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  1. since this is just my suggestion and not totally a new idea, i dont know if it belong to the Idea board, so i put it here instead. these are only examples, just assume all names here are nonallied: MRI: win 1500 / lose 1500 AmberRune: win 2500 / lose 2500 now the situations (based on nondamage battle. honor value are not accurate, just want to point out the positive and negative state of value): MRI vs AmberRune: MRI win : MRI get 0 honor while AmberRune get -1 honor MRI lose:MRI get 0 honor while AmberRune get 0 honor AmberRune vs MRI: A
  2. I bought both feature and it's working fine. Just that when i do a shop reset, they appear again in the shop which is kind of weird since i dont think we need it again because both of that features only does 1 thing each without level of effect.(unless there is which i dont know because i havent buy them for 2nd time). the reason i'm making this post is because of the features is there and it blocks me from buying the additional logs features. it will be a waste if i have to buy those 2 feature that actually doesnt do anything when bought for 2nd time just to clear the path to get to logs feat
  3. Skill Vampire 255 days bid..[b] [u][i]4 sc[/i][/u][/b]
  4. you the man!

    high five!

  5. Good Day everyone!..hmm i wish he read my last reply soon :)

  6. how about a mdshop item where we can buy win/lose count reset for a $1? i know many people don't want a global reset, so perhaps it can be an individual shop item that we can buy? perhaps this can give some of us a quick alternative measure for the honor part..?
  7. @*Burns*: your points are good for a MP6->MP6 situation, that's why i suggest MP6 can channel their heat to higher being?(in this case, Mur. and who knows, it might be you later on when you're raised to MP7 for being among the most outstanding vet/player? ) @Shadowseeker: MP6 arent gods, so i dont have any counter-argument for your statement I dont know about mythology, but there should be someone higher than zeus and odin, right? if that so, they both also need to obey that someone, right? (but if there arent anything greater than zeus and odin, once again, i raise the white flag )
  8. as for "It would also make leaders more paranoid about who they invited into alliances, in case the player had previously been an MP6 and gained a ridiculous amount of loyalty." part, even if i have 20K loyalty and someone invite me into an alliance with the leader's point at 10K, my loyalty will automatically cut down to less than 10K.(still the possibility to "accidentally" take over the alliance still high, just stating that unless it's really a plan to take over the ally in the first place, it doesnt matter if you're mp6 or not, we all saw how "someone" took over an ally, twice while she's
  9. yeah, nice point awiiya.since i get 500+ heat each step i take, i overlooked about the fact where worshipper sending heat can actually boost the heat gathering process(though, isnt that what worshippers do?since they're clicked the button "Accept and Obey"? ). And while the exchange rate for mp5+ is 500 sent=250 received, still you're right about the bouncing heat transfer between mp6s, that's why i add the suggestion that mp6 automatically worship Mur instead, since he's mp7(or perhaps other mp7??). and the part you said about mp6 will gain too much loyalty far too quickly, errr, that's why i
  10. Would it be bad if Heat Transfer get enabled on mp6 as well? It's just that all spells available at mp6 only have 20 casts per day, so most of the time, i got my erolin device shining with 4400 heat in it(while all 6 little ones already filled ) So, while serving my fellow worshipers and adepts when they need it, i think the extra heat should be able to be turn into something useful like Loyalty points(since it's needed when we want to buy stuff in mdshop).or perhaps, make it that all mp6 automatically worship Mur and can send him all the extra heat??
  11. kamate

    No Flags

    I've done some testing and almost sure that flag assigning to each char is kinda messed up for now since the upgrade. until it's fixed, mostly all will get the last flag we had before the upgrade, no matter if you move to other country or just by using proxy.<br><br><br>so, i think it also effected the newly created characters as they're not being assigned with a flag.<br>
  12. yes golem, with that amount of heads, you can be attacked almost everywhere you can go and someone else able to follow. atrumis, since i dont know if you're mp3 or mp4, keep in mind that at mp3, each win will count as victory, while in mp4, you'll have to meet the requirement to get victory instead of normal win, only victory will get you the opponent's head ball(well, normal win still give you at least 1 head as reward)
  13. [quote name='No one' date='17 March 2010 - 10:41 PM' timestamp='1268836866' post='56541'] I never thought that there is a better way to commit suicide before today: (I removed the name of the "friend") [spoiler]----- is preparing new random strategy Load No one creatures Load ----- creatures ... Influences for No one: creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost ###### Influences for -----: skillvampire, poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze, creatureboost ###### Applying 50% of No one's energetic influence Applying 51% of -----'s ene
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