']I really don't care about Eon anymore. He's got dst backing him so pretty much anything major we could try could be negated.[/quote]
    You're awfully quick to write us off, there, pardner. To quote John Paul Jones: "Surrender, sir? I have not begun to fight!"

    Back on topic - I repeat my belief that Eon is a gift rather than a problem. This is true on many levels; he's helping improve MD by providing feedback, he's forcing people to [b]think[/b] about how to fight an overwhelmingly more powerful opponent, and best of all, in my view, he's the best damned villain MD has seen in a long time, if not ever. Some say "problem" but I see an opportunity - many opportunities, as it happens.

    Mur is not wrong to say the kings (and all the rest of us*) could've done more. Too often our default reaction to changes seems to be to complain. I'm just as guilty of that as the next guy. But it doesn't mean we can't learn from our mistakes and build something new, and, gods forbid, have fun.

    *I refuse to let Firsanthalas take all the blame for any issues for which I am also culpable, as a Lorerootian citizen, as a former RPC, and as a simple player of MagicDuel. Sure, throw some mud at us. We deserve it. But the party ain't over.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in Teamwork Controversy, with a little Eon around the Corners   
    We're far away from the topic of shared tools.

    As to the challenge of making something interesting and durable happen in MD, I accept. Better to try and fail than not to try at all.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in The Eclipse: Mission Statement   
    We are the Eclipse, a mystical and military alliance devoted to one purpose: the return of Night to MagicDuel. Perhaps you know what Night means in this realm. Perhaps you understand what the ever-burning Sun means, and why we seek to block it out, even for a short time. Perhaps you seek to look beneath the surface features of this world, our Purgatory of light.

    We, the Children of the Eclipse, believe in the harmony of light and dark and the advancement of all people. We use magic, prophecy, and steel to aid others in their quest to attain a higher level of being. Though we are a Loreroot alliance and swear absolute fealty to Loreroot's king, we exist to serve the realm as a whole, and we will always expend our energies toward whatever we think best serves that end.

    You will find us everywhere. We have friends in all lands, but more importantly, we are willing to [u]be[/u] friends to all lands: and to fight in defence of those who are attacked unjustly.

    If you value mystery, compassion, and fairness... join us.
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    Dark Mystic reacted to Tarquinus in No More Rpc   
    Mur, I must apologize. I feel that I have failed you. I do not think I am the only one to have done so, but I can only accept blame for my own failings.

    This Festival of Pain has been eye-opening for me. Things must change, and you are, as always, taking the burden of catalyst for change on your own shoulders.

    I can only offer a hope for things to get better: that I will improve as a player, and that MagicDuel will grow stronger as a community... in large part, because of what you have done.

    And I can offer my gratitude. I thank you, Mur, for an extraordinary year.
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