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  1. ok, one last post. As you read through this there are two oppositional issues, correct me if there is something wrong 1) mp5 players want to be able to lower their xp under certain conditions (btw: no one denied this, put your knives back, please ;-)) 2) mpx players (x<5) do not want to lose creature xp in fights Maybe if you look at the whole thing this way, you can think about a solution acceptable to every player. I would like to make some final suggestions to solve this, just brainstorming. A Make regeneration work 'normal' (without inflicting xp loss) on lower mp levels, but leave it as it is on mp5 /. for the group of players that need xp loss there B Make regeneration work 'normal' on all mp levels and give mp5 additional feature to lower xp e.g. some xp leeching creature, or an xp leeching spell available at mp5 I think there are further possibilities, too.
  2. [quote name='Burns' post='21006' date='Nov 28 2008, 08:49 PM']there's no more sympathy left to lose ;P and i didn't want to insult you in any way, it was just so funny that dst linked to the same topic xD[/quote] hehe, no one is insulted here, dont bother. just wanted to clarify that I've read most other postings/b** reports regarding this eh topic- and there are some to read. hm, I dont know, writing player names down, appointing for safe battles, etc. that all sounds like a huge workaround for me. and furthermore, if I were this kind of player, I would setup a regen rit for defence and after a time even stronger player wont dare to attack me or perhaps I could attack players with such rit (havent tried this), and if I stick to this, I,m the player with most creture xp soon (just thinking). ok, everybody would hate me, but again if I were this kind of player... -na, I dont like this playing style. and a ratio from 10:1 for the same xp amount to win - lose, i would accept 1:1 perhaps. Just find another way to reduce xp for mp5 players and then do something about how regeneration influences xp loss, that is the thing I would suggest. I will leave it to the more active players and to those more involved to decide if this a thing that has to be done:)
  3. @burns: do not know...nevertheless, I did read the postings before, didn't want to open a new one, thus I just placed it here. MD ist great game, but this regneration bug greatly reduces the fun factor for me. Where is the sense of investing time & devolping tactics to level up your crits, just to reduce creature xp to 0 in just 1 fight? Seems a little bit unbalanced too me. Hm, is the only way to avoid this not to attack random players? I think, there are already enough restrictions for this (mp levels, sanctuary, dojo, etc.) and losing crit/players ve, vps is already enough punishment for loosing a fight. ok, i'm going to provoke a little bit now, so don't hit me too hard later: 1 Eldard states at the beginning of this post 'So this bug has been mentioned a number of times and Mur has mentioned it is very difficult to fix' 2 dst states in another thread: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=1855&hl=regen"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...55&hl=regen[/url] 'this is not a bug, it is feature' 3 and some posts before: 'it's not a bug nor a feature. It's just game mechanism' so, if I were evil (i'm not, I just want to report a bug) and given that eldards information are correct the regen 'issue' has passed following stages in its evolution bug -> feature -> game mechanism Well, but I still guess that for many other players (esp. new ones) it will nevertheless look and behave like a bug. Ok, before I lose all my sympathy here, I will stop declaring it a bug for now. btw: it's a bug! ;-)
  4. Not trying to annoy someone, but I think this issue is not resolved. I recently created a new mp2 account and choose some lifestealer creature illusions (or how you would call it). This attack worked fine until I attacked several different players with tree regeneratin rits and most often (if not always) I received a huge exp loss for my elemental after WINNING a fight, needless to say my enemy did not deal a single point of damage, just regenerated. btw: you also loose value points...because your enemy is healing? both: makes no sense to me, really. So many people reported this as bug before, someone in this thread wrote it's a bug but it would be difficult to fix. Then recently, I only read this beeing a feature for mp5s to reduce exp. But I say a bug is a bug is bug and turning bugs into features is not a good idea. It won't really matter to me if you had some kind of control about it, but everytime you attack someone there is the chance that this one has setup such an exp trap in form of a regeneration rit and if you know it, its too late for you and you have lost a HUGE exp amount. this happened to me at mp3, mp4, too. And then next time you better not try to attack this guy. Maybe better get some trees yourself and build an exp trap? hm, and someday no one is going to attack someone else, fearing heavy exp loss? I dont like the way this could evolve. So if some mp5 players needs to loose exp find another way for this and let not all lower mp-levels suffer from this bug. For my part, I stop playing MD until this one is fixed, because this 'feature', which, in fact, is a reported bug, IS actually very annoying for me.
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