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  1. April 18, Server Time: 1912 xrieg has activated CrazyMike's mini quest "Locate and help his runaway charge"
  2. *polishes his head while he's sleeping*

  3. wow... backdated too? How abt back dated only to a maximum of 1 or maybe 2? Then everybody get 1 for every year after that. For those that hates vets for always getting an advantage, I think an advantage of 2 WP is bearable.
  4. @Kafuuka Nope, nobody can buy WP. My example is only to show that the player has been active and voting, and that MD gains from the voting, justifying the active days. And as a veteran (though sometimes I feel like a noob with all the changes), I dont mind if the counter starts from zero for everyone if it gets implemented. No more arguments about veterans getting another advantage.
  5. Just my 2 pence. Besides the many points pointed up, I would just want to address the issue of being "active". There were some who questioned the rationale of rewarding a player who just logs in for a minute to get active status. I too am uncomfortable with such players getting a reward. My idea is to reward players by the number of times they click the free credit links. Example: A player has clicked 7200 times get a WP. The example above shows that the player has log in and voted for 300 days. Assuming that the free credits link stays at 24 perpetualy. Its a win win situation
  6. I know this is very bad and I have been ashamed to post it but..... here goes When I got the call that said my dad has passed away, I told Sparrhawk, and was trying to figure how to steall Amoran's heads! And during the funeral, I kept stealing moments away to see if I have pointed and was trying to steal more heads! Not proud of myself!
  7. Thats the effects of the New Curse Spell! You will lose more when you lose fights, and there is no way you can win with those stats. Better to run and hide until the curse is gone.
  8. Allegations of wrong doing by both party is never good. Mur has decided based on his findings but Amoran claims differently. It is said that Poppi's artwork was stolen but Poppi is already in the guild, therefore it is quite interesting to know what actually happened. May I ask if it is possible to have the evidence put forth so that all parties involved can say their piece without prejudice. Its a suggestion so that rumors and whispers can be squashed. All this bickering must stop.
  9. I wanna die in my sleep. Just sleep forever..... And if anyone dies before me, please email me your password, I will keep you alive by playing your acc.
  10. *smiles big*

    got it working now!

  11. Name: BERSERKER Title: Chaos Master Description: A game spoiler. The role is to disrupt the momentum and gameplay of all other players. They can attack in sanctuaries or dojo. Imagine a mob of berserkers running wild in MD. They will be hated! Objective is to make players be on their toes at all times for possible berserker attacks. Creature Reinforcement: 2 Max Archer, 2 Max Grasan, 2 Max Loreroot Archers Role: Name: Berserker Tag: Chaos Master A creature who runs amok without their true self being revealed. No place is safe from them, they attack at will. They are fast and stron
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