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  1. Maybe we should put what MP we are incase it's diffrent and to save you time for the search...Mine didn't work...neither did my vp and ve..also i picked assassin and Tainted but TheGreatWarMage name still shows up but others don't...oh..okay so you must put all points into it to gain...???cause now i got all monsters...hmmm
  2. Garrason 3 Illusion no works either..also i can sacrifice creatures..at least it says i can..didn't do cause i want my creatures.... but also i can't access them on page...think that was said but extra is the sacrifice and garrason 3...(name of monster probable wrong...i suck at spelling)
  3. Hello All... Some of the principles overlap others, like time could go hand in hand with creation, destruction, perception. Darkness could be destruction and creation could be light. I liked the principles of Connection and Solitude but those coudl go hand in hand with Balance and cyclicity, and solitude is...Solitude can work.. But it would only be helpfull in the stronger forms of some principles like element, light, and...i guess that is it from what i can see. Energy is principle of Element's fifth element possiblity, lol even void could be the fifth. Space, or void c
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