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  1. Did some silly things when he disappeared the first time.

  2. Such a lonely profile. So I've come along to leave a comment. -winks- Yay. Ooo, lookie, it's me! Wall of me :D On toast, too :DD

  3. I, honestly, agree with this idea whole heartedly. I think it makes it a little fairer, as many newer players are able to easily over power weaker players with a simple subscription. That can be a large factor for people who are considering quiting. Getting beat up on all the time isn't very fun. It would also give a reason to seek ways to get creatures. Almost like a challenge. I mean, Awi has a point, the Rustgold DOES undermine the point of Rj's role a bit, as you can just go and buy it. I think I would rather it be like the pimped, myself. I think this topic should get support, as as
  4. Mmm. -kisses you firmly, passionately- Happy Valentines Day, my gorgeous munster. I love you.

  5. Mine is a bit more random than everyone else's. It stems from my first year of French, which was my eighth grade year in school. I came up with a lot of weird names then, actually. XD But, Je Suis Oeufs Fous was one that made it through the ages. I only recently began using it as my online moniker, though. Like, the last two years.
  6. Woohoo for being first! :D Hehe, and another Texan, I see. Very nice. :>

  7. It's name is Shaniqua. Gaaaaaaaaawsh. : P
  8. The fact that this has 11 pages is quite amazing. And that 10 of them are completely off topic.
  9. XDDDD That'd be great. . . My birthday present would just happen to be Jonn's evil Orb. Own. Hm. -wonders- FLP, your Acronyms fail me.
  10. -cough- Usually I don't disguise it. XD Lib, you FLP : P You have an idea, there.
  11. I am pretty much demon spawn ;D Despite being a fairly nice guy most of the time.
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