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  1. you the man!

    high five!

  2. Good Day everyone!..hmm i wish he read my last reply soon :)

  3. [quote name='No one' date='17 March 2010 - 10:41 PM' timestamp='1268836866' post='56541'] I never thought that there is a better way to commit suicide before today: (I removed the name of the "friend") [spoiler]----- is preparing new random strategy Load No one creatures Load ----- creatures ... Influences for No one: creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost ###### Influences for -----: skillvampire, poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze, creatureboost ###### Applying 50% of No one's energetic influence Applying 51% of -----'s ene
  4. I just noticed this *lol* [img]http://i49.tinypic.com/23uyk2w.jpg[/img]<br><br>and no one, now after the principles "adjustment", cursed people wont stand a chance to defense at all <br>
  5. beat this [img]http://i46.tinypic.com/2rhsqdf.jpg[/img] after been "adjusted"(more than 2/3 actually ) i'm now officially worse than sucks <br>
  6. i am seriously bored xD

  7. yeah, i thought i was the only one who notice that. but as i can recall, i saw cutler tried to tell Mur last time about the bug he found that could prevent the point counter to tick for as long as he want, i dont know the detail though but i think there was a few other peoples there when he tried to tell mur about it.
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