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  1. Ilias

    uppload more pics D x3

    and stop working for a sec

    take a breath and ... go back to work =

    no wait that was awful

    uhm hm ..

    darn it i got nothing

    *think think

    wait i think i got it

    nope i seem to have lost it again ^^.

    ill try and get back

    and give a good conclusion to this

    but if i know ...

  2. you weird freakish boy x3

    smile Marv just do it

    dont make me

    well oh i dont know :P

    *holds up a glass of milk *

    or do i O.O

  3. Zlei ^-^

    how you been

    hopefully you had a good xmas and new years

    i know i did :3

    now due to it a being a new year and all

    come closer

    just do it


    your almost there


    SMOCH!! x3

    now dont you go gettign use to it

    its aoncea year thing xD

  4. Darn it dst i wanted 23 x 3 well i choose ''''32''''
  5. Ilias

    May you have a

    beautiful xmas and a happy new year


  6. see to it that you have a pleasent

    christmas and a happy new year ^^

  7. Have a great

    xmas and a happy new year Marvs


  8. May you have a

    Merry christmas and a happy new year

    you ol chap ; 3

  9. I see the spirit of christmas is approaching around the corner once more ^^ well i truly enjoyed Sage and Windy´s submission. truly a shot of christmas : p though the sound was a bit off and the high pitch tone wich appeared over and over at times wich just spelled irritation i would like them to re-sing the song with better sound quality but i think they both rather mush me to death than sing 12 days of christmas once more x 3 dont ever remembering it being so long O.o though it might be due to me not ever listening through the whole thing : 3 anyways a merry christmas
  10. come back Ilias you lazy loveable sod :P

  11. i still think a new creature would have been a lot better then messing with one that was working pretty well from the start and new creatures is always a plus due to its fun seeing new things , more cool artwork and nice to be able to obtain more different unique pets ---//./:__- also get more , and i mean seriously better neat avatars like hire whoever made uhm king bulls , peace' s avatars whoever that was did an awesome job
  12. my thoughts on this alliance would be buddhism followers both men and women who show great passion and dedication for there religion the path they have choosen respect for others but none what so ever for the likes of those who only mean to cause harm to others they excel in close quarter comabt in there fascinating meditation skills there unique calm behavior and so forth ( you get the picture ) as one would expect from the studnets of buddhism ranking system should be different as i have mentioned before instead of the simple sickining and boring seargeat , captain ,s
  13. well this has been a while hm , lets see. the thing is , i dont realy care much who gets to be the leader its a sorta big thing to be a good leader to any alliance let alone a great one my opinion' would probably be that the care takers might be a more perhaps neutral alliance just slightly nudging themselfes torwards the evil or darker side if you will with more of the knowledge and the power to be able to harness the darker side of magic less then the typical sword wielding type that the might use a more twistedversion of a healer then the normal cute innocent type that this
  14. * pokes him in the eye * yeah ... now you know how it feels O_O

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