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  1. Personally I think the negative response to this is more due to the nature of requesting attacks that has now started to happen, which annoys many players, rather than about treaties themselves. I support Udgard in this matter, especially given the historical background he places behind it. Having things like treaties and negotiations is a very clever way to make the 'role-play' politics of MD more realistic in my opinion. Start making things like treaties and you start really seeing how the alliances work and whether they are cohesive or not. There are so many untapped possibilities here, I wish I could see them being exploited in game instead of reading fluff on the forum about "I dont like treaties". If you dont like treaties...then tell your alliance leader, if you dont like your alliance leader, then create a mutany, start a war, rebel. Do something.
  2. I personally feel that this recent cry for new alliances is due to the apparent stagnancy of the current alliances in the main. It is irrelivant to say lots is going on behind the scenes, when the community of general players begins to torture itself due to the visual lack of movement. As far as new ones are concerned, I would prefer the above issue to be dealt with, and then see what remains. Of course there will indeed 'be' remains, but all things in order. Other than that I agree with Granos. :pardon:
  3. Cryxus and his crew are able to be paid for their services - any services. Not only is that useful for all players, it also means they can go on quests to achieve the required payment to get the pirate's help. Quests of course set by this pirate alliance. More alliances with more specific purposes seems like a very good idea to me. Both for the interactivity of the game, and also for the community feeling as a whole. People want their own alliances because there are specific purposes that can be filled with a group of people being able to collaborate that are not currently filled. I say give them the floor. Give the pirate his ship.
  4. Best RPC: Renavoid Least convincing alt: N/A Best PWR: Tremir if he is one / Granos Best Backstory: Artelan Best Personal Papers: Keith Moon Most Valued protector: N/A Rookie of the year: The Scarlet Brigade Outstanding MD Service award: Calyx of Isis Best techie: Dst Most addicted award: Metal Bunny Villain of the year: Last Soldier Most annoying Player: N/A Roleplay award: Dragoonus
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