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  1. Did some silly things when he disappeared the first time.

  2. Such a lonely profile. So I've come along to leave a comment. -winks- Yay. Ooo, lookie, it's me! Wall of me :D On toast, too :DD

  3. Mmm. -kisses you firmly, passionately- Happy Valentines Day, my gorgeous munster. I love you.

  4. Woohoo for being first! :D Hehe, and another Texan, I see. Very nice. :>

  5. Who me? -Grins- Never, I say. Never! You're just utterly breath-taking. -smiles- And all mine.

  6. *giggles* such a charmer, love *grins*

  7. Mmm. -Looks you over- You don't LOOK any older, either. Definitely as gorgeous as you were yesterday. -nodnod-

  8. *smiles* thanks, love *snuggles* I don't FEEL any older though *grins*

  9. -Smiles softly- It's a nice thing, seeing that number jump up one, love. Very nice thing indeed. -Hugs and kisses Sandra, smiling still- Happy birthday, my darling Angel. I love you.

  10. Where's Tarquinus when you need him. . . I believe the words are "Poking is frowned upon." :D

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