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  1. Ilias

    uppload more pics D x3

    and stop working for a sec

    take a breath and ... go back to work =

    no wait that was awful

    uhm hm ..

    darn it i got nothing

    *think think

    wait i think i got it

    nope i seem to have lost it again ^^.

    ill try and get back

    and give a good conclusion to this

    but if i know ...

  2. you weird freakish boy x3

    smile Marv just do it

    dont make me

    well oh i dont know :P

    *holds up a glass of milk *

    or do i O.O

  3. Zlei ^-^

    how you been

    hopefully you had a good xmas and new years

    i know i did :3

    now due to it a being a new year and all

    come closer

    just do it


    your almost there


    SMOCH!! x3

    now dont you go gettign use to it

    its aoncea year thing xD

  4. Ilias

    May you have a

    beautiful xmas and a happy new year


  5. see to it that you have a pleasent

    christmas and a happy new year ^^

  6. Have a great

    xmas and a happy new year Marvs


  7. May you have a

    Merry christmas and a happy new year

    you ol chap ; 3

  8. come back Ilias you lazy loveable sod :P

  9. * pokes him in the eye * yeah ... now you know how it feels O_O

  10. over there uhm no over here i said here! oh for the luvin ... just forget it ...

  11. dst

    *pokes back*

  12. Ilias

    *pokes dst * ^_^

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