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  1. I am in Jail, but I always consider myself a Lorerootian. I find it offensive that just because we only show solidarity, people assume that everyone is in agreement. Lorerootians do our bickering, fighting and show our unhappiness within our private meetings. We do not need to tell the whole world what we fought about. In public, we show our full support to our King. We agree to disagree. There are times when that didnt work, they leave. I agree with the points made by Firs, but I am dissapointed that this is brought out in public.
  2. This issue should be solved fast as it involves the integrity of some veteran players. It would not do if some new players come on to the forum and gets a wrong impression. Saying that neither party can take a joke is not going to make the situation any better. I am not a fan of Vicarious but if he has made a claim of injustice being done to him, it must be taken seriously. A decision needs to be made by the powers that be. The thread so far seems to be getting ignored as there is no official stand from the council or the "big" man. Sometimes protocol has to be side stepped for the bet
  3. April 18, Server Time: 1912 xrieg has activated CrazyMike's mini quest "Locate and help his runaway charge"
  4. I hear it the portal is not working For IE Try Google Chrome
  5. Thanks Chewett. Very helpful info. Getting lots of FB hacks in my area.
  6. Active Days: More than enough MD Knowledge: I wont say I know everything but I know somethings Patience: I can be patient if required Why me? Why not? Its always good to have someone with a weird and perverse outlook on life in a group. Breaks the monotony.
  7. *polishes his head while he's sleeping*

  8. Wish you the best of luck in what you do. You will be missed. Hopefully you will find the spark to come back again.
  9. You wanna know what I look like? Here goes....... Here is me smoking. The background is a HUGE no smoking sign! Its not clear coz its taken in the dark. Cant break the law with bright lights can we? [img]http://a4.l3-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/140/b1d4b271d30d44ca8e0dc099f76c8b72/m.jpg[/img] And this is what I look like when I dont win anything after joining a quest!!!! [img]http://a1.l3-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/127/c97ed18d063446fea4d02633570e4c90/m.jpg[/img]
  10. The mood panel is a great way of sending player's own personal or non personal announcement to the MD world but how about getting it more interactive? Time: It would be nice if the postings can show the time it was posted. Maybe time posted shows when the cursor is hovering over the intended posting? Message: It would also be nice if when clicking on the player's name in mood panel allows for messaging, like having friend list. The suggestions comes to mind coz sometimes events are posted there that says "Come now I am giving away GG Drachs at MDP" and I rush there to see that the event
  11. I am an internet addict. At home I will be online on my laptop, outside I will be online on my BB. If I am not on MD, I will be youtubing or playing another MMORPG. I watched lots of tv too while I am online. Multitasking. *wink*
  12. Artist in the house...... Love the drawings. Curious, can you draw male characters? Not that i'm complaining coz your gals are HOTTTT!
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